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Found 99 results

  1. texasdebater

    Texas Teams?

    Just wondering about the thoughts on these after Grapevine and based off of last year: 1. Top 10 Texas teams in order? 2. Best Texas senior team? 3. Best Texas junior team? 4. Best Texas sophomore team?
  2. emmaloeber

    Big Questions 2018-19

    My team is doing a big questions tournament for the NSDA grant. The resolution is "Humans are primarily driven by self-interest." I don't typically debate big questions, although I have in the past. I'm curious about what non-typical aff and neg arguments there are? It seems to me that the debate will ultimately be the neg providing examples of good deeds and the aff saying everything is psychologically about self interest. Are there any other ways/ contentions to make the debate interesting?
  3. I am at a national tournament and many judges voted for the other team because of their preferences and biases, however, I'm not complaining. One judge said that she voted Affirmative even though they dropped and conceded and didn't explain many arguments, and my coach said that coming out of the last rebuttal we need to articulate why the judge should vote for us. Can you please help me formulate an overview of why I, as the Affirmative, would win using my advantages? I will give credit where it is due, thank you! I'm running the Dream Act
  4. Aryan

    Agamben K

    Can someone explain the Agamben K? It's really intersting but hard to comprehend.
  5. I just can't seem to think of any CX questions to ask and I think Tournament 1 is soon :(
  6. ConsultVerminSupreme

    Court rules NSA Metadata illegal

    http://www.cnn.com/2015/05/07/politics/nsa-telephone-metadata-illegal-court/ Just throwin it out there for those who don't already know
  7. Does anyone have backfiles from the 2003 mental health topic? I've looked everywhere, but can only find them on Planet Debate. However, each time I download a file from there, it says the file can't be found. I'm looking for pretty much anything, but am mainly looking for affs and case negs.
  8. 1AC from my original debate. It's like 1200 words. Word Count 1200- 1900 1AC Climate Official.docx
  9. ConsultVerminSupreme

    Wilderson Irvine RR Conference Transcript

    I was wondering if anyone had a working link/doc to the transcript for this? I had a dropbox link some time ago but it no longer works. "Irvine RR Conference - Discussion with Frank B. Wilderson III"
  10. freewayrickyross

    Saying "Ontology" or "Epistemology"

    Sooooo, in policy debate, much like in IRL, most people are sycophants and will imitate whatever other people do. Because of this, absurd social norms can develop over time: like ass-to-mouth or Capitalism. In policy debate one such absurd social norm is misusing the words "ontology" or "epistemology". I do not think many on this site have done this, but in debate rounds its rampant. It doesn't bother me, because I get what you "meant to say", but saying words correctly is important I feel like. To place them in to your context properly so that those concepts contain similar relational metaphors as the connections between those concepts in other people's contexts. Would be the closest to a definition of "interpersonal intelligence" as one can get. What does it look like? "Reject them because of their epistemology" What should it look like? "Reject them because they have bad epistemological foundations" or "Reject them because they re-ingrain a faulty episteme" Why? Because -logy means "study of"!!!!!!!!!! Or "Science of" depending on who you ask, because the word is clearly coming from "logos". So "Epistemology" translates as "study of knowing" or maybe "study of knowledge". So... When you say "reject them because of their epistemology" that translates to "reject them because of their study of knowing" They didn't engage in a study of knowing. YOU are the only one engaging in a "study of knowing" by making problematic the epistemological stance of the aff. Did that all make sense?
  11. Hello, Ive been debating for a year in the Oregon/ a little Washington circuit. A lot of the people who win the Washington bid tourney's run Util stuff, so I'm planning on joining the party. I was wondering if people had some solid Util justification, evidence, and tips on how to respond to the common Util refutations. I don't have much of value to give back to you, I'm sorry, I'm kinda new in the progressive theme. Anyways, pm me or post it here, thank you and have a nice day.
  12. Keagan


  13. SnakesOnAPlan

    Maslow K 1nc

    I got a 1NC K shell based off of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and discusses how diplomatic endeavors shouldn't be prioritized but rather we can't reach that stage without solving for poverty. Needs extension. Willing to trade for anything to do w/ china.
  14. Any supplies besides the obvious (clothes labtop etc) that you regret not taking with you to Debate Camp? I leave Sunday morning at 3 AM for Weber State and am curious as to any last minute things I should buy.
  15. Debating4Christ

    Critique My 1AC

    hey if anyone is available to look over this 1AC and give me any thoughts that would be great.
  16. As the title says, have a massive file with 50 util cards (38 good/ 12 bad), and I am willing to trade it for a sick "Corey in the House" (anime) case or K or DA or whatevs.
  17. Jullianv1

    Set col?

    Can someone give me the thesis of this kritik? Is it saying that the USE of the state is bad because there is ignored oppression under the state- or is it an argument about international action? I know tuck and yang are popular authors. What would the responses be to this argument/what the ballot comes down to?
  18. jenxtang

    Marine Reserve Negs

    Hey guys what are some common negs against marine reserves? I'm thinking of running it but I kinda want an overview of the arguments i'll most likely hear and also what to watch out for before I decide whether or not to run it.
  19. ItAintRalphTho

    Indiana University?

    Any of you ever been to the Hoosier Debate Camp? If so was it worth it and how's the coaching? Trying to find myself an inexpensive 2 or 3 week any time this summer. also if any of you have been to either wyoming or MSDI feel free to tell me about them. Just trying to find a good 2 or 3 week deal
  20. doyoulikecap

    7 week camp

    Has anyone ever been to a seven week camp? Plz share your experience because this will be my first time at umich 7 week. Ive been to camp before, but not this long.
  21. Zmag52

    Harvard 2012

    Anyone know the teams attending Harvard Invite? JV and Champ please!
  22. Binghamton University has announced its 2nd annual online debate tournament. All the details, including how to register, can be found on the website at- http://speechdebate.binghamton.edu/Tournaments/7/Home/binghamton-university-s-2nd-annual-online-debate-tournament/ Last year the tournament featured 100 competitors from around the United States in both high school and college. This year entries are open to any enrolled high school or undergraduate in the world. Prizes include Amazon gift cards, books, hoodies, t-shirts, and more. Registration is free and instructors are encouraged to sign up as judges. This year's resolution is: RESOLVED: The United Nations should adopt a resolution decrying or demanding an end to the annual dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan. The tournament is already sponsored by PETA2, The Institute for Critical Animal Studies, and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The website also features many national videos of college debate rounds if you click "Videos" on the top navigation bar and follow the links to "Live Policy Debate." We're trying to grow a collection of speech videos as well.
  23. debaterptr

    Good Debate Camps

    Im currently a sophmore enrolled at a 3 year high school. This year was my first year in debate and I did well. I competed in novice for first semester then moved up to the open level. I want to go to a camp that will make me a over all good debater and with a empasis on Kritical argumentation. I dont want to go to a camp that is longer than three weeks. I was thinking about UTNIF in texas. Is this a good camp and if not what are some other good options.
  24. Deuces

    Straight Turns?

    How do you straight turn a DA? I know it's harder for the neg to get out of a straight turn, so I want to know how to straight turn them. Thanks it advance!
  25. 1985bfs1

    A Tool To Help Novices Out

    I found this just a little wile ago, kind of hard to describe but basicaly its a google search tool (it has google dorks coded into it if you know what those are). Basicaly makes finiding what you need a whole lot easier, hope you enjoy http://googlehelper.4shared.com