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Found 210 results

  1. kylerbuckner

    Philosophy to Read

    I want to get more into the K realm over the summer and need some books to read to catch me up on the basic lit that I need to know to understand the critical side more. I just need to get in touch with some all around basics and the premises of most major critiques, especially Agamben/Biopower/Fearism. So what is the basic literature that I need to read over the summer?
  2. Need to learn how 2 go for security, some1 please post high-level round
  3. ConsultVerminSupreme

    "Queer Race" by Ian Barnard

    http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/10350339909360432#preview If anyone has a pdf I'd really appreciate it, I really don't have the money to be buying it ... I'd be willing to consider a trade for it.
  4. Basically the title... non-genocide, non-biodiversity (leads to extinction) etc. etc. PM me about what files you need... i don't have giant amounts but I'm going to camp this summer where i should get some, plus, I already have some decent stuffs.
  5. julio


    Alright guys so for this year I want to run Nietzsche but I have no idea where to start with the reading if anyone could give me any advice I would be very grateful. I just want to commit to a couple arguments and want to have a deep understanding of them to run them consistently in debate tournaments. I don't have much experience in debate and don't really have anyone to help we have a sponsor but no coach to be honest. So if anyone could point me in the right direction with what arguments would be useful or beneficial or where to start with the Nietzsche that sounds like the most interesting to me it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. WhatIsT

    Luke K

    I was wondering if anybody could give me a general explanation of the Luke K. I understand that it talks about managerialism, but is it just managing the environment, or managing anything in general. Thanks.
  7. danhep

    Black Fem Help

    I cut a bunch of cards for intersectionality/black feminism (Crenshaw, Broeck, hooks, etc.), and I'm not sure what is necessary for the K. Is feminist intersectionality and black fem 2 different Ks? What card should I use as an alt for Black Fem?
  8. ConsultVerminSupreme

    Pirate Pedagogy Neg Strat

    So a few teams in my area are running this "Piratical pedagogy" aff and Idk what offcase to run. I was thinking afropessimism but I need some good link evidence or a good explanation. You can find the cites for the aff here: http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/College+Prep/Raees-Mardjuki+Aff Willling to trade for pirate specific afropess file or any other good offcase for this aff.....case is good too
  9. KarlLikeMarx

    Erotic Pedagogy

    Can someone help me find literature about erotic pedagogy? I've found a few articles, but none of them actually give a stable definition about what erotic pedagogy is. I'd like to write an aff (and yes, I've looked at Reagan's cites) but I'm sort of lost right now.
  10. Hello So as the title suggests, I run kritiks. I know that the alternative is always the weakest part of the kritik and often time is vague. I have been in rounds where the judge voted my team down for going for the kritik in the 2NR, but my mentor also told me to never kick the alt. So under what situation should I kick the alt and let's say go for the link turn? Thank you
  11. I'm looking for a fully cut Agamben K or the Agamben Eco-Sovereignty K. Trading heavily. Have tons of stuff to trade.
  12. ewilson373


    Does anyone have answers to Tuck and Yang or a good anti-blackness file with multiple authors? If so PM me and I will send a file from the college circuit.
  13. danhep

    LD advice

    Ok so I'm an LDer and fell in love with the K at camp. However, I'm essentially a lone wolf and don't have much resources, so I'm deciding to invest my time in working on one solid K file. Which do you think is the most strategic to read - in terms of how many people prep it, how easy it is for opponents to understand, how many generic links there are, and how I can preclude the AC. Right now, I'm think of starting an OOO file, but feel free to change my mind.
  14. I've been tirelessly looking for an anthro k for this years' topic but can't find one on open evidence. Does anyone have an anthro kritik they'd be willing to share, if not, what are some good links to an aff case?
  15. ConsultVerminSupreme

    Inuit Topology

    Willing to trade heavily for a neg file cites : http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/Nevada+Union/Fenner-HillWeld+Aff
  16. swagtasticdebater

    poetry/lyrics good card

    we have a tournament tomorrow and we're writing a K with a poem, and we're trying to find a card saying poetry/lyrics good for education. any help is greatly appreciated, we just need 1 card and we can't easily find it THANKS EVERYONE
  17. JasonWeiler

    BRAND NEW Identity Politics Article

    I've been trying to find a way to argue against teams running identity politics. My old coach told me about a new article that's on fire and DESTROYS identity politics in debate. It's brand new evidence from Ritter 2016, he kritiks identity politics under competition rules and gives five detailed reasons why teams engaging in identity politics for the ballot are actually disempowering minority and disenfranchised communities. The article is available at: http://theforensicsfiles.com/national-journal-of-speech-amp-debate.html
  18. tfsgoku

    Does this kritik already exist?

    So I was wondering if a kritik of this nature already exists under another name. I am calling it the "RNK" (right now kritik) or the "Mindfulness kritik." Basically, we kritik the other team for being focused on the past or future, so anything that has impacts outside of just the round, saying that focusing on the past or future is bad, and that we should focus on the present, the only time we are alive. In-round dehumanization is the impact. Any thoughts on the argument? Does this kritik or a similar one already exist? What is it called if it does? Thanks! -Taute
  19. ConsultVerminSupreme

    Perming Counteradvocacy bad

    EDIT: someone sent me a file, thx anyway
  20. Hi All, I was wondering what your thoughts are on the linguistic imperialism kritik from umich. I like the 1NC, the only problem that I find is that the AT: FW for this file is not very good. Are there any other things that you can spot? Also, I was wondering whether any more experienced debaters know kritiks like this that I can find for free on openevidence (even if they are from past years). If so, could you post the link here so that I could modify the kritik to have better evidence? Its located here: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnx1bWljaGRlYmF0ZXxneDo3Mjk3NGViNTkwMjQxOWQy AmAsKh
  21. What's a good generic Neg strat against K Affs for the China resolution? As a mainly self taught policy debater, I have no idea what are good strats against affs like Pan, Queer China, etc.
  22. ktg

    anthro k aff?

    this coming season, we decided to write an anthro aff... do you all have any tips in structure of the aff or anything like that? (we have never run a k aff before)
  23. ConsultVerminSupreme

    Visibility K

    Hey y'all, I read a race based K Aff, and something I have encountered (not in round) but in the midst of my research I have come across cites from other schools on the wiki and what not of something called a Visibility K. Can someone explain or give me the basic gist of the K? Thanks
  24. ConsultVerminSupreme

    Queercripping alternative

    So at a local scrimmage, we lost to a Queer Theory K and their alternative was to queercrip the 1AC to death, I don't think it was articulated well enough for me to understand it, so our responses were pretty generic - what is this alternative? What does it do, mean..etc. I don't have the card, it was on paper. Any help is appreciated.
  25. kylerbuckner


    So.. I just got assigned my last neg assignment for lab and I have to cut a Schmitt Shell and probably Perm answers by tomorrow. Could someone explain Schmitt's thesis a bit more and send me some articles to cut?