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  1. If someone could send me a list of your tournament entries, or better yet, post them on this web site, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. weird...for me it's working on internet explorer but not on mozilla or file zilla. Any suggestions?
  3. fucking sweet. Golden Desert was only a finals bid last year, and ASU was a semis. Now they are the same weekend and Golden Desert has a semis bid and ASU doesn't even have one.
  4. hey bangladesh, ok so I haven't been on cross-x in a while so I def am late to this thread. I hope this post can help: First of all the term that you are looking for is 'logical limited conditionality.' That's when you run only one CP and revert to the SQ whenever you want. An argument against the CP may provide it with a DA, but it doesn't prove why your plan is better than the SQ. I don't want to type a page long of theoretical bullshit that can better be explained by a really good article on CP theory. Go to google and type in 'debaters research guide' and your second hit should be a bunch of theory articles written by a guy named Roger Solt. He wrote a bunch of good shit. I hoped this help man. Good luck
  5. hey guys, ignore my last post. I confused religious nihilism with passive nihilism. thanks.
  6. hey guys, I am wondering if any of you could link me to any good reviews of Nietzsche's work/philosophy. I have just finished reading Allen White's 'Transformations of Nihilism' and I thought it was pretty good. Some questions on that... 1. Is passive nihilism just religion, or is it open to any unconscious act of nihilism in which the individual inadvertantly views this world as inferior to something that ought to be? 2. What is active nihilism and what are some examples? 3. White says that all of these types of Nihilism fall under one category of 'Radical Nihilism' which stems off the fact that the source of nihilism is pessimistic. My question about that is whether passive nihilism is viewed as pessimistic or optimistic? Why so? Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate it. Also, any commentaries on Nietzsche's philosophy of nihilism would be greatly appreciated.
  7. p.s. you guys are wrong. Goldsmith is going to UNLV for sure now.
  8. what grade are you going to be in next year? junior or sophomore?
  9. this is awesome Synergy, it has greatly aided my research. thanks man.
  10. haha i know it is supposed to be ironic but come on it has no solvency for enforcement. Any type of checks via urine or some high tech machine is ineffective. Two words: Wet dreams If you don't spank your monkey then it will take care of itself...
  11. keek_a_leek

    [AFF] Vaccines

    *bump* hey tomak, what would the plan text be for this aff? I am curious as to how you address the issue of new babies being born? Would we continually pour money into this region until they would be able to get on their feet? Also on the vaccination process are we sending certified individuals over there or are we just simply sending the vaccines? And I may be reiterating what someone else has previously posted but if we are sending individuals through what means is the USFG doing this? Are we coercing them? Incentives? Thanks for the time tomak. I started reading your links and I think if we can get those couple points that I posted addressed this could be an awesome case.
  12. I need a sick cap good file. Anyone has one hit me up at samkiki1@gmail.com or AIM: samkiki101
  13. If anyone has a sick Nitzsche file hit me up at samkiki1@gmail.com or AIM: samkiki101.
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