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  1. Mentally unstable people with guns are dangerous. /thread
  2. I want to know what people would say to this answer to a perm (do both): The perm makes the plan un-topical because it co-opts the non-topical CP. This kills neg ground because voting for the perm means that the affs can have untopical planks in their plans. [insert Extra T block here]
  3. Aurora Beam is the key internal link to hege.
  4. There are vastly superior ironic positions to this one.
  5. You say that as if everyone on cross-x being gay would be a bad thing.
  6. Actually what you're doing is babbling incoherently.
  7. There's a few things wrong with this statement: 1. The MDL isn't trying to get into the WDCA. If anything it's the other way around. The WDCA is falling apart due to the recent loss of Batterman and Voss to superior programs while the MDL is expanding. 2. The MDL generally frowns upon speed because of the high percentage of lay judges and lay coaches (something that is rapidly changing). 3. The northern teams made their own circuit because they are stuck in the 70s and refuse to adopt national circuit norms.
  8. Freire isn't education bad. Freire argues that the way that curriculum are constructed in the squo is inherently oppressive/dehumanizing thus, any decent team will turn your "education" good cards so hard. Again, Freire isn't power bad. Freire is about empowering oppressed peoples. Running power good against Freire = fail. Besides, you will almost always lose framework against Freire unless the team running it is completely stupid.
  9. Schultzitarian


    Anyone else seen the movie Visioneers? I think it might be one of the best movies of the '00 decade.
  10. Vote at the link below and help the world send Justin Bieber to North Korea. http://tweeter.faxo.com/Justin_Bieber_My_World_Tour
  11. Malthus is dead. So is the crunch. Get over it.
  12. Biopower inevitable. You can't solve for all instances of biopower. This makes your impacts inevitable. You have no offense. You lose.
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