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  1. I'd like to see an exploration of using national tournaments in a format where video could be used. For example, what if we had the best teams competing from LA and Boston in there respective schools. We could have one video camera connecting to a program(if synergy can exist what can't) that helps students compete. Cards can be sent via the paperless format to a judge who is also watching. A team would need two videocameras(they can run cheap) and a few laptops(a lot are paperless now) and they could eliminate long distance travel costs. This idea might seem crazy, but so did using computers for blocks and going fast. That way everyone can do what they need to.
  2. burgandy67

    Olathe East

    Anyone have results?
  3. UNT junior scholars or SDI 3 week?
  4. What is the best political Party?
  5. country: Like to mix it up with some Brad Paisley or maybe a little Lonestar, start walking in Memphis. Or some Randy Travis. Bit of Toby Keith after a loss I play I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.
  6. Who is debating with who next season?
  7. Cause Harvard can pay there judges plus still only 220 teams compared to what 10 events with a ton in each.
  8. burgandy67


    What hotel will everyone be staying at?
  9. Was tournament start time delayed?
  10. 11 minutes untill round 1 of puff.
  11. LD and puff tomorrow good luck to all going.
  12. Here's event breakdowns from what I recall: 25 extemp 25 Duo 13 LD 31 congress 15 puff arguing
  13. will 35-14 get me in junior scholars? I finished 5th at State.
  14. Robert Gates said at his conformation hearings he would consider it. With the threat of nuclear weapons and the Bush administrations claims that Iran is responsible for violence should U.S. negotiate?
  15. Last year they let everyone in and I'm wondering will I have to have 1 or 2 TOC bids to get in or will it pretty much be everyone again? website says it will be a tough scholar's program to get accepted into but on payment it says they will add labs if needed? anyone know?
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