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  1. Thanks a lot everyone and congrats to Sam and Miles. See you in Alabama
  2. Congratulations to everyone, especially Andrew, Tyler, Patrick and Andy. This sounds like an absolutely brutal tournament but I hope everyone, especially the seniors not going to nationals, had a great time and there aren't any regrets
  3. Yeah, thanks for the great tournament everybody. It's too bad to think it'll never really happen again, at least for us old seniors, but I know I'll remember all the people and rounds with great fondness
  4. Well, I feel stupid. Quick math is obviously bad math. Thanks for clarifying things Greg.
  5. Doing some quick math, this means that each of the other 5 teams went 0-4 which is that the case?
  6. Jacob Zax


    There was not. Two simultaneous finals going on right now. Not sure if one is for first place. No teams went 3-0 in prelims and I've been told no neg team picked up a ballot in the first two rounds Round 1 Mayu and Lisa vs Jay Nogamiu and Marchell Holle (east novices) Round 2 Matthew Symonds and Christina Criswell vs Jack Forbes and Jeff Aschkinasi (east novices) Congrats to kent and littelton. Does anyone know who picked up?
  7. Who all is going? From East it'll just be me and Taylor in varisty
  8. My brief thoughts: Mr Rappmund, I agree with much of your analysis and, while I've never met you, I really appreciate that you care about Colorado policy as an event and as a community. I too think the differing priorities of coaches, judges and debaters makes CX harder to sustain and less appealing but I don't believe the event will die. While LD and PF have their own appeals most of us would agree CX is something different. In my opinion the type of argumentation CX encourages, and the critical thinking required to be successful, can't be found to the same degree in other events. I know personally this has sustained my interest at times when I was tempted to slip into other events and I think that CXs identity will continue to be appealing to kids coming into high school. I also agree with Patrick that the community isn't dead. While I rarely post on this forum I still count myself a member of the CX community; I just engage with the community in ways other then this forum. While that's different from how it used to be done, (which admittedly sounds like a lot of fun) it's not inherently a bad thing. Also ROFL inherency. At Emory, Westminster's primary inherency card was: Obama only has plans to fund ITAR for 2009, and yes they CA this to the ptx flow to prove that it is part of his focus now. BA
  9. Jacob Zax


    Anybody know what Creek teams were there?
  10. Taylor and I are going, and we might have a couple novice teams, but i wouldn't count on it.
  11. W00T, you know we're in Will, let us know what you need
  12. Jacob Zax


    For some reason the link to add more money to my account Doesn't appear to be working. Can someone shed some light please?
  13. Hey Shayan congrats on Berkeley and UCLA, that's so exciting. Any idea where you'll be going?
  14. As much as i know Jesse, Jordan 3-0 bye Andrew, Jared 3-0 bye Zach, Brandon 3-0 bye The Katies 3-0 bye Moffit A 3-0 bye Ungerman + patner def Bierman + partner Moffit B def ? Zax + Want def Hilger Rackley 2-1
  15. Sorry for the confusion. As i understand the argument, it was a position taken by the 2AC that we have to solve for gender discrimination and the subjugation of women before anything elese. If anybody has any more information or can shed some light on the subject it would be much appreciated.
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