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Found 99 results

  1. School gunman Karl Pierson liked debate, running, but acted "weird" at times Martinez and Wilson '13 (Michael and Stan, CNN reporters, URL: http://www.cnn.com/2013/12/14/us/colorado-school-gunman-karl-pierson/) Centennial, Colorado (CNN) -- To many of his neighbors, Colorado school gunman Karl Pierson was the wholesome boy next door who liked achievement and ran on the cross country team. He even worked on an Eagle Scout project two years ago. To schoolmates, Pierson was known for his outspoken intelligence that served him well on the debate team. But at times, he acted "weird" and alienated peers with rants about communism and his aggressiveness to win every argument, they said. One neighbor described him as bright but a social misfit whose peers ridiculed him. His mother had transferred him from another high school because of the mockery and altercations, the neighbor said. Pierson, 18, opened fire Friday inside Arapahoe High School, where he was a senior. Claire Davis, 17, was wounded in a point-blank shooting, and Pierson, who apparently didn't know Davis, then killed himself in the library, Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson told reporters Friday. "He was a really smart kid. He was intelligent. He knew how to speak; he really did. I don't think I ever won an argument with that kid," junior Daylon Stutz said in the school parking lot on Saturday, when students were allowed to retrieve their cars. Stutz, an offensive tackle on the football team, had known Pierson since the two shared a human behavior class when Stutz was a freshman and Pierson a sophomore. They worked on a class experiment together in which they went into the community and tried breaking unwritten rules, Stutz said. "I did think he was a little weird, but I didn't think he was, like, bad weird," Stutz added. "He always kind of talked about how America was a communist country, how the government was, like, trying to take us over and stuff. I don't know, just some weird stuff that I didn't really pay close attention to, but nothing that alarmed me. "He was definitely kind to me. I never saw him mean to anybody. He wasn't condescending to anyone," he said. In Friday's shooting, Pierson was armed with a shotgun, a bandolier stocked with ammunition, a machete and three Molotov cocktails, Robinson said. Pierson fired five shots within 1 minute and 20 seconds, he said. Pierson entered his school looking for the debate team's coach,CNN affiliate KUSA reported, citing Robinson. Pierson was apparently seeking revenge against a faculty member because of a "confrontation or disagreement," the sheriff said. High school senior Frank Woronoff said he had known Pierson since they were freshmen. "He was the last person I would expect to shoot up a high school," Woronoff said. "He was pretty geeky and nerdy but in a charming way, one of the nicest, most humble people I know," he added. Senior Chris Davis, 18, was among many students Saturday trying to make sense of Pierson's shooting rampage. "He was a weird kid," Davis said. "He's a self-proclaimed communist, just wears Soviet shirts all the time." Pierson became easily aggravated, "always liked to be right" and didn't like losing, Davis said. "It seems realistic, now, that he did it," Davis added. The home where authorities believe Pierson armed himself is five miles from his school and appeared vacant Saturday. Its front door was sealed and boarded a day after federal agents raided the property and executed search warrants. A man who declined to be identified in an CNN interview lives a few doors away and said he has known Pierson since he was a boy. In the last few days, the neighbor noticed Pierson driving at excessive speeds throughout their normally quiet, modest middle-class suburb. The neighbor said Pierson's mother, Barbara, transferred her son to Arapahoe High School from nearby Highland Ranch High School because her son had been subjected to constant ridicule and physical altercations. "He was socially awkward and just didn't seem to fit into the larger teenage groups, and I think that weighed on him," the neighbor told CNN. The neighbor said Pierson's parents had been separated for years, and Karl was living with his mother and younger sister. "While Karl was socially a misfit around kids his age, he was intellectually bright and loved to debate in school," the neighbor said. "If he was disciplined in a debate class, that must have meant everything to him. It may have been trigger point." Pierson was active in his community, KUSA reported. He took pride in how he routinely won contests on his speech and debate team, the station reported. He showed off his first place and second place trophies online. One neighbor described him as a "nice young man," the affiliate said. In fact, the TV outlet interviewed him seven years ago about the design of a quarter commemorating Colorado. Pierson submitted questions to the station in 2008 for a show about the Colorado Supreme Court and asked a question at a U.S. Senate debate in 2010, the news outlet said. Death cult author responds Giroux '13 ("Radical Democracy Against Cultures of Violence" Published in Truthout, December 17, 2013. URL: http://truth-out.org/opinion/item/20669-radical-democracy-against-cultures-of-violence) Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. - Nelson Mandela Guy Debord once argued that the spectacle suggests society's desire for sleep.[1] He was enormously prescient, and his words and work are more important today than when they were first written. The spectacle has been energized and reworked under the forces of neoliberalism and now promotes a mix of infantilism, brutality, disposability and lawlessness. As the visibility of extreme violence is endlessly reproduced in various cultural apparatuses and screen cultures, it functions increasingly, alongside a range of other economic and political forces, to legitimate a culture of cruelty and disposability in everyday life. Pleasure is now colonized in the service of violence, reinforcing Rustom Bharacuha's claim that "there is an echo of the pornographic in maximizing the pleasure of violence."[2] Casino capitalism feeds on the spectacle, whitewashing history while ensuring the triumph of form over substance. Violence is not simply glorified, it is also spectacularized in more graphic, stirring and dazzling digitally induced dramatic depictions. Violence is the new state-supported and institutionalized obscenity, parading as both entertainment and an honorific social ideal to celebrate those who inhabit its repressive state apparatuses - from its war machine to its local police regimes. Violence and politics are no longer separate but permeate each other in contemporary American society, contributing "to the suppression of the very conditions necessary to build a [democratic social order and] polity."[3] Such violence promotes a state of moral, emotional and intellectual anesthesia in which real violence seems technically imperfect compared to its Hollywood, television and screen culture versions, not to mention its celebration of an idiotic celebrity culture, which constitutes an assault on the very spirit of agency and the radical imagination. One consequence is that society now resembles a war machine as the welfare state is transformed into the punishing state and death zones proliferate. In the face of the latest school shooting in Centennial, Colorado, a young teenage boy allegedly seeking revenge for being thrown off the debating team decides to goes on a murderous rampage. The roots of such violence are not merely personal, lying in the realm of some unfathomable emotional disturbance. They are also part and parcel of those varied educational and cultural conditions that give meaning to such behavior, suggesting that such violence is a normal and acceptable way to relieve anxiety, tension, and resolve problems. A social pathology and collective amnesia both hides the deeper structural and symbolic dimensions for such violence and produces a weak moral and political response. What are we to make of a mainstream media, along with the American public that appears more concerned about Kim Kardashian flaunting her post-baby body[4] than about the Obama administration ordering a drone strike in Yemen that killed 17 innocent civilians who were part of a wedding party? I thought this raised some interesting questions about debate and US culture. Do y'all agree or disagree with Giroux? Why or why not? A longer article that adds some clarification and extra details/interviews to Pierson's background: http://www.latimes.com/nation/nationnow/la-na-nn-colorado-school-shooter-identified-20131213-story.html elements of story: carl schmidt (like another schmitt?), fellow senior, discussed Pierson when interviewed by LA times gun rights advocate bullied, divorced parents cared passionately about debate motivation?: disagreement with debate coach--kicked off team & suspended after becoming angry after wanting 'changes to the debate team'--went after coach with guns and molotov cocktails
  2. Im currently a sophmore enrolled at a 3 year high school. This year was my first year in debate and I did well. I competed in novice for first semester then moved up to the open level. I want to go to a camp that will make me a over all good debater and with a empasis on Kritical argumentation. I dont want to go to a camp that is longer than three weeks. I was thinking about UTNIF in texas. Is this a good camp and if not what are some other good options.
  3. For going into the start of the incoming year, I was trying to find a format or template for flowing a policy round on the computer. Does anyone have any templates for how to do this? Or does anyone have any thoughts on if flowing on the computer is easier than flowing on multiple pieces of paper?
  4. So I'm reading: The Tragedy of Great Power Politics by John Mearsheimer, And I know Realism Good/Inevitable is a popular AFF argument to Security Ks. But I'm wondering if there is a way to make Realism Good a K argument? Any ideas?
  5. Do you guys know any good scholarships specifically awarded for debate camps? I'm not afraid about being applicable to their financial aid/scholarship criteria? What are some ways to get to camp besides relying on my parents, getting a job, or waiting for donations from peers?
  6. Resolved: A just society ought to presume consent for organ procurement from the deceased. Thoughts? Room for K's, plans, etc?
  7. This could actually happen. I apologize in advance. "Development and/or Exploration" implies you have to at least explore. You either explore or you Develop AND Explore Earth is One Ocean, the resolution says oceans, the resolution is flawed. USFG is Military. Resolution is flawed. The Earth does not own the oceans, people do Resolution is flawed. Consult Poseidon CP Please Add to this list. And Please never run these arguments.
  8. So I'm a bit new to policy debate and my partner and I are thinking of running a Thera poetry (Bifo Semiocap) K aff that we have been working on. We have the shell done, but what does the block file look like. What extensions do we need, what do we need to prep to hit? I think the biggest worry is we don't know what framework args we are going to hit and how to respond to them. Any and all tips would be greatly appreciated!
  9. So this year I attended UTNIF 3 Weeks Skills Intensive and I really enjoyed it. From the people I met to how much better I got at debate. From my great experience and success in this season so far, I was wondering and already planning to attend a 7 week debate camp. The questions that I am most concerned with at the moment are: 1) What are the best 7 week debate camps and why? 2) What was your experience (if you went to it) and do you think it was worth it/how much better did you become? P.S. I already know that how much better you become is dependent on how seriously you take the camp as well as how much you actually work.
  10. I'm having a practice debate soon and I know the other team is running the normativity kritik. I need help answering that? Could you all help me and sort of explain it to me. I understand the basis, but not completely. Thank you in advance!
  11. Here is a link to the launch page; http://launch.debatestrat.com Enter your email to follow the progress!
  12. First, I am wondering how the neg would respond to the aff trying to perm the alt? I.E aff runs arguments that very clearly relate to capatalism but perms the alt that socialism is the answer OR, and more to my inquiry, if the neg runs a k on the langauge/framing the aff uses as morally bad and the aff either perms and says "aff will just adopt alt/fix language/paradigm." I see this as kinda unfair bc it isnt like a perm to a cp; it is literally the aff realzing they lost on the k and using their own concession as a way to dismiss the k. Also, can the neg run a ROB in the 1nc? Seems kinda abusive, bc the aff never gets real chance to engage?
  13. ** Please do not read or respond if you are not a LEGIT policy debater. Hello---- I am a National Circuit debater and have been doing policy since middle school. I had a successful freshmen year. I made it to quarters several times and won a lot. Sophomore year was rough... I wasn't winning as much, but neither was anyone else on my team. But now I am a junior. My teammates are starting to break to semis. But me? Not so much. I have been to 3 nat circuit tourneys and my best record was 3-3. I am having several problems now: 1) I have dedicated my life to debate and I am starting to wonder if I am smart enough to excel at this level. It is waring on me mentally. I am starting to feel worthless to my team and coaches. It is affecting my every day life and happiness. 2) I feel like my team if forgetting about me. It is like they don't care or take me seriously. 3) I am losing hope. 4) Everyone on my team is going to Glenbrooks besides my partner and I. (entry limitations)... this is really making me depressed. So here is what I need: 1) Advice. 2) How can I win against really good teams? Tricks? 3) Is it worth it? 4) How do I keep faith in the system of debate when I get garbage judges who don't know what flowing is? I don't really know who to reach out to so I figured the Cross-X community might be a good start... Thanks. Any KIND input is appreciated.
  14. Aryan

    Agamben K

    Can someone explain the Agamben K? It's really intersting but hard to comprehend.
  15. Best team: BVW BN Squad: BVSW Coach: Tim Ellis Lay: Christian Hansen Aff: Bvw BN Neg: SMNW KO Prettiest speaker: Nate Martin/Nick Massa Fastest: Animesh Shrouti/Carolyn Hasset Most annoying: Branden Kohnle Best 1A: Daniel Birzer Best 2A: Kapaun Best 1N: Srivats Best 2N:Kapaun/Stephen Lowe Most likely to do well next year: BVSW KL/BVW NS Judge: Chris Carey/Amit Bhatla Underrated team: Lansing BW Best K debater: Lily Ottinger PTX debater: Daniel Birzer T debater: Nate Martin Most likely NDT champ: BVW BN Nicest debater: Nico Rodriguez Best Evidence: BVW BN Best argument: Politics da/Adv cp Worst argument: Delay CP Best K: Neolib Best Aff: BIT Best excuse for losing: "the judge was bad" Best tournament for hanging out: KCKCC Best human being: Nico Rodriguez
  16. Jullianv1

    Set col?

    Can someone give me the thesis of this kritik? Is it saying that the USE of the state is bad because there is ignored oppression under the state- or is it an argument about international action? I know tuck and yang are popular authors. What would the responses be to this argument/what the ballot comes down to?
  17. Hey everyone! In light of recent problems with cross-x, I think it's time we look at some alternatives. I think that there are a lot of valuable resources here, and we need to find a way to preserve that. With that in mind, I think that shifting sites would be good. I don't know how well this is known but there is a debate discord server, currently standing at 1500+ members. There we have multiple people (myself included) frequently judging debates and giving advice, including some college debaters and coaches. There are a few key benefits to switching, some of them related to Vdebates, which is why I put this here. 1) Site stability- The discord server is not only stable, but it's growing, which I think is important to consider. There are no upload issues, or worries of it going down anytime soon. 2) User friendlyness/activity- The structure of Discord makes the server much much easier to use. You can easily set up group chats and discussions, and it has a much cleaner interface that is better able to accommodate new users. Due to this, there's a large degree of activity, for the ODT a lot of the participants are active on the server. 3) Vdebate 2.0- The discord server has voice servers, which allows actual rounds, real spreading, and real debates. We often even have enough judges to have panels, and are able to give extended oral RFD's and advice. This would allow for Vdebate to take off on a whole new level, instead of just typing, we could move to real rounds that are better practice for real tournaments. 4) Resources- The server often finds books and literature we have hard times finding, including stuff not always found on scihub or libgen. All in all, I don't run the server, but I've found a welcoming home there, and I've been able to debate and judge there for quite some time. I think that beginning to shift there would allow for better vdebates, and ultimately, the resources and activity there make it a better resource than cross x. We could also begin transferring some of the old explanations there, and beginning to file them. The invite link is: debate.carro.cat It redirects to the discord invite, feel free to join. I hope to see you all there. Feel free to message me on here if you have any questions or concerns.
  18. I am at a national tournament and many judges voted for the other team because of their preferences and biases, however, I'm not complaining. One judge said that she voted Affirmative even though they dropped and conceded and didn't explain many arguments, and my coach said that coming out of the last rebuttal we need to articulate why the judge should vote for us. Can you please help me formulate an overview of why I, as the Affirmative, would win using my advantages? I will give credit where it is due, thank you! I'm running the Dream Act
  19. 1AC from my original debate. It's like 1200 words. Word Count 1200- 1900 1AC Climate Official.docx
  20. hey if anyone is available to look over this 1AC and give me any thoughts that would be great.
  21. My team is doing a big questions tournament for the NSDA grant. The resolution is "Humans are primarily driven by self-interest." I don't typically debate big questions, although I have in the past. I'm curious about what non-typical aff and neg arguments there are? It seems to me that the debate will ultimately be the neg providing examples of good deeds and the aff saying everything is psychologically about self interest. Are there any other ways/ contentions to make the debate interesting?
  22. texasdebater

    Texas Teams?

    Just wondering about the thoughts on these after Grapevine and based off of last year: 1. Top 10 Texas teams in order? 2. Best Texas senior team? 3. Best Texas junior team? 4. Best Texas sophomore team?
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