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Found 54 results

  1. I am at a national tournament and many judges voted for the other team because of their preferences and biases, however, I'm not complaining. One judge said that she voted Affirmative even though they dropped and conceded and didn't explain many arguments, and my coach said that coming out of the last rebuttal we need to articulate why the judge should vote for us. Can you please help me formulate an overview of why I, as the Affirmative, would win using my advantages? I will give credit where it is due, thank you! I'm running the Dream Act
  2. kyunimi

    How can I improve?

    I started debating summer of 2018 and I only participated in one rookie and novice debate. However, due to the lack of varsity debaters on our school team and my current (and far more experienced) varsity partner's wishes of going to NAUDL, I was moved up to varsity off of 2 official debate league tournaments and one JV summer camp tournament. In December, I went to our debate league's fall championship, and I felt utterly useless because I didn't know how to properly flow, spread, understand spreading, do analytics, or answer cross x questions. I just kind of felt like dead weight for my partner -- I was only there to read cards so that she could prep during my speeches. My rebuttals were also utter garbage and at one point I needed my partner to type what I had to say on a google doc. How can I improve? I really want to do better but I don't even know how to spread or terms related to different AFFs. I'd really appreciate as much help as I can get, thank you!
  3. I'm a sophomore, this will be my second year, however, my previous partner dropped, and I found a partner, who will be a junior next year. with that being said, I'd really like them to have a pretty decent head start next season, so I'd like to start prepping them over the summer. where do I start?? my biggest concern is spreading it too thick and too quickly, overwhelming them.
  4. What arguments go best against Topicality with Gender Asylum???
  5. I just can't seem to think of any CX questions to ask and I think Tournament 1 is soon :(
  6. I know novices will do things like spread, run CPs and DAs, but are there any other kinds of advanced arguments novice LDers will run? Ks, plans, theory spikes (one time my friend gave a novice a 17 for running a theory shell against a kid who was absolutely clueless), ROTB/J, T, skep, etc? Although I've never seen or heard of novices running these things (although apparently the novice who won Big Lex ran a "K"), I don't see why they don't use little things like presumption, its not that hard to understand. Also, I'm talking about the national circuit mainly.
  7. braininthavat

    LDer doing policy at districts

    I'm a novice LD debater this year and have a significantly better chance of doing well at districts in policy rather than LD (trust me, I don't really need to worry about the experience gap in my state). I know a lot about policy through what applies from LD and I also competed in policy at an earlier tournament. So, I was just curious as to what arguments have been the most prominent with the current HS resolution that I should prepare to see. Also, are there any rounds with good sound quality online that I could use for flowing practice?
  8. schadha1

    PIC vs Perm do both

    I'm new to policy, and I'm wondering what is functionally different between a plan-inclusive counterplan made in the 1NC and a perm do both to the CP made in the 2AC. For example, if the Aff plan is arguing for the plan to be enacted by the federal government and the CP is that it should be enacted by the private sector, then, if the Aff runs a perm do both in the 2AC, how would that be different from a PIC in the 1NC that says that both the private sector and federal government should enact it? I guess I'm asking what makes a PIC competitive.
  9. PhoenixWright

    Novice Finals...Novice Maverick...

    Hey, all! So I'm a novice...a policy novice...whoop. Saturday we had a debate tournament. It was my team's first time breaking, and we made it past semi-finals, to finals! My partner didn't think we would break, so they were already set to leave before semi's. My partner got permission from their parents to stay one more round, but REALLY needed to leave after that. They convinced me it was fine, though, because we wouldn't make it to finals anyway. You know where this is going...we made it to finals. So not only was it my first time mavericking, but it was also my first time in finals...yay. It ended up going really well, though. I went against a team known for making their opponents cry during cross-ex, so I actually feel like it went well! My 2AR was probably the best I've ever given (I usually give that speech, anyway) and all of the viewers said I won. I was able to prove that there was no link to their disadvantage or counterplan, and won on topicality for both. Which, brings me to the point of this insanely long post...can I still win a finals round if I maverick? Because my team (ME) ended up taking second, but most people thought I should have won. One of my judges shook my hand after awards and said "I'm sorry. You would have won, but..." in reference to my lack of a partner. Is this debate-legal, to make someone lose strictly because they mavericked?
  10. Jullianv1

    NGO CP for LD

    Long story short, I am trying to construct a basic NGO pic for the LD resolution: countries ought to prohibit the production of nuclear power. I have most of it constructed, but I am struggling with the concrete argument of the competition: how is an NGO law/action SEPARATE from the country. Like, what I have in my head is that the NGO is the one actually prohibiting it, and the countries would just adhere/sign the treaty- and that the NGO is the one truly doing the action. Any thoughts?
  11. Jullianv1

    How to get around the BIT?

    So, I want to make an economic aff that argues we need to increase and reform our current business plan with China. However, the BIT essentially does this anyways- and its supposed to be "in thew works/close to passing." Is there any way aorund this? Maybe my aff extends the bit? Encourages the bit? reforms the bit?
  12. selenabennis


    Hello I am a novice looking to learn how to run K's and better understand them. I know the basic structure well. Where can I find info on how to run one or if anyone has any advice on where to start with getting to know K's. Also if you recommend any books or philosophers to read that would be very helpful!
  13. Debater89012347089

    Organization Help

    Ok, so I have a ridiculous amount of word docs as I assume many debaters do. The problem is that I have no idea how to organize them to find and use cards effectively in round. Do any varsity debaters have any tips?
  14. mauchline

    LD Novice Topic Files

    I am new to LD for this upcoming season and was wondering if anyone had any files for the September- October novice topic that they would be willing to trade. The Resolution is... Resolved: Civil Disobedience in a democracy is morally justified. This topic has been used in the past and I am willing to trade files for anything people have on this topic. I debate policy also so I have an abundance of policy files (including K) to trade. Thanks Everyone
  15. Jullianv1

    Fiat question

    I've spent a lot of time trying to show why my plan would pass- but is that something i can fiat? Can the aff just fiat that 1.) Domestic gov would approve the plan or 2.)China would allow the policy actions?
  16. Jullianv1

    Card on STD impact

    Anyone have a card that might indicate the severity of STDS. I'm thinking of it more as a counter to a nuclear war disad?
  17. Jullianv1

    Anyone have some BIT cards?

    Specifically, a card that shows will it WILL pass. And, maybe a card that shows why it will NOT pass, or why it would be undesirable for the BIT (in its current form) to pass. Thanks!
  18. kylerbuckner

    Novice Online Policy Tournament

    http://www.cross-x.com/topic/58690-novice-online-policy-tournament/ May start a novice policy tournament, check thread for a more detailed description.
  19. bammytess

    Help , 1st year LDer

    I'm a first year LD debater, going to CLD/VLD in three weeks. CPs, Disads, and Ks, are to be expected at this tournament. We haven't learned how to write nor answer any of these. Not looking to write any currently but I have no clue how to answer them. Or what to expect with them. I'm really freaking out for this tournament.. Any help appreciated.
  20. goodatthis

    Theory Spikes Help

    I have a pretty abusive aff (polls), and I haven't lost a single round with it so far in novice but I'm going varsity soon at a tournament and I figured I need to prepare for theory being read against it. I have a drop args on T/theory spike already (see below) and I was wondering what I can do to pre-empt theory. I quite literally learned theory yesterday (I knew the basics before that, but I actually legitamately learned it yesterday). First piece of theory I've ever written: Drop the arg on theory and T because the timeskew in the 1AR makes it impossible for me to cover both theory/T and substance, its key to fairness since substance is the only way for me to win this debate. It’s unreciprocal and unfair if the neg can win the round by mooting my only advocacy with theory/T or on any of their advocacies. Even if I’m being unfair, the fact that I can’t fully cover in the 1AR the multiple independent places the neg could have for you to vote outweighs any advantage I may or may not have. I do LD by the way.
  21. Jullianv1

    Need explanation on simple things

    Im doing policy for the first time next year- and despite all my reading- I don't get inherency that much. Why do I need to show why the policy has some kind of barrier? And, why do I need to show why it wouldn't be passed now? I also am confused on what "Scenarios" are- I've seen them in some cases and I'm wondering what they mean (I understand advantages but not scenarios). For the neg I have a specific question- for counterplans can your actor be different? Like instead of the U.S increasing engagement, could I argue that maybe Mexico should? Also a broader question- im scared ill face cases I have nothing prepped for/no idea how to respond to. How would I deal with this? Sorry for the novicey questions, and thanks!
  22. Samferd

    LD jargon

    There are multitude of term in LD that get me caught off guard, and with no clear understanding of many of the terms it is difficult to participate in a theory/kritick debate. I have heard terms such as COI, RVI, FIAT, and ROB; without the understanding of these terms it is near impossible to combat them while not looking like a fool. Thus, it would be complementary if someone could provide as many terms and analysis of these terms as possible. Also, Im well familiar with terms in substance (traditional) debate so you can steer clear of them if you want. Thanks before hand .
  23. EyeOfSauron

    Creative DAs

    Hey guys, first post. I'm a novice that did well this season, and I normally debate up. Now I'm going back to just a novice tournament. I have written 2 da's that I doubt any of the novices I will be debating have seen. Is this a good idea? Or should I just stick with regular DAs(Terror, Pres power)?
  24. So who's planning on going to the novice round up this year? Also, any predictions for who's going to be winning this year?
  25. Hi Everyone! If you've seen much of my content you might know that I am the owner and Director of Debate at the Digital Debate Camp. We are an online camp that aims to replace the pedagogical function of the traditional camp structure by utilizing online education strategies. We function the same as a regular normal camp in theory - there are lectures, practice speeches, and tons of 1-on-1 instruction (but more on that later). While we can't quite recreate the special feeling of a summer immersed in debate surrounded by peers, we also know that access to a traditional camp is often far outside the means of most debaters. Because we can sidestep the fixed costs of housing etc. the Digital Debate Camp is priced at a modest $400. When I was in high school my family couldn't come close to affording a top camp without significant financial aid, and because we heavily privilege accessibility, we maintain an aggressive aid program with an enormous success rate. We don't think we can eclipse the formal camp structure, but we have a lot to offer. Our camp is quite long - we run from June 1st to August 1st. Second, we offer more 1-on-1 instruction than any other camp I know. Our instructors offer dozens of office hours a piece each week, ensuring someone will always be available when you are for practice speeches, argument development, file critique, or whatever else you may want out of an instructor. We instruct LD, PF, and Policy debate. We are also specially attuned to novice debate, from middle school on up. You can find out more at our new, updated website: www.digitaldebatecamp.com If you have any questions, I'd love to take them here, or you can contact me directly through our website. Note to mods: I've paid to advertise on the site every time I've been prompted. The website owner can feel free to take advertising fees for this summer from my residual evazon balance.