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Found 105 results

  1. So Loyola has this interestingly weird affirmative (I've never hit it) the "Quantum mechanics Aff" They have it publicly listed and attached on the wiki, so I'm attaching it here. How would you go about responding to this aff. Teams that I know have competed against this aff have gone with the boring Cap + Framework strategy but not too thrilled about that.... Loyola-Gray-Nelson-Aff-Fullerton-Octas.docx
  2. Hey everyone, I'm a 3 year debater and i had an aff case (on ocean clean up). But now, it seems that everyone can beat it. I was wondering if anyone has a good aff case that can help me make it or set it up. The thing is, i don't want to run a aff case that is on debate coaches. I want a brand new case that isn't there already. Or the other option is that if anyone is interested in making a new case with that would be great as well. If you guys want to from a group on making a new aff case or if you are interested then please contact me. If someone can help me, please do, you can email me at iram_gonzalez514@yahoo.com
  3. Does anyone have any cards about/other arguments linking to the benefits of education on society? I want to run a pure "education" advantage, so any help would be appreciated. Edit* - The plan will be something that educates the public about the oceans, if that helps. Final plan text is not finalized yet.
  4. I've had people tell me it can, and I've had people tell me it can't. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  5. jai127


    I pretty much understand how to use Baudrillard on the neg, but I was wondering how an aff for that would function. I'm aiming for a disaster porn-esque sort of argument, but is there anything else that would work reasonably well (instead of disaster porn). Any literature that actually makes sense would be much appreciated! Pls help me I'm using it for parli not policy so you won't get it run on you
  6. Okay, so in my area there is a specific collection of teams who are consistently running AFFs from Baylor Briefs. Does anyone have any information on those? Perhaps a table of contents of some sort. I really just need to know what AFFs are discussed so I can prep them. Thanks, yo.
  7. Hello Cross-X forum friends, my partner and I have been debate nomads at our school for a bit, and this week we've been drafted to cover for our school's only policy debate team. We're not competing too seriously, of course, but we're looking not to make a fool out of ourselves or our school. The team we're filling in for and googling/lurking has taught us the basics of the order and a lot of the vocabulary - and we think we have a good grasp of that stuff, as we've observed a couple rounds of Policy before. We have no specific policy debate coach and our school wide coach tends to focus on LD debaters - basically we're coachless and mentor-less. Left out to dry. So, I've decided to come to what seems to be a pretty active cross-x forum to ask the noble denizens what case(s) I should run and a counterplan I can run in order to not make a mess of the debate round we're going to stand in for next weekend. Our school provided us with "squirrel killers" which appear to amount to scattered evidence and a lot of "on-case" negative cards. We've become familiar with Openevidence which seems to provide a multitude of cases we could run and a wide array of negative cards against given cases that we can use when it comes to debate day - but we have no idea which ones would be best for complete newbies like ourselves to run. In addition, I've run into a bunch of "K" cases and counterplans and such on Openevidence that I can't make heads or tails of. They reference a lot of specific philosophers I've never studied before and I can't exactly see how they win debates? I'd love explanations of "K" arguments I'd probably run into because I don't really understand how to debate against that. Having mostly debated parli in the past - it's usually data vs data but "K"'s seem out of my league. Any resources or guides for newbies would be appreciated. Basically - huge noob, what case/counterplan should I run? Thanks for helping me out, I'll tell you guys how it goes after the tournament if you're interested!
  8. http://www.cnn.com/2015/05/07/politics/nsa-telephone-metadata-illegal-court/ Just throwin it out there for those who don't already know
  9. What would be a possible Taiwan aff for the China topic?
  10. Awesomepants3

    2 Free 1ACs

    Here is a link to get 2 1ACs. Good luck in Debate Ya'll! http://www.weberdebatecamp.com/
  11. The plan: The United States federal government should curtail its domestic surveillance of stored electronic communication that is warrantless and unbound by mutual legal assistance treaties signed by the United States. The plan strengthens warrant requirements and prevents domestic warrants from forcing companies to breach foreign law.
  12. DisBoiuLIfe


    Hey, I'm looking for affs, CP's, or DA's, I'm not really into running fancy K's (*gasp*), but I do have a pretty big collection of weird K's, (Tao, Astropol, Buddhism , etc.) PM me if you are willing to trade.
  13. Would it be topical for me to run a plan that non-militarily develops the ocean but uses the resources gathered to benefit the military? The actual development of the ocean is non-military, but the effects would help the Navy.
  14. Does anyone know what arguments to make/how to explain them? Thanks!
  15. Hi y'all. I was hoping someone could give me a couple of teams that run/have run algae biofuels this year (specifically with a warming contention). If possible, teams who run OMEGA would be great. Thanks!
  16. therin lies my question. the case is incredibly verbose to the point that it is difficult to comprehend.
  17. Here's the 1AC: http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/West+Bloomfield/Haran-Husic+Aff
  18. So a few teams in my area are running this "Piratical pedagogy" aff and Idk what offcase to run. I was thinking afropessimism but I need some good link evidence or a good explanation. You can find the cites for the aff here: http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/College+Prep/Raees-Mardjuki+Aff Willling to trade for pirate specific afropess file or any other good offcase for this aff.....case is good too
  19. looking for answers to a terrorism disad that basically says education distracts from domestic terrorism; it's not about international terror, only national/domestic terror. impact framing cards would work fine; we have a total of 2 cards on it :l thanks!
  20. Hello there! I openly run solar desalination as an affirmative, and I (understandably) run into Topicality every tournament. Note, the arguments are typically not very strong (I hit interpretations centered around 'increase' and 'its' when my actor is NOAA and The Dept of Energy). I do worry about hitting modifiers of the word 'oceans', since desalination plants aren't technically submerged in the ocean. Any ideas? Thanks!
  21. Hi, I'm quite new to debate. I have only competed at one tournament at our local league, but after winning the Novice division with my partner and getting 2nd place speaker, our coach thought it would be right to move us up to JV for this upcoming tournament (which is next friday). We got two new affs that we could run (immigration & nsa prism) and a lot of off case (sec K, T, econ DA, terror DA, aerospace DA, nat. internet DA, guest worker visa DA, data erasure CP, whistleblower CP & dream act CP) but after talking a little bit, we decided to stick with our Drones Aff. However, we thought that it would make it so much easier for us to turn the Terror DA & the Sec K if we restructure our Aff in a way that would make our 1AC as a stance against security. The rules for JV in our league is that we could change tags and rearrange the order and change the contentions and all that, but we can't add new evidence. My problem is that I don't know how to arrange it in a way that it's not messy & all over the place. Attached below is a really really rough draft of our aff and I would appreciate any advice on how to make it more organized/ make the tags stronger or even what cards to just downright get rid off. Thank you so much!! Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-F0b-LnUab4U5sjg1tv9rz7z0vCr-5ewdqt2F9yTI-g/edit?usp=docslist_api
  22. Does anyone know what arguments to make when reading framework against Wilderson? Thanks!
  23. Has anyone seen or heard of the sports diplomacy affirmative? If so do you have any ideas as to what could be ran against it?
  24. Kojin24

    K aff help

    What is the best way to structure a K aff? I've seen many, but I'm not sure how to fully create one from scratch for myself. I'm unsure of what ideology/philosophy to use, or even how to pick what to use. Any help in how to make one would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. I've ran Ks before, so I'm familiar with how the idea of a K works.
  25. After losing to T twice (it was a pretty untopical aff, not gonna lie, but it was still pretty good), I decided to stop running Common Core (education surveillance). Being a novice and all the lovely jazz, my brother helps me, and says that I should find an aff that I believed in (not that I didn't believe in education reform, but it's pretty embarrassing to drop to T or something stupid like a gender DA) and I'm realllly into space. Please give me a recommendation for a policy aff that isn't just, econ, heg, warming, tyranny, race, etc. K Affs scare the hell out of me, and I can't run them in my district. Thank you in advance! Edit: General science advantages (I guess that also includes arctic/ocean exploration) are cool, too, if space advantages are too "meh,' and hard to find. sorry for the trouble!
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