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Found 212 results

  1. WhatIsT

    "The" K

    So I recently stumbled upon a kritik about how the word "the" in front of "The USFG" is a violent act of Geopower and that is bad. It is in a file called 'the CP' and has counter plan answers in the file. So, my question is, would the cp plan text pretty much be restating the aff plan but without the word 'the' in front of 'USFG'? I know that the geopower k would be the net ben in this instance and I would presume that the solvency is the same as the aff.
  2. I'm looking for a fully cut Agamben K or the Agamben Eco-Sovereignty K. Trading heavily. Have tons of stuff to trade.
  3. NickDB8


    Alright, To start, I'm a novice. One of my varsity members gave me a Heidegger file, and I have no idea. I've gathered bits and pieces, "everything has importance because it exists," "commodification is wrong,". But I'm still confused. Can anyone get me an EASILY UNDERSTANDABLE guide to Heidegger? Other questions: What exactly is the alt for this, and how does it work? In a world where we don't reduce things for our own usage, would we still be living primitively? -Is commodification not required to get to where we are today? Thanks a ton.
  4. I'm looking for a fully cut Agamben K or the Agamben Eco-Sovereignty K. Trading heavily. Have tons of stuff to trade.
  5. One of my debater buds told me it was severing out of the timeframe because they don't pass at the same time and also made the Alt and plan noncompetitive, but I wouldn't qualify him as a reliable source.
  6. I heard about a card by an author named Connolly in an HS Impact podcast, and I've been trying to find the author/article it's from so I can cut it, but I haven't had any luck because it's not on the files I've looked at and there are multiple authors named Connolly who write about the same thing. The card's a defense to set col/antiblackness/any other k that presents a theory of how the world operates by saying (from what I inferred in the podcast) that there are no overarching social theories. Has anyone heard of this card, or can give me the article it comes from? It's possible that it comes from William E. Connolly, but he's published multiple books and I'm not sure which one it would come from.
  7. So I was wondering if anyone has like a great alternative for a Baudrillard kritik of simulation (fiat) or what is the best alt to run with Baudrillard on the oceans topic this year. Also can I get some ideas for impacts because I have only 1 root cause arg in my file and need more. thanks
  8. Alright guys, so UIL districts is coming up soon and I'm pretty strong in affirmative but have about 45 seconds left I can fill in my 1AC. I HATE kritiks, and I want to discourage the neg running them against me. So my plan is to write a framework contention in to my case to at least make it difficult for them. Problem being, I don't know how to set that part of a case up (placement in case, ev, or lingo). So what do you say guys, can you give me a hand?
  9. Hello, What would the plan text for an Orthodox Marxism PIK look like? Note: I'm not actually going to advocate Marxism as a pragmatic solution, but the alt is to endorse it and create the intellectual opportunity necessary to start a Marxist revolution, not to advocate the revolution itself. I don't know if Marxism is ever run differently, so I just wanted to put that in there.
  10. I've been tirelessly looking for an anthro k for this years' topic but can't find one on open evidence. Does anyone have an anthro kritik they'd be willing to share, if not, what are some good links to an aff case?
  11. Hi! I'm looking for a Process K and some other stuff to run against an interesting Cthulu aff that will be at state, which basically affirms finding Cthulu but then goes on to say Lovecraft is the hero of OOO and says that's crucial to change politics and all, so other stuff would be nice. I have a homecut D&G file (extensively blocked) and a bunch of other stuff to trade.
  12. So I've been thinking of a kritik that was similar to what weber used in 2008. i wanted it to follow the lines of something similar to... Link (People perceive the market to be an omnipotent being/savior). Impact (This zombifies people into blindly accepting whatever the market values at the time) Alt Generic reject the market to begin becoming independent from the market as a different person/idea from what the market holds. Does anyone have any ideas to some cards that would make sense or other things I could do to run something like this? Thanks
  13. So a few teams in my area are running this "Piratical pedagogy" aff and Idk what offcase to run. I was thinking afropessimism but I need some good link evidence or a good explanation. You can find the cites for the aff here: http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/College+Prep/Raees-Mardjuki+Aff Willling to trade for pirate specific afropess file or any other good offcase for this aff.....case is good too
  14. skyeleis

    Taoism K

    I need help trying to do a Taoism K. I don't have any idea how to start, and can't really find a pre-made one, or the resources to make one. Any ideas?
  15. kylerbuckner

    K tricks

    How do you hide these well and still make it clear enough for the judge to flow? I usually put solves case, turns case, outweighs case, and some sort of ethics/aff's impacts don't matter argument in it if that helps at all.
  16. Hey y'all. So i'm looking for a link for the Frontier K that says something along the lines of "trying to understand the unknown is just an excuse to further frontierism. I was trying to find a viable link for the ocean mapping affirmatives. I've looked in the back files for the space topic, and could not seem to find anything. If anybody has a card on this, that would be wonderful! Thanks so much!
  17. I'll trade HEAVILY - I has Black Fem K, Fem Intersectionality K, Taoism K, DnG Ks, Death Cult K, OOO K, Queer Privacy K, Speed K, and a few others.
  18. "...today, at the end, critique is not sufficient. I think our failure is on the side of affirmation, not on the side of critiques.": https://youtu.be/w0TADEp1bV4.
  19. danhep

    Black Fem Help

    I cut a bunch of cards for intersectionality/black feminism (Crenshaw, Broeck, hooks, etc.), and I'm not sure what is necessary for the K. Is feminist intersectionality and black fem 2 different Ks? What card should I use as an alt for Black Fem?
  20. danhep

    LD advice

    Ok so I'm an LDer and fell in love with the K at camp. However, I'm essentially a lone wolf and don't have much resources, so I'm deciding to invest my time in working on one solid K file. Which do you think is the most strategic to read - in terms of how many people prep it, how easy it is for opponents to understand, how many generic links there are, and how I can preclude the AC. Right now, I'm think of starting an OOO file, but feel free to change my mind.
  21. Does anyone know what arguments to make when reading framework against Wilderson? Thanks!
  22. Hi all, I wanted to read a bit on foucault and biopower before the new topic. Does anybody know of a book/paper that describes foucault and biopolitics/biopower in a nutshell?
  23. Kojin24

    K aff help

    What is the best way to structure a K aff? I've seen many, but I'm not sure how to fully create one from scratch for myself. I'm unsure of what ideology/philosophy to use, or even how to pick what to use. Any help in how to make one would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. I've ran Ks before, so I'm familiar with how the idea of a K works.
  24. i'm looking for this writing, and whenever i search for it, all i get is debate wikis. maybe i just suck at finding cards, but if someone could get me a link to this piece i would greatly appreciate it. Ryan bishop, Professor at the National University of Singapore, “Baudrillard Now: Baudrillard, Death and Cold War Theoryâ€
  25. Hello folks, When I am running a policy aff, especially a soft left one, how do I answer generic Kritik links like the aff uses USFG or the aff is white saviorism or links from Antiblackness teams that we don't centre our discourse around black people . The way I have been doing in the past is either reading a bunch of state good cards or at least in this topic, say it's negative state action so we are taking power away from the state/ departure from the status quo. Are there any analytical responses or cards/ authors i can cut to answer them? Thanks
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