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  1. In case anyone outside of the Minnesota debate community and the hsdebtate.com website cares about Minnesota teams, their state tournament is this weekend, on the 19th and 20th, and the following teams are attending. Saint Paul Central QK (Quam/Karim) Eagan GG (Gardner/Gongzi) Edina CG (Chin/Gschneidner) Edina MM (Milne/Moor) Grand Rapids JM (Jevne/McDonald) Highland Park GO (Garcia/Olson) Highland Park JL (Jordon/Lando) Bloomington Jefferson GS (Groenke/Speedling) Mankato West BS (Brooks/Swede) Mankato West GM (Goettl/Maes) Moorhead BS (Bonitto/Stanley) Moorhead MS (McVay/Skaggs) Rosemount LL (Luppes/Lind) Henry Sibley BW (Bernick/Wittenberg) Minneapolis South OV (Olmstead-Rumsey/Vangen-Adams) Wayzata FS (Ferenci/Shawley) Wayzata SN (Swenson/Nikolic) Worthington CB (Chen/Barden)
  2. Our sections are the following week, on Saturday, January 13.
  3. That's good news. Mankato West will be there with one team in open policy.
  4. When did Shanley drop Policy from the tournament?
  5. Are there any teams planning to attend the Fargo Shanley tournament next weekend?
  6. Even I will agree to those two (Jake and Alex) being huge jerks.
  7. Does anyone have results from the Mitchell tournament this weekend, especially from all of the policy divisions?
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