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  1. Congrats DSA for starting a policy program! Are they still rocking a massive PF squad, or is their policy final indicative of a larger policy squad?
  2. Aww damn, I'm sorry I missed all you kids who were judging! Silly trimester system...
  3. Congrats to everyone in the region who broke, especially Steve's impressive elim round performance! Also, thanks everyone that was there for a great trip and tournament. I was reminded once more how much I value the people that do debate, and how you all have made my high school debate career a blast.
  4. what a great group!! I am bummed that I will be working. I might see if I can get off early one day and drop by and say hi!
  5. taytortot

    College 09

    since the national reply deadline is tomorrow, what are the final decisions? mine is Carleton for sure, none of this ambivalence about Williams any more. I even bought a Carleton sweatshirt...
  6. Good news--Jacob and I will be able to go with the changed date! I hope we'll see everyone there, and that the new date hasn't affected anyone in the opposite way. EDIT: It looks like I spoke too soon. Unfortunately, we will not be able to go after all.
  7. Jacob and I are not able to make it next weekend (we will both be out of town), so the round this morning was our last. I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone that I have had the pleasure of knowing through debate these past three years. All the judges, coaches, and wonderful friends/competitors make this activity what it is, and I would not have stayed involved in debate had it not been for the people I met along the way. Thanks everyone for a fantastic year--I had a great time with you all, especially because the debate community in Colorado has grown closer this past year. I especially want to thank my partner in crime, Jacob--it's been an honor debating with you and I am sorry that we couldn't have had just a few more rounds together. Good luck to everyone competing next weekend. To those that qualify, I know you will represent Colorado well.
  8. i feel like this year has been a year of "lasts" for better or for worse.
  9. Thanks Ian, you're a good mod
  10. Wow, that was a lovely neg rep from someone who's mature enough to use the term "f***stick". So Ian, since there seems to be some resentment, maybe you could move the posts relevant to Colorado to a new thread if it's not really time consuming? Thanks
  11. cheater (although you may have a point) lol has anyone said any case in this category that we didn't run? gas tax is much less topical though...just sayin'.
  12. taytortot

    Colorado Grande

    Wait so did Libby and Dani qual?
  13. taytortot

    College 09

    I know, then I could pretty much go to college with you (or a few blocks away, at least)! IU because I have family that went there, and family in the area.
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