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Found 212 results

  1. I need a general explanation of this K, conceptions, authors, alts, etc. As well as how to beat this K. (I am running a generic policy aff w/ no big stick impx) Also, will trade for a2 file for this K.
  2. How does one go about writing a critical affirmative?
  3. Does anyone have answers to Tuck and Yang or a good anti-blackness file with multiple authors? If so PM me and I will send a file from the college circuit.
  4. Could someone explain to me Heidegger's overall thesis? I've heard ArGogate has a pretty good explanation somewhere but the search bar is broken and I couldn't look it up. What articles/books do you start with if you want to get into this form of lit?
  5. I was wondering what kritiks you can run against critical affirmatives. This year the only off I had was Marx, Framework, and TVA, but then I ran into Marx affirmatives. I'm specifically looking for kritik ideas to run against cap and identity affirmatives.
  6. hey, does anyone have a copy of the infiltration kritik? or even just what lit i should read to write one? i would really really appreciate it!!
  7. osahoniyamu

    K affs?

    So I'm entering in my 3rd year in debate this year at a new school and I'm starting to look at some lit for the China topic this year and My question: Are there any K aff (or good affs if there aren't any good K affs) I can read for this year's resolution besides Model Minority Ks and such. I don't know how I'd be able to run any K topics without linking to arguments like the "Speaking for Others K." (I'm black). Any ideas? I'm down on cutting my own if there are none online where I can get cards from
  8. Anyone have generic evidence for a Lacan Aff case centered on utopianism and embracing the real OR more specifically links to race arguements - Psychoanalysis is racist - Utopianism is good to interrogate race - Race causes utopianism Will trade heavily, message for requests Thanks
  9. Hi Everyone! If you've seen much of my content you might know that I am the owner and Director of Debate at the Digital Debate Camp. We are an online camp that aims to replace the pedagogical function of the traditional camp structure by utilizing online education strategies. We function the same as a regular normal camp in theory - there are lectures, practice speeches, and tons of 1-on-1 instruction (but more on that later). While we can't quite recreate the special feeling of a summer immersed in debate surrounded by peers, we also know that access to a traditional camp is often far outside the means of most debaters. Because we can sidestep the fixed costs of housing etc. the Digital Debate Camp is priced at a modest $400. When I was in high school my family couldn't come close to affording a top camp without significant financial aid, and because we heavily privilege accessibility, we maintain an aggressive aid program with an enormous success rate. We don't think we can eclipse the formal camp structure, but we have a lot to offer. Our camp is quite long - we run from June 1st to August 1st. Second, we offer more 1-on-1 instruction than any other camp I know. Our instructors offer dozens of office hours a piece each week, ensuring someone will always be available when you are for practice speeches, argument development, file critique, or whatever else you may want out of an instructor. We instruct LD, PF, and Policy debate. We are also specially attuned to novice debate, from middle school on up. You can find out more at our new, updated website: www.digitaldebatecamp.com If you have any questions, I'd love to take them here, or you can contact me directly through our website. Note to mods: I've paid to advertise on the site every time I've been prompted. The website owner can feel free to take advertising fees for this summer from my residual evazon balance.
  10. hello experienced K debaters, I live in a very traditional-policy-orientated area, where most coaches will give you a look if you even have remote interest in a K thats not neolib or security. so I can't really get good help. I'm getting into this nuclear fetish K currently and the alt sucks so bad. it says to imagine the real by truly excepting the monstrosity of nuclear weapons. this is really easily subject to being perm-ed and just weak in general. I talked to a KU debate friend of mine and they told me to look at virilio/reza for some ideas but I still can't find an appropriate alt. I was originally thinking to use that thing from baudrillard where it says to reject all extinction level impacts bc controlling death -> zombification of life but idk if thats appropriate. someone please help!!!
  11. I'm looking for a general file of DnG fails, like generic advocacy/alternative stuff fails, e.g. becoming, rhizomes, nomadic thought, etc. I'm really just needing becoming answers right now, so if anyone has them I'd trade pretty heavy. EDIT: Also, if anyone has a defense of identity politics being good, or a general impact to their erasure via becoming, I'd trade for that as well.
  12. is disclosure k a legitimate argument// do people still run it also how far in advance of a tournament are you expected to upload aff cites
  13. How does security K propose we deal with threats if we don't securitize? for example, what should we do about terrorism just let them do whatever they want, or is there a way to deal with threats without falsely constructing them.
  14. julio


    Alright guys so for this year I want to run Nietzsche but I have no idea where to start with the reading if anyone could give me any advice I would be very grateful. I just want to commit to a couple arguments and want to have a deep understanding of them to run them consistently in debate tournaments. I don't have much experience in debate and don't really have anyone to help we have a sponsor but no coach to be honest. So if anyone could point me in the right direction with what arguments would be useful or beneficial or where to start with the Nietzsche that sounds like the most interesting to me it would be greatly appreciated.
  15. kylerbuckner


    Im looking to trade some files I have for some k's, preferably nothing from openev, anything from ecofem to schopenhauer Im open to it, just trying to trade broaden the backfiles..
  16. I'm not planning on it, but in the case that I do, how do rounds go where you read 1-off no case? I know that you should always engage the case, but I'm cutting a 1-Off strat for fun. How do you split the block? Are there any tips or tricks to it?
  17. HAM

    Floating PICs?

    So this year doing Kansas state 4-speak, we were running Venezuelan oil on aff. Where I am from, there isn't a lot of exposure to kritiks and advanced theory. Still, my partner and I are fairly well versed in K and CP theory, but apparently not well enough. The neg team that we hit ran cap, which, even with minimal k experience, I understood fairly proficiently. The k was pretty simple. It had an alt of distributionism, but not any isolated text or anything. So out of absolutely nowhere, the 2NC is telling the judges to pull the trigger on the "floating pic." This never came up in the 1N. I didn't flow it - neither did my partner. We were super confused, and when we asked the 2N what his floating pic meant, the kid just looked at the two experienced judges, they both nodded, and since they knew what it was, he just went on ranting about something else without answering. We lost, picking up the lay judge and dropping the 2 experienced judges - they voted on the pic... What did we lose on???
  18. My coach refuses to allow me to run k's, I understood that last year as a first year debater. But, as a 1st yr. I made it State Quarterfinals where I had absolutely no damn clue about what a kritik was and how to defend against one. My West Tx coach continues to prohibit even the slightest interest in K's, but they never go into our rounds. I'm thinking of defying my coach and learning how to run a K, but it seems like an extremely complicated concept. I'm having trouble understanding how they work, so can anyone give me a breakdown of how K's work, how to run one, and how to defend against a K? My coach really doesn't want to help on this end, and still refuses to believe that people run K's, I got beat last yr. at State by a K, thus the interest in learning how to run one. So, can somebody please help me?
  19. I was wondering if there is currently a K that combines the ideas of both Baudrillard and Zizek since they speak of hyperreality and fantasy respectively. Pretty much what I want the K to be is that we can't solve anything because of the whole hyperreality bs AND that we are trapped in a fantasy of sorts.
  20. So, as I wait for my Evazon access to begin, I wanted to announce a K I'm selling. If there's interest I'll finish writing the blocks this weekend and let it go for $10. (Or a trade in Magic the gathering cards is definitely possible.) Basically it's a Guattari (not DnG) K that criticizes the attempt to control the oceans (or nature writ large.) It's really, REALLY good against any aff with an evironment advantage. It takes a large portion from Guattari's Three Ecologies which basically argues that the world is divided into: a. environmental ecologies (how we relate to the world/enviro.) b. social ecology (social science, etc.) and c. mental ecology (the psyche yo.) Now this makes sense because an ecology is simply systems in which the elements of the system relate to each other and how they relate to each other. Socially we have an ecology, environmentally we have an ecology, and mentally we relate to the world and affect it. He argues that things will go down because all ecologies are interrelated. The social is impacted by mental and environ. and vise versa, etc. etc. It requires you to contextualize the K to make it make the most sense in terms of the aff, but the basic argument is this: 1. Links: i. Original Argument: The aff attempts to control/striate/stabilize the ocean (nature, ecology, etc.) which divorces us from the flux of nature and creates a human/nature divide. Each link is a little different but basically there are two main arguments: a. The fact the aff is acting ONTO the ocean or saving it or securing something puts them in a position above and removed from nature itself. This distinction makes that divide. It is also the reason that the three ecologies now can't be fixed together. b. On that note, the three ecologies are now not able to be dealt with together because we're using a. the state, b. large scale movements, c. we're distinct from nature. This is also why no perms work. ii. Now most of the link pieces of evidence also have links to capitalism and the use of the state, which offer interesting scenarios that's can be isolated throughout the debate. These elements also allow for great block responses to common add arguments. 2. Impacts: i. Extinction - The only way that major violence and oppresion, war, etc. happens is if all ecologies are dealt with together. Otherwise violence in one will spill over. These warrants are incredible in the evidence. ii. No Impact to Death - The control and security/stability of the aff forces us to follow that value system to its extreme - To stop that which creates flux and instability (the true nature of everything.) This leads towards a suicidal tendancy towards control and stopping the human element. Think the Voluntary Extinction Society (for environmental stability) or wars we fight in names of security leading to nukes. Security leads to destroying that which is insecure, and eventually ourselves. When we want death then the impacts of the aff are irrelevant. iii. Macropolitics Bad - This is where the state stuff comes in. EVEN if they prove they solve their aff, their lack of fixing all three ecologies together inevitably leads back to their impacts. In fact, state action often messes up and complicates problems because it isn't adaptive enough to solve over the large earth. Basically try or die for the K. iv. Capitalism DA - this follows DnGs basic arguments about capitalism, but integrates them in relation to the Three Ecologies and the aff. v. Expenditure DA - Only understanding and embracing the sheer flux and instability and release/expenditure of nature stops it from building up and exploding. Energy is meant to be spent, not accumulated. This relates intimately with the cap. args of Bataille and DnG... to be frank, this scenario is only okay, but it's an element that'll win the debate if dropped. Above all the evidence on this question is just great. It is literally one of the best pieces of evidence that articulates this argument. However, this is no where close to the crux of the argument, so it is not developed heavily in this k. f. Try or Die for the alt - The world is completely going to collapse RIGHT NOW - The aff can't solve every scenario that can happen tomorrow - The only chance to even solve the aff is the alt. 3. Alternative: While I have provided several alternates which can correlate with different affs, I'd say generally go with the micropolitical ecology one. It's awesome. Basically, it's what Guattari calls for in Three Ecologies. We need to recognize all three ecologies and work at all of them as they interconnect all at the same time in micropolitical, local stuggles. The comparative evidence for micro/local politics vs. macro sovereign state politics in terms of the three ecologies is REALLY hot. It contextualizes the criticism's alternative in relation to specific macro policies and warrants out, line by line, why the alternative is better and solves the aff. That being said, it is definitely a floating PIK. You can definitely solve the aff, solve back the bad parts of capitalism, solve back oceans etc. The only question is sequencing. They say state. We say micropolitical action - Solves the mental, the social, and the environmental ecologies. This leads to BETTER state action, because it started at the right level with the right things in focus (the three ecologies.) Also a reason the K is super strategic, it just becomes a sequencing argument that they can't perm without severing and a lot of try or dies. TOC Topshelf Read First Strategy Dictionary Environmental Policy 1NC 2NC Impacts Strange Ecology 1NC Eco-Capitalism 1NC Environmentalism à Capitalism 2NC Solvency Links Animal Metaphors Animal Rights Avoiding the Human Biodiversity Bookchin Borders Conservation Movements Cruise Ships Deep Ecology Discourse Ecological Goals Ethics Exploration LOST Mapping Oceanic Control Oceanic Development Oceans Generic Parks/ Reserves Returns to Nature Sedative Discourse Singular Goals Statistics Subjectivity Trade Impacts Annihilation Eco-Fascism Everything Rascism Turns Case Capitalism Impacts Environmental Destruction/ Nationalism No Value Oppression Commodification Hierarchy/ debt Control/ biopower War Machine Replication No value to life Death Desiring death Did it all/ AT impact turns Alternative Micropolitical Ecology AT// Aff Solves Specific Problem AT// Not Instantaneous AT// Pragmatism AT// Utopian Spillover Solves Capitalism Solves Desire Solves State State à Extinction State Guts Solvency Turns Kritikal Cases Key to Politics Macropolitics < Micropolitics Becoming-Animal Solves Best Geophilosophy Violently Deterritorialize Solves Heidegger Solves State 2NR Tricks 2NR Desire Framing 2NR No Impact to Death Framework AT// Roleplaying AT// Utopian Desire First Solvency Deficit – Desire Solvency Deficit – Sequencing Micropolitics à Better Education AT// Cede the Political AT// VtL Stuff AT// Threats Real AT// Democracy Checks AT// Extinction First AT// Cap good AT// Consequentialism Answers AT// Darwin AT// Death Drive AT// Infinite Regression AT// Perm – Both AT// Rhizomatics of Domination AT// No Specific Solvency AT// Environmentalism Bad AT// Modern Eco/Science AT// “No Specific Scenarios” AT// Technology Good AT// Vitalism Bad AT// Human/Nature Divide Good AT// Environment Doesn’t Matter AT// Alternative Ends in Genocide etc. AT// DnG = Madness AT// Scientists Prove Deleuze Wrong (Ev Indict) AT// DnG Coopted by Cap AT// Chaos Turns AT// Pol Pot AT// Fight Club Turn AT// DnG Use Binaries AT// IDF AT// Post-Modernism Bad for Indigenous Peoples AT// “Schizophrenics are suffering” AT// Schizo = Totalitarianism AT// Structuralism AT// Subjectivity Bad/Become the Object AT// Masochism AT// Barbrook AT// Psychoanalysis AT// Jameson AT// Cohen AT// Connolly AT// Conway AT// Fasching AT// Heidegger AT// Kettles AT// Kurasawa AT// Levinas AT// May AT// Schell AT// Spivak Affirmative Answers Turns Becoming-Animal Bad Eco-Equality Bad Rhizomes Bad Vitalism Bad Permutation Perm – Do Both Yall can comment or PM me. I was going to use this to coach a team, but UChicago involves too much work for double majors. If yall don't have $10 or magic cards, just PM me. I love helping smaller programs and would be happy to learn your story and help you out for free. I also have several resources to help you learn the argument, as well as several other backfiles, Ks, and books to help with you critical education. 0 QuoteMultiQuote EditReport
  21. I was wondering if someone could find a card or even an article that pertains to Bataille's Expenditure relating to the Oceans, whether it make a link argument or an alt solves argument, I want to ground my Kritik as much as I can into the topic.
  22. I was wondering if someone could find a card or even an article that pertains to Bataille's Expenditure relating to the Oceans, whether it make a link argument or an alt solves argument, I want to ground my Kritik as much as I can into the topic
  23. Everyone is talking about running DnG (nomadic args), anthro, and Heideggarian tech bad ev Ks next year. Is the generic answer file to using tools to advance the capabilities to the human race just going to be Baudy prioritizing self to self reels over self to nature? Can people just throw out some new ideas for answers to these individually? *Disclaimer: I know these Ks aren't carbon-copies of each other
  24. Looking for a pretty comprehensive Schopenhauer K. Have plenty to trade - PM me.
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