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  1. Who's Going to Qual? 1. Schoen and Stucky- Moundridge 2. Jeffries and Dickinson- Newton 3. Higgins and Harzmen- Salina South 4. Alsop? and Curiel?- Hutch 5. Kreihble and Rein?- Mac Thats all I really think have a shot but I based it off of who really showed up at tourney's like Schoen and Stucky with their win at Newton and Hutch and Jeffries and Dickinson with a win at Mac Hutch Vally and a 4th at Manhattan Higgins and Harzmen who take 3rd plenty of times behind Jeffries and Dickinson, then Alsop and Curiel who won the Newton Tourney in varsity and 3rd at Manhattan yea then whatever but what does every one else think?
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