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  1. Olivia Hollan, I'm pretty sure. Congrats seniors! Good luck as you move on to college and beyond!
  2. Brik

    Northern Quals

    The Aberdeen machine is back in action! Congratulations to all competitors, and a special LD-to-LD shout-out to Alex and Alex: you'll represent us well in Dixie!
  3. Not very many - at least not actively in the forums. Mr. Frey wasn't a big fan of the incessant flamewars.
  4. It may or may not, d_twitch - the last guy to win Silverbowl and qualify that same year was Paul Strom, who was from ND. But even if one or more Lende makes it to 'Bama this year, I'm not sure if the curse applies to closeouts. As far as I can tell, every cursed individual has been unopposed on their throne.
  5. Sorry for trading you to Aberdeen, Matt - just goes to show how out of the loop I am
  6. Q: What do you get when you cram IEs, debate, interp, and Christmas ornaments into one jam-packed day? A: The Bell from Hell That said, here are the results which I could garner from the 25th V. A. Bell Jamboree. Please correct my errors... DX: F: Cortlyn Hagman, BRO F: Ryn Schoenbeck, H2O F: Olivia Hollan, ABC F: Alex Downing, ABC 3: Tyler Matson, SFR 2: Jacob Clark, H2O 1: Shawn Schnabel, ABC FX: F: Gabe Erion, BRO F: Robert Francis, BRO 3: Sophie Holtzmann, YAN 2: Alex Friedrichsen, ABC 1: Matt Aadland, BRO VOO: F: Haley Hardie, H2O F: Stacy Burkhalter, BRO F: Erin Williams, H2O 3: Maggie Lawler, SFO 2: Kristina Johnson, SO 1: Gracie Chang, SFL JVCX "Speaks" 4: Tyler Westra, SFR 4: Amanda Lambrechts, MIL 4: Simeon Gilbert, LEN 3: Adam Waligoske, BRO 2: Gabe Erion, BRO 1: Natasha Hartman, MIL "Teams" 4: Lambrechts & Hartman, MIL 3: Pence & Halvorson, ABC 2: Aaron & Emo, BRO 1: Erion & Waligoske, BRO VPF 4: Henrickson & Kinsley, YAN 3: Schmidt & Schoenbeck, H2O 2: Ortega & Yseth, HAR 1: Hoebelhenrich & Marlow, YAN VLD 5: Alex Ballenger, SFR 4: Keith Campbell, BRO 3: Yvonne Gildemaster, SFR 2: Shawn Schanbel, ABC 1: Collin Michels, YAN VCX "Speaks" 3: Emily Bosch, YAN 3: Forrest Emo, BRO 1: Matt Aadland, BRO 1: Jimmy Kerr, BRO JOHAN JOHNSON: Jimmy Kerr & Matt Aadland, BRO "Teams" 5: Wang & Hirrschoff, BRO 4: Hardie & Clark, H2O 3: Emo & Francis, BRO 2: Bosch & Schulte, YAN 1: Kerr & Aadland, BRO SWEEPS A 3: Mike Larson, LEN 2: Kip McKee, HAR 1: Doug Tschetter, MIL AA 3: Leo Kallis, YAN 2: Lovila Roberts, H2O 1: Colleen Meisenheimer, ABC Cngratulations to all, hope you made it home, and have a holly jolly Kwanzaa!
  7. Thanks for the info, Mr. M. Can't wait to come! Remember, LDers, we're going on 6 years of the Silver Bowl curse! Advance to finals at your own risk.
  8. South Dakota's best debaters Come together this year And the air is thick with competition. Children hanging bright red stockings O’er the fireplace here Fondly hoping Paul Harens will appear. Brookings Bell, Brookings Bell, To miss such a time is a pity. Through the snow, come let’s go Soon it will be Christmas break! Matt McGirr and Dorian Walker Collin Michels as well Robert Mik…something that I can’t spell. Miller-Gutzman, Kerr and Aadland, Heirigs-Holkesvik, too. Bosch and Schulte to just name a few. Brookings Bell, Brookings Bell, Here’s what we all want for Christmas: To leave this thing with lots of bling And trophies to deck out the halls! *** Now I finally got the date right. Sorry guys, I'm not a math major. Anyhoo, who's going? And who's bringing the cookies?
  9. Brik

    Golden Eagle Cup

    Was VPF 3rd place Schmidt/Schoenbeck? Maybe?
  10. I am the heir to the throne of your dynasty.

  11. Brik


    As an ex-LDer whose criterion was more often than not "pragmatism" or some variation thereof, I figure I will throw my hat into the ring on the issue of empirical evidence vs. moral theory in Lincoln Douglas Debate. I agree with the postulate that LD is at its heart a debate over values (often abstract ones, but not always). Often this boils down to a question of justice - the old LD standby value. However, I feel that pragmatism and emperical application are also values that can figure prominently in a debate (and rightfully so). Of course, what is pragmatic is not by default just, but pragmatism is also a necessary component to the application and legitimacy of any moral theory. Thus, if a Lincoln Douglas debater advocates a course of action as being right or just (which is very often the case in an LD debate), as a judge I would expect that, if the practicality of said action is in any way questionable, the debater advocating it would provide some emperical evidence - or if emperics on the topic are sparse, logical reasoning - that proves it to be practical. By the same token, if the negative uses emperical evidence to prove the affirmative's moral theory to be impossible, unreasonable, or counterproductive in its real-world application, I would reject the affirmative's moral theory even if it is theoretically pleasing. As a debater, if my moral theory is that everyone should stop building nuclear weapons and dismantle any they already have, because that would lead to peace, it may be justified in the theoretical sense, but my opponent would have a field day attacking it in the practical sense. To recycle a metaphor I used many times last spring, my Ford Taurus may indeed be washed, waxed, oiled, gased up, and completely fun and stylish to drive in (it's not any of these things), but if it's missing an engine, all that doesn't matter. It doesn't work. Remember, "ought" implies "can." If the resolution says that I "ought" to tame unicorns, but the negative proves emperically that I "cannot" tame unicorns, then I "ought not" tame unicorns. In summary: pragmatism is both valuable and necessary for a legitimate moral theory. Emperical evidence is often the best (and sometimes the only) way to adequately prove or disprove the value of a moral theory, and is therefore a vital part of Lincoln Douglas Debate. Now, I'm not saying we should capitulate to policy-style Ks, CPs, or spreading, but emperical evidence should not be frowned upon solely on the grounds that it is somehow "out of place" in an LD round.
  12. Franz williams says hi

  13. I miss the pre-game reports. Results, anyone? Interesting stories, perhaps?
  14. Brik

    SD LD outlook?

    I think it's "Resolved: In a democratic society, felons ought to retain the right to vote." Once again we have a more justice system-ish fall topic, and I anticipate an economy-ish topic for the spring. Watch out world! Here comes Huron!
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