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  1. Hey, I'm looking for any Lacan or Zizek Fantasy K's. The links can be from old topics, since i am just looking the perfect impact and alt. card. Thanks, willing to trade, home-made K's, camp files, theory files, or w.e. Hit me up. grant.grosgebauer@gmail.com Also, I'm hunting for a K of Topicality, the one i have is very poor, cardless, and ineffective. Thanks.
  2. lol so much hype, and it was never put out...
  3. At camp (VBI Session 2) Foucault was a very common affirmative position. However, it was almost undiscovered at grapevine and greenhill. I don't think that this would help with your case writing, but at a very baseline, it shows that Foucault has been discussed and run on this topic, which may discourage you from continuing with this 'original' position.
  4. I'm looking for any Derrida Justice K, or Language K. Email me for a list of what i have to trade =] grant.grosgebauer@gmail.com Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the help guys. =)
  6. I'm looking for any Badiou K, camp ones or homeade ones. If that's not specific enough. I think the card im looking for talks about how like "universalizing anything (like rights) dehumanizes the individual and removes any uniqueness about them, and then links to being an animal." Thanks, can trade tons of K's and some self-made stuff. Have all last years files from all camps. And a few, self written, new things for Africa. quitlifenoob@yahoo.com
  7. If i had to choose quality over quantity... either a Bawls or No Fear. Pre/In round energy drink always makes me speak quicker.. i dunno it clears everything out i guess.
  8. I'm lookin for a good pre round drink. What are ya'll into?
  9. Im looking for a few things... hang with me. LSA Natives (Or to make it easier on me just the moral framework cards at the top that i know a few teams are running) Any Universal Human Rights K Email me at quitlifenoob@yahoo.com for a full list of what i can trade. Thanks.
  10. Judge - "Get a haircut." "You are all that i hate about debate, and you kill the event." Me - "Fuck you" **walk out** This was in a bid round... annnd yeah i was pretty mad.
  11. ^^^^ willing to trade, email me quitlifenoob@yahoo.com
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