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Found 210 results

  1. themasterdebater666

    International Law Kritik

    Hello I do LD and want to run an International Law Kritik. It doesn't matter if the links are topic specific or not. I just need some cards or a file because I have not found any International Law K files. Anything is appreciated. Can somebody help? Thanks
  2. Moten121

    Black market kritik

    I was wondering if anyone had a discourse K shell for the term "black market." Im from a pretty small school so i cant do metric tons of research just wanted a little help. Thanks
  3. Hi! I'm looking for a Process K and some other stuff to run against an interesting Cthulu aff that will be at state, which basically affirms finding Cthulu but then goes on to say Lovecraft is the hero of OOO and says that's crucial to change politics and all, so other stuff would be nice. I have a homecut D&G file (extensively blocked) and a bunch of other stuff to trade.
  4. Jullianv1

    Western Savior Complex K

    Im sure this has been asked before- bur does anyone have anything on the western savior k? Like a structure or author?
  5. Schopenhauer

    looking for card text

    i'm looking for this writing, and whenever i search for it, all i get is debate wikis. maybe i just suck at finding cards, but if someone could get me a link to this piece i would greatly appreciate it. Ryan bishop, Professor at the National University of Singapore, “Baudrillard Now: Baudrillard, Death and Cold War Theoryâ€
  6. John211


    Can somebody help me fully understand this K? I am interested but I just need some more understanding.
  7. What ground will the neg have for next year's education resolution? I know that there's a lot of ground for kritiks, but what about regular impacts, disadvantages, and counterplans? Is next year's topic debatable in an area that has mainly stock issues judges?
  8. kylerbuckner

    Answering Camus

    Now, I know this is pretty absurd.. but how do I answer this K?
  9. PhantomAlterEgo

    Foucault K

    There are 2 files on open ev, the Foucault K I'm interested in reading at my next tourney. It talks about how the Aff's piecemeal curtailment of surveillance normalizes the surveillance state and generates acceptance of surveillance by the private sphere (i.e. Snapchat getting your contacts). Biopower impacts- I think it is really good, but for the alt. There are 3, a "reject the 1AC alt that I will never run," a "take a politics of resistance," and a Faoucailtian "genealogy" alt that I don't understand. I don't think any of the 3 are good b/c they make no change about the status quo surveillance state, and I don't get them too well. Anyone have suggestions for new Alts or care to explain how to make the current ones good/more understandable. Anyone care to explain the genealogy alt?
  10. JolenMartinez

    Everything Heidegger

    Hello again debate community! Is anyone willing to explain Heidegger's thought to me in relation to kritik the major aff cases this season? Also, which impact and alternative do you recommend in the context of the Heiddy K? Thank you!
  11. EndlessFacepalm

    Kritikal Affirmatives

    How does one go about writing a critical affirmative?
  12. raincan


    I've been hearing things through the grapevine about a code-switching critique. From what I can understand, it's using a combination of black vernacular and standard English to make the activity more appealing to minorities. Can anyone explain it a bit more or find a file on it?
  13. a Pittsburgh Hegelian replies to Global "Hermeneutics of Suspicion"
  14. Does anyone have a fully blocked out Race/Wilderson K? Willing to trade heavily, PM me for a trade.
  15. Hello All, I'm planning to run the Linguistic Imperialism Kritik from UMich this year, and was wondering whether you could think of any CPs that are compatible with this kritik. The kritik can be found here: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnx1bWljaGRlYmF0ZXxneDo3Mjk3NGViNTkwMjQxOWQy If not, can anybody think of a good kritik-cp combination that works for this year? (I know that cap with an alt of historical materialism and any cp can be run, but I don't particularly like cap). Thanks, AmAsKh
  16. OneOffNoCase

    Need Necropolitics K

    Hey does anybody have a necropolitics K. I'll trade you for it, I have quite a few things to trade for it.
  17. kylerbuckner


    Could someone explain to me Heidegger's overall thesis? I've heard ArGogate has a pretty good explanation somewhere but the search bar is broken and I couldn't look it up. What articles/books do you start with if you want to get into this form of lit?
  18. adrianmorquecho

    Does discourse truly solve?

    When I was forming an answer to Alt doesn't solve for the K, I came to thinking, "Does this discourse doesn't solve argument apply to the 1AC?" Because the 1AC is engaging in discourse, so that must mean that the 1AC also does not solve. Is this right, or am I extending this beyond regular perceptions? Or is there something that says that philosophical discourse is ineffective and policy discourse, and passing of the 1AC, solves?
  19. I am trying to run an Assemblage Kritik against Afro-pessimism teams on the Aff, but I don' really get the philosophy, could somebody explain to me what the thesis of the theory is as well as how it would pertain to critical race aff, Thank you
  20. kylerbuckner

    AT: Anti-Blackness RC of Biopower

    Does anybody have a card/article or know where I can cut a card that says "anti-blackness not root cause of biopower" or a root cause according to foucault?
  21. Awesomepants3

    Realism Good K

    So I'm reading: The Tragedy of Great Power Politics by John Mearsheimer, And I know Realism Good/Inevitable is a popular AFF argument to Security Ks. But I'm wondering if there is a way to make Realism Good a K argument? Any ideas?
  22. I am trying to run an Assemblage Kritik against Afro-pessimism teams on the Aff, but I don' really get the philosophy, could somebody explain to me what the thesis of the theory is as well as how it would pertain to critical race aff, Thank you
  23. elysiumeagle

    Kritik of Topicality

    How do I structure this into a shell? Would I still do a we meet, counter interp, and opposing standards? What should I start preparing defense for in order to defend the arg?
  24. queenofdisaster

    Running/Responding to K's?

    Lately, my team has been doing practice rounds to prep my partner and I for an upcoming tournament. All the varsity debaters on my team, however, don't debate in the same style that the people I hit usually do. One major difference is that 1) They run k's, and 2) They spread (irrelevant, but it helps describe what kind of people I hit.) So, most of the things I've been dropping to are K's. So how does one effectively respond to a K? How does one have offense to a K? I haven't run a K yet, but I know the parts to it; I would really like to run one (that isn't cap) at a circuit where the majority of the judges can comprehend K's (not UIL). Can someone also explain what "the story of the link" means? Also, theory. I could use some help with the gist of theory, too. Thank you in advance!
  25. AmandaC

    best generic ks?