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Found 99 results

  1. how would a debate play out if the 1ac stands up and says nothing? this happened last year during semis at a tournament in Chicago; the aff said nothing for their 1ac, the neg replied by saying nothing in their 1nc, the aff then read cards in their 2ac saying "silence good," and neg still stayed silent; the 1ar read more silence good cards and the rest of the speeches were silent. the neg won because they were more silent. in the situation above, would the best method of action for the aff be to turn their case and say silence bad? is that even possible? how would you be able to win aff on this strategy? my partner and i are considering this at a scrimmage, but we don't know how we would possibly win with this strategy or what to do if the same situation played out. if we stay silent for the entire debate the judge would vote neg on presumption, right? are there any cards/case files somebody could link me to? we are very interested in this. thanks!
  2. What's a relatively affordable, good laptop to buy for debate and why? When looking for a laptop for debate, what exactly should I be looking for? I know it needs a decent amount of battery life, but how much RAM, etc?
  3. Hi guys, This is my first post on Cross-X (yeet). I was wondering if you guys had any advice for materials, tips, and help at UMich. I'm planning to attend the 4 week camp w/ my partner Thanks a load guys.
  4. Sooooo, in policy debate, much like in IRL, most people are sycophants and will imitate whatever other people do. Because of this, absurd social norms can develop over time: like ass-to-mouth or Capitalism. In policy debate one such absurd social norm is misusing the words "ontology" or "epistemology". I do not think many on this site have done this, but in debate rounds its rampant. It doesn't bother me, because I get what you "meant to say", but saying words correctly is important I feel like. To place them in to your context properly so that those concepts contain similar relational metaphors as the connections between those concepts in other people's contexts. Would be the closest to a definition of "interpersonal intelligence" as one can get. What does it look like? "Reject them because of their epistemology" What should it look like? "Reject them because they have bad epistemological foundations" or "Reject them because they re-ingrain a faulty episteme" Why? Because -logy means "study of"!!!!!!!!!! Or "Science of" depending on who you ask, because the word is clearly coming from "logos". So "Epistemology" translates as "study of knowing" or maybe "study of knowledge". So... When you say "reject them because of their epistemology" that translates to "reject them because of their study of knowing" They didn't engage in a study of knowing. YOU are the only one engaging in a "study of knowing" by making problematic the epistemological stance of the aff. Did that all make sense?
  5. Hi, this is the director and producer of the film We Affirm! We Affirm is a new and upcoming documentary about the world of high school debate. We created this film with the intention to educate those not in the debate community about what exactly it is that we do and why we are so passionate about it. We also want this to be a film for debaters by debaters, which is where you guys come in! We want to be able to have debaters from all across the nation and globe to a part of this film. One of the biggest aspects of this film is focusing on the voice of debaters and letting them share how debate has affected their lives. If you would like to be a part of this, then just create a video and send it to weaffirmdoc@gmail.com . The video does not have to be anything fancy and can really just be shot on your webcam. All you need to do is say your name and where you are from and then answer the following questions: Why did you join debate? After joining, why have you chosen to stick around? How has debate impacted or changed your life? We look forward to working with all of you and hope to hear back from you all soon! If you would like to learn more about us you can check out our Indie Go Go page, too. igg.me/at/we-affirm-debate-documentary
  6. I have an AFF and Neg that I am interested in trading for other files on this topic for March April. PM me if interested
  7. Details for Binghamton University's 3rd Annual Online Debate Tournament is now available. Registration ends April 10th, 2015 and the first videos are due up on the 13th. This year's topic is: "This house believes that prisons should be abolished." Again, it's open to students anywhere in the world and there will be prizes provided by our sponsors. Don't delay, create an account, login, and register today - http://speechdebate.binghamton.edu/Tournaments/10/Home/binghamton-university-s-3rd-annual-online-debate-tournament/
  8. Is it necessary to attend a debate camp to become a good debater? I mean what are they good for?
  9. Hello, Ive been debating for a year in the Oregon/ a little Washington circuit. A lot of the people who win the Washington bid tourney's run Util stuff, so I'm planning on joining the party. I was wondering if people had some solid Util justification, evidence, and tips on how to respond to the common Util refutations. I don't have much of value to give back to you, I'm sorry, I'm kinda new in the progressive theme. Anyways, pm me or post it here, thank you and have a nice day.
  10. http://caldebatecamp.com/7-week-policy/ so ive been looking into this debate camp and I think it looks pretty good. It has some pretty qualified lab leaders so it might be a promising camp for this summer although it is relatively new. Can anyone look into this (who has more knowledge in the college debate community) and tell me what their predictions for how it is going to be for this year. thanks
  11. My partner and I have been hitting a lot of NAD Bank and just overall Mexico cases. We were wondering if anyone had some DA's or Counterplans that are effective against them. We have a few but need some more to stay competitive. We are willing to do a trade for some of the stuff we have written.
  12. Any of you ever been to the Hoosier Debate Camp? If so was it worth it and how's the coaching? Trying to find myself an inexpensive 2 or 3 week any time this summer. also if any of you have been to either wyoming or MSDI feel free to tell me about them. Just trying to find a good 2 or 3 week deal
  13. Hey guys, I'm planning on going to the Michigan State Spartan Debate Institute 3-week camp. Any advice or insight on how this is going to be? This is my first camp and I am just starting to learn fast debate. Thanks, JP
  14. TheStreet

    Free College?

    Did anyone know that KCKCC offers full ride scholarships for debaters? I heard KCKCC also got 10th at nationals in sweepstakes this year. And Brian and Matt from kckcc were in octas, Katie and Alex were in dubs and Katie got 9th speaker. Kckcc sounds like an awesome place to debate!
  15. The NYU CEDA team is very interested in identifying incoming first-years with extensive experience in public forum debate and policy debate. If you are a debater and wish to join an award-winning team with over 20 returning members, an extensive travel schedule and unique on-campus opportunities, contact us ASAP. We can be reached by FB message at https://www.facebook.com/nyuceda/ or you can email the PR Officer, Erin, at ems721@nyu.edu. We have 16 students in the Big Apple this summer already cutting cards, holding practice rounds, working with coaches and generating args on the new topic. Our first fall recruitment meeting will be Wednesday, September 7th, the same day as the NYU Club Fair, but we'd like to be in touch with promising stars beforehand, if possible.
  16. Hello everyone! I I signed up for UTNIF in Austin, and was wondering if anyone else was going to this and if they have in past years. If not to UT, then where is everyone else going across the nation? This is my first time attending any debate camp and I was interested in knowing the run down of how they proceed, and what was your experience in one. Thank you! Respectfully, JM
  17. Hey all, I need 3 more slots to get to 16. I will then post the bracket. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you haven't yet, pm me to register! Right now- KritkallySound JulainBHS DictatorCastro Solax10 Mummyhandgrenade MartyP JaredCroitoru TheWingedDebater EndlessFacePalm Seare25 BobbyS BammyTess Aram Need 3 more to make this octos at least.
  18. Anyone going? If you are, pm me so we can hang
  19. I'm looking for a Anthro K. I'll trade for one! PM me,
  20. Need Judges, here is the 1AC, open for cx. K Aff Flash.docx
  21. I usually read affs centered on identity politics, and am trying to prep answers to Crip Poetics/Ableism but am not sure what kinds of arguements are effective. The only concrete answer I have is 1 card that warrants a perm (doing the advocacy in the mindset of the alt), but it isn't the best of cards/args College Prep is one I've noticed, but there are definitely more teams reading this kritik/performance http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/College+Prep/Harper-Sessions+Neg Cards would be good too, or just args
  22. How do you straight turn a DA? I know it's harder for the neg to get out of a straight turn, so I want to know how to straight turn them. Thanks it advance!
  23. Long story short, my partner failed his french class with a 0 because he didn't do any work and now he's not eligible for Texas TFA state competition. I'm considering to maverick there and I'm wondering if there are any tricks and tips on mavericking. I'm also wondering if mavericking is an option or not for Texas TFA state because it didn't specify on the website.
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