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Found 210 results

  1. YuNis23

    Weird Question

    This might be a weird question, but what can I wear to look like an all-out K debater? You know, like sweatshirt, sweatpants, not fancy at all, etc. Not trying to be offensive, but I wanna know what y'all think I could do.
  2. kylerbuckner

    DnG Master Answers file

    I'm looking for a general file of DnG fails, like generic advocacy/alternative stuff fails, e.g. becoming, rhizomes, nomadic thought, etc. I'm really just needing becoming answers right now, so if anyone has them I'd trade pretty heavy. EDIT: Also, if anyone has a defense of identity politics being good, or a general impact to their erasure via becoming, I'd trade for that as well.
  3. Jullianv1

    Theory on a K?

    I was wondering if running theory shells on kritiks in general seems like a plausible strat? I saw a novice round where this girl beat a k by arguing it was an "unfair" stance because she had no choice to fall under a capitalist paradigm/it was non-unique. I know ks dont need to be unique/anything can link into a k- but im wondering if its a possible aveneue if you're stuck. I think its especially intresting when people run "inherent ks" (i.e "The AFF links automatically per the reoslution)
  4. JolenMartinez

    Ways to argue against a D&G aff

    Hello debate community, noticing that a few camps have put out nomads/pirate deleuze and guattari affs I was wondering what the best way to argue these types of cases would be. They avoid a lot of the usual neg args and even outright counter some important ones. Thank you for your help!
  5. I don't need pages and pages of explanation, just a brief one will do. If y'all could also explain what to say against it, that be really helpful.
  6. DebateMaster123

    K Aff vs. DA

    I was wondering what the best argument is when running a critical aff and someone runs a da and says extinction trumps morals. What should I say?
  7. Hello So as the title suggests, I run kritiks. I know that the alternative is always the weakest part of the kritik and often time is vague. I have been in rounds where the judge voted my team down for going for the kritik in the 2NR, but my mentor also told me to never kick the alt. So under what situation should I kick the alt and let's say go for the link turn? Thank you
  8. kylerbuckner

    Disaster Porn K

    Will trade heavy for this K. As well as Fearism.
  9. Chaos

    Poll: Science Diplomacy K

    I've found some interesting literature criticizing the idea of using science for diplomacy as well as some literature criticizing the specific term "science diplomacy" as well as some literature criticizing the concept of diplomacy in general. I've been toying with the idea of trying to produce a full fledged file on this subject, but don't want to waste time researching this if there isn't adequate demand. Please give me your opinions on these questions, and feel free to ask questions or make comments in this thread. Keep in mind that I'm only gauging interest at this stage, there is not yet any completed file. Please keep your answers as accurate as possible. It might be tempting to use this poll in an effort to motivate me to produce the file faster or to lower my prices. But I won't create this file unless I feel that I have adequate time to invest in it and I will be able to make a reasonable amount of money from my efforts, so any manipulations will likely backfire. This isn't a commitment and I urge you not to treat it like one. A rough guess will do. Thanks for your feedback.
  10. JWang


    can someone please explain wilderson to me? i'm kind of new to this, and i want some kind of idea what his basics args are before i dive into the lit. thx
  11. RyeZOAM

    "Victim" PIK

    Didn't see a post generated for my latest file. check it out and feel free to ask me any questions about it! http://www.cross-x.com/files/file/11157-victim-pik/
  12. EasleyTheBest

    K Literature

    Hey people, I am a 3rd year debater at Olathe North HS, KS, going into my Senior year next year. I'm relatively new to running K's. This will be my 2nd year debating only varsity, and I am very intrigued and interested in learning more about K theory, and running K's. I've been fairly successful and placed in my share of harder tournaments, and I've hit plenty of K's, i just want to get a larger knowledge on K theory. If anyone has any advice or tips on lit that i should read, please post below. Thanks~! P.S.~ I understand the essentials of Cap K, Neolib, Race K, and the Fem K. I am intrigued by the false heroism (Batman K), and other similar ones (not just because the name sounds cool) haha. Thanks
  13. I am currently trying to put together some Security K links for this year's topic. However, I'm having a bit of trouble. Does anybody have any leads? I'd be much obliged.
  14. Adidas06

    How to compete as a small school

    I am the only policy team on my debate team. My partner and I went to UTNIF last summer so we have a decent grasp on policy so far. We don't have a coach or anyone else on the team with reasonable policy knowledge. I heard that the best way for teams from small schools to be competitive was to become good K debaters, so thats what we're trying to do. Right now, we're trying to qual for state (we're in texas) but idk if that's going to happen. Does anyone have any tips for small schools?
  15. jai127


    I pretty much understand how to use Baudrillard on the neg, but I was wondering how an aff for that would function. I'm aiming for a disaster porn-esque sort of argument, but is there anything else that would work reasonably well (instead of disaster porn). Any literature that actually makes sense would be much appreciated! Pls help me I'm using it for parli not policy so you won't get it run on you
  16. ConsultAndromedaCouncil

    what baudrillard kritik fares the best in round?

    I have been studying up on baudrillard literature and noticed that he talks about a lot. And the question that I would pose is that what critique would be the best for the purposes of winning a round. I really like the idea of the catastrophe fix and the whole terrorism performance thing. But i'm not sure how they hold up in round. Any advice would be helpful.
  17. ellch20

    Kritiks for next year

    Do y'all have any idea what Kritiks will be good next year? I want to get to know one very well for next year, and I figure that if I start learning and reading now I will be much better off than if I only read over the summer.
  18. MichaelCeraKnockOff

    Shortest Shadow Kritik

    Okay, so one of our teams got hit with this K off the book Shortest Shadow about suffering and it's word for word the Rowland Hall Shortest Shadow/God is Dead Kritik. It links directly to ontology so it renders ontology framework useless, how does one answer this? Cites/Cards would be helpful, if not then just an analytical explanation would be great.
  19. kylerbuckner


    So, I hit some affs at a tournament this weekend that I am not sure what to run against, would someone mind sharing what they have run against these so that I can prep for state. The OTEC one is what I need the most help with because we screwed up that round. If anyone has files on these affs I would gladly trade some files I have, pm me if you do. MHK's 1. Warming w/ six scenarios, didn't save the 1AC but I remember denialism and slavery were two of them. (We did not hit them, our other team did, they ran Cap - Russia - Oceans T <I think they lost>) NOPP 1. Marine Science Leadership - k2 warming 2. Maritime Conflicts - Japan v China in South China Sea 3. Stem - Econ collapse (We ran Security w/ China other link, POX, & "it's non-military" T) (picked up on K) SSD 1. Natives 2. Framing (Util Bad) (We met framing and read T on increase, and T on substantial, and anthro K) OTEC 1. Warming 2. No war (We ran Security w/ apocalyptic rhetoric link, Anthro, and T on development) *Also, if anyone has a unique aff that is this year specific that they cannot use anymore because their season is over, if you want to trade I am willing.
  20. osahoniyamu

    K affs?

    So I'm entering in my 3rd year in debate this year at a new school and I'm starting to look at some lit for the China topic this year and My question: Are there any K aff (or good affs if there aren't any good K affs) I can read for this year's resolution besides Model Minority Ks and such. I don't know how I'd be able to run any K topics without linking to arguments like the "Speaking for Others K." (I'm black). Any ideas? I'm down on cutting my own if there are none online where I can get cards from
  21. Sebacionroky2

    Baudrillard Alt

    So I was wondering if anyone has like a great alternative for a Baudrillard kritik of simulation (fiat) or what is the best alt to run with Baudrillard on the oceans topic this year. Also can I get some ideas for impacts because I have only 1 root cause arg in my file and need more. thanks
  22. Lazzarone

    Introduction to Foucault

    This professor has a ton of videos online explaining philosophical concepts/methods: https://www.youtube.com/user/PhilosophicalTechne/videos - including this introduction to Michel Foucault: https://youtu.be/Ua4wrcS9u3A.
  23. HAM

    Floating PICs?

    So this year doing Kansas state 4-speak, we were running Venezuelan oil on aff. Where I am from, there isn't a lot of exposure to kritiks and advanced theory. Still, my partner and I are fairly well versed in K and CP theory, but apparently not well enough. The neg team that we hit ran cap, which, even with minimal k experience, I understood fairly proficiently. The k was pretty simple. It had an alt of distributionism, but not any isolated text or anything. So out of absolutely nowhere, the 2NC is telling the judges to pull the trigger on the "floating pic." This never came up in the 1N. I didn't flow it - neither did my partner. We were super confused, and when we asked the 2N what his floating pic meant, the kid just looked at the two experienced judges, they both nodded, and since they knew what it was, he just went on ranting about something else without answering. We lost, picking up the lay judge and dropping the 2 experienced judges - they voted on the pic... What did we lose on???
  24. CXthulhu

    Ks with a vote aft/neg to reject

    I am trying to figure out if people win with an alternative along the lines of "Vote affirmative to show you support the K, therefore solving it in the real world." If you've won with a K with a similar alternative, please tell me what K it was and what the alternative text stated.
  25. One of my debater buds told me it was severing out of the timeframe because they don't pass at the same time and also made the Alt and plan noncompetitive, but I wouldn't qualify him as a reliable source.