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Found 105 results

  1. Do you think its one of the NSA affs, or the TSA affs? Or is it something else entirely? I feel like this is definitely the best (and maybe only) generic DA this year, but it feels like there's a major stretch for the link in some debates.
  2. What do k-affs critique if there's nothing that's been presented yet? And can't the neg side just avoid the k aff by running something that doesn't link?
  3. So my friend is getting ready for the state tournament and asked me if I could help him write an aff for outrounds if they make it. I've been doing some research and have found a few good cards about Venezuelan nanotechnology, but not much. Does anyone think this could be a viable aff to run? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you'd like, I can PM you what I've got so far.
  4. hey all! i need help looking for carded answers to framework-- as in counter interps and usfg= the people (really need this fam pls). ive looked through all of the fw camp files and t camp files and cant find anything. where can i find some?
  5. Two of my teammates hit a performance aff with a really k friendly judge. My teammates tried reading framework (and lost), but the judge at the end of the round said that only counter performances would work against performance. My school is sort of K friendly, but we never run performance, and even if we did, I don't know where to begin. So any tips on how to attack performance affs in general would be helpful. The 1AC they read is attached. Wade for the Future 1AC.docx
  6. For next year my partner and I are planning on running a baudrillard kaff and I was wondering if anyone had specific tips for a baudrillard aff as well as tips for running a kaff in general. Also if anyone has tips for answering framework that would be dope.
  7. Well since for some of us this topic is over or nearly over I thought we all deserved a laugh. What's the most ridiculous affirmative case you've hit this year? My partner and I lost to a "send a plague into Cuba" affirmative. -.- I wish I was kidding.
  8. Does anybody have some good ideas for Heidegger affs next year? Like possible plan texts?
  9. Our CX Team has ben looking for an Ivory Tower K. The idea is saying that academic elitism with no real policy solution is bad. If anyone has an Ivory Tower K or Elitism K please direct Message me or email me at CXthulhu@gmail.com. Our team is certainly willing to trade you evidence in exchange for the K. Please help us.
  10. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for any obscure kritikal affs, right now I am trying to come up with something along the lines of lgbtq+ migrants.
  11. This year I think it'd be cool to run a counterfactual aff (saying like "The USFg should have curtailed some program") I know some topic ideas, but can anyone help me out with the kind of theory args you'd need to be super prepared to go against?
  12. Anyone willing to judge, please post paradigms, if we have only 2 judges and it becomes a 1-1 decision, the round is neg on presumption. Thanks, Payton P.S. if you're wondering why i'm running all of these rounds, its because i won't get to run it much in-state and so I need as much practice as possible running it. (Yes, even with camp.) DnG Nomads v6.docx
  13. How do you make arguments against things such as the "Aquaman" k or things like "the whole world is a dream so the harms of the case will not happen."?
  14. MattYee

    Planless Aff?

    So, I compete in a primarily stock/comms area and am interested in running a K-Aff. I found one that I like but it doesn't have a plan. I'm sure this is a novice question but how would I go about running a case without a plan? Also, how do I defend T? How does the USFG substantially reduce anything?
  15. I'm relatively new to Policy Debate, and at a tournament last weekend there was this person who went Maverick and ran a thing called "whiteout" or an extinction impact turn. Their AC was a plan that baited the Negative to run a disad with an extinction impact, but then instead of refuting the disad they'd impact turn it, claiming that "extinction was good because life is suffering." Also, their NC was composed of a japan disad of the affirmative plan that yielded an extinction impact 100 or so years in the future, followed by a counterplan that would cause extinction "almost immediately." They then ran the same "extinction good because life is suffering" evidence and claimed that they outweighed on timeframe. Although this sounds odd, both the AC tactic of turning extinction and the extinction timeframe argument did well in several rounds and left my partner and I very confused. Does anybody have cards or evidence they could share regarding "extinction good" or an extinction impact turn? I also heard there's some specific philosopher associated with this idea. Thanks
  16. Hi all, As a 2N, it is so frustrating going against K affs. Obviously, there isn't one solid universal negative strategy vs. a K aff but I was hoping somebody could explain was is and what isn't a good idea. Last time (vs. an Identity K aff) we ran framework and topicality and on case and lost... I've been looking into the Faun K and that looks interesting but I don't know if I'm ready for such an abstract argument. Thanks(:
  17. Hey everyone, new to Cross-X.com, but I'd like some help finding the Best Affs from other Workshops (Camps). I have a google form survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSco_3FLIxPbLm-6t8cEWx1_pqoxCOVXPfEgjUhZNXTkgdQtLw/viewform I'd appreciate if you guys helped me out. If anyone has any of their own affs that they want to add, that's fine by me. Thanks
  18. kylerbuckner


    So, I hit some affs at a tournament this weekend that I am not sure what to run against, would someone mind sharing what they have run against these so that I can prep for state. The OTEC one is what I need the most help with because we screwed up that round. If anyone has files on these affs I would gladly trade some files I have, pm me if you do. MHK's 1. Warming w/ six scenarios, didn't save the 1AC but I remember denialism and slavery were two of them. (We did not hit them, our other team did, they ran Cap - Russia - Oceans T <I think they lost>) NOPP 1. Marine Science Leadership - k2 warming 2. Maritime Conflicts - Japan v China in South China Sea 3. Stem - Econ collapse (We ran Security w/ China other link, POX, & "it's non-military" T) (picked up on K) SSD 1. Natives 2. Framing (Util Bad) (We met framing and read T on increase, and T on substantial, and anthro K) OTEC 1. Warming 2. No war (We ran Security w/ apocalyptic rhetoric link, Anthro, and T on development) *Also, if anyone has a unique aff that is this year specific that they cannot use anymore because their season is over, if you want to trade I am willing.
  19. Greetings! For my state's regional debate tournament, I plan on breaking a new AFF. This time - however, I plan on making it a kritikal version following off of the lines of anti-blackness, but more of a basis on the Asian body and how it elates to double-thinking and double consciousness... (maybe some "social death" or similar impact in there too) but how exactly do I break an aff that is critical? I understand reading will be a HUGE part of this process.
  20. - Looking for judges, but they are optional (We'll both debate if nobody can judge) - This is a (progressive) LD debate - Speech Word Counts (400wpm) - AC = 2400 - 1NC = 2800 - 1AR = 1600 - 2NR = 2400 - 2AR = 1200 - CX after AC and 1NC - I will post AC after my opponent replies
  21. Me and my partner are trying to start up a Aff case based on finding the lost city of Atlantis. Has anyone seen a case based on this yet, and does anyone have some cards already? I thought it could be pretty good just on how obscure it is in general.
  22. This morning the new LD topic for September/October 2015 was released: "Resolved: Adolescents ought to have the right to make autonomous medical choices." I was wondering what all of your thoughts on the topic were. My thoughts: This debate heavily leans toward the negative side from what research I have done so far. Some questions to be considered: What is the exact age of an adolescent? ("Adolescence begins with the onset of physiologically normal puberty, and ends when an adult identity and behavior are accepted." - NCBI) This age will vary due to when the specific child hits puberty, and depending on whatever country they are in that chooses when an "adult identity" is accepted. Also, this would mean women would achieve this right earlier on the aff side, due to women hitting puberty earlier (Is it fair for women to achieve rights earlier than men?). Who is paying for the child's medical choices/What if they make a choice their parents can't afford? (Of course, that wouldn't apply in countries with free healthcare, but this appears to be an international topic.) What are the positives of allowing adolescents to make autonomous medical choices? (Emergency situations can be treated without a parental figure's approval, potentially saving lives. A child's privacy can be secured.) Would it be a good idea to go towards a human rights/morality angle on the aff side? Or would it be more valuable to point towards the positives of affirming the resolution? (I guess that still falls under the morality of consequentialism, thus applying to the 'ought' of the resolution. So it is still applicable.) As for the negative side, I would go for the angle that medical choices require money, and rights that are still out of the reach of a child limit the child from truly being able to have the full right to make autonomous medical choices (So the aff either can't reach the goal of achieving the full right to make autonomous medical choices, or the aff goes down a slippery slope that violates many existing laws concerning children and adults, and gives children adult identities that set them up for abuse through child labor, unjust criminal charges, etc.) But anyways, I am so excited to hear what everyone thinks about the topic!
  23. sos whats the guam aff- how do I respond to it?
  24. Nonegfiat

    the 1ar

    So the 1ar is consistently my weakness as a debater. And I always feel really bad for putting my partner in a tough spot for the 2ar. I just get overwhelmed really easily by the block just loading up the flow with tons of arguments that i can't think of answers to all of. How do i strike the balance between effectively answering everything but also not getting bogged down in the nitty gritty. Because i've found that trying to answer directly every block argument in 5 minutes just doesn't work. And if i pull it off, the overviews end up being really weak, so there's no clear direction for the 2ar. Plus the responses on the line by line are always weaker than they were in the block because timeskew. How should I be approaching the 1ar? Are there tangible ways to make this easier or is the answer just practice? thanks!
  25. Has anyone starting a running list off known camp affs on this topic?it would gladly help if you could share im kinda out of the loop rn
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