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  1. chewy101


    anyone have results?
  2. does anyone have the results packet they could upload or scan?
  3. so how would i answer those turns?
  4. im supposed to cut a india deal updates for both sides of the debate can someone help me like how do i find them?
  5. which camps put this out? also is this competitive enough to win on? like obviously politics is a net benifit, but what other ones are out there. what responses is the aff going to make on this?
  6. im new to this whole thing how long does it take to download and how do i do it faster what would u advise i do thanks
  7. is it true that a bunch of kids got sick at SDI this year like reallllllllllyyyyyy sick? i heard a buncha shit on that
  8. which links have the neg files....i dont need the aff's i would like the neg
  9. do any of the files above have a neg file -solar box cooker neg -infrastructure neg -Brain Drain Neg if they are there can someone tell me which camp its under thanks a lot
  10. idk if someone asks this b4 but how many tubs should i bring and r there closets/ draweres if there r closets is there 1 or 2
  11. do a lot of the places accept a credit card...(i have one right now) or should i bring debit card... or just cash
  12. is there a huge differnce bwtween 4 and 5 week? if so, what
  13. ^are the lab leaders pairings confirmed or is there any way to confirm this
  14. thanks...but since its based on experience....does that mean a rising soph whos gonna be a jr. next year be in the soph lab or jr. lab?
  15. all the labs are amazing at umich...ull be happy...trust me
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