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  1. can we still get access to those debates??
  2. on the nanotech neg i'd do heavy research on grey goo theories, there's alot of lit on it.
  3. US Department of Interior, Minerals Management Service. March 27, 2008. http://www.mms.gov/offshore/AlternativeEnergy/Definitions.htm Fuel sources that are other than those derived from fossil fuels. Typically used interchangeably for renewable energy. I think although you could argue "framer's intent", teams could run the framers also appointed the USFG as the agent of action, and according to the agent renewable and alternative are interchangeable.
  4. Richmond also put out a LD file
  5. I think there could be a potential debate as to who won the debate but I think it is fair to say Hilary lost. If that even makes sense, she spoke so much but really said nothing. I believe the only question she answered was the one asked if she would meet with the leaders of Iran, North Korea, Syria and Venezuela. Other than that I heard alot of nothing. I think we need a female president but Hillary Clinton is NOT the right person for the job.
  6. Does anyone know if the 2 St. Mark Boys are on cross-x from the semifinal round??
  7. Genocide requires action- the alternative is direct complicity with evil Vetlessen. Professor of Philosophy at the University of Olso [Journal of Peace Research] 2000 pg. 520-522 The moral issues raised by genocide are not confined to the nexus of agent and victim. Every contemporary citizen cognizant of a specific ongoing instance of genocide, regardless of where in the world, counts as a bystander. From the view point of an agent of genocide, bystanders are person possessing a potential to halt ongoing actions. Even the most initially passive and remote bystander possesses a potential to cease being a mere onlooker to the events unfolding. Responsibility for halting what is unfolding cannot rest with the victims alone; it must also be seen to rest with the party not itself affected but which is acknowledgeable about- which is more or less literally witnessing- the genocide that is taking place. Not acting is still acting. The failure to act when confronted with such action, as is involved in accomplishing genocide is a failure which carries a message to both the agent and sufferer: the action may proceed. Knowing, yet still not acting, means granting acceptance to the action. Such inaction entails letting things be done by someone else-clearly, in case of acknowledged genocide, inaction here means complicity.
  8. I need some Russia impacts, saying Russia will outdo U.S. or some how is a threat.
  9. for inherency isn't Russia making nanotech its top priority a barrier, because it will beat the U.S. to developing nanotech
  10. Try DRC: illegal logging=global warming
  11. Does any one have a pediphilia cp?? Or maybe something different??
  12. Thanks, I like the explanation, now i just need cards lol.
  13. ok, so how do i answer a deep ecology K??
  14. I have no clue what it even says, i am not sure they even read cards. But I know I spelled it right.
  15. so my answers would be like answers to a biopolitical K??
  16. I NEED THEM!! steph08debate@yahoo.com
  17. I dont care what the plan text is, i just want to see a decent one. Thanks!! e-mail: steph08debate@yahoo.com
  18. Does any one have a submarine tradeoff da?
  19. what in the world is that?
  20. Is the inflation da the same as the goldilocks da?
  21. I need this too, please share the love, lol. PM me
  22. i got things on RMA a myth and stuff like that. And remember with rumsfeld out this idea is not as strong!!! PM me for the myth evidence!
  23. i have a pmc CP, awesome net benefits!!! PM me
  24. I would like to see the space case, my city is not very unique when it comes to case ideas, can i take a peak??? E-mail me, i have a MRC case i could share!
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