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    Regarding sticking the block with arguments: If you run a K aff, you can include mini-kritiks in your blocks which can win rounds if they're dropped. At the very least they force the neg to go on the args in the block.
  2. I think the advantage is that you can still take an anti-state position while using the state. By claiming that you are the state, you affirm its existence and legitimacy. There are probably some great prag cards (namely Zizek 97) that would work well with this position.
  3. I have seen a few affs in which the plantext is phrased "Thus, we demand that the USFG do x". What is the benefit of this, and how doesit compare to traditional fiat-oriented plantexts? I'm cutting a K aff for this year and was curious about how I may want to use this. Thanks.
  4. I just lost a round to a team claiming that their PIC solved for a discursive advantage of our aff. Is this legit? Doesn't the CP only solve the plan text?
  5. How free are you to leave campus? Can you just leave whenever you want, or are there scheduled times? Thanks.
  6. LOL my librarians are nazis. I managed to print off a couple files this year, and when they caught me they made me pay them money for the paper. Ugh. My parents are indifferent, although they constantly hold expulsion from debate over my head as a punishment. Anyone else's parents do this?
  7. Actually that's not exactly true. A Mountain Dew has 55.5mg, and a Red Bull has 80mg, as well as some other alleged energizing chemicals.
  8. I take it you're joking, but I'm interested if anyone has experimented with methamphetamines / opiates / aderol before a debate round. Loading up on caffeine before a round might not be a great idea, because caffeine doesn't actually increase focusing ability. It merely fools your brain into thinking your awake. I shouldn't talk, I'm a 4-cup-a-day addict. Better to drink throughout the round to prevent a crash before your 2AR.
  9. I'm willing to write up any Zizek you need, as well as Terror Talk and Capitalism. Let me know.
  10. I'm a sophmore going (1N). Do you need to bring a tub, or is there a place to buy one there?
  11. Zizek's point is not that laws aren't just. He is just explaining the nauture of Law, and how it sustains itself. Here's an example: The death penalty. I am not allowed to kill, but the law will kill me as punishment. What is the distinction between me and the Law? The Law has the authority to transgress itself, and this is what constitutes it as such.
  12. Actually Madness and Civilization is Foucault's most substantial theory on health care/medicine which is especially applicable to the Africa aid topic.
  13. Zizek's Letter-of-the-law stuff is essentially a way to escape the superegotistical nature of Law. It's like when someone interprets everything you say extremely literally in such a manor that the obscene underside of what you are saying(Zizek calls them the "unspoken rules") are broken.
  14. @PhilIanDumer? I think it is necessary to draw a distinction between Law and power. For Zizek law is very fantasmic at its core, and as you touched on the fantasy is sustained by its own obscene transgression. For foucault power is this very discursive and fluid substance that establishes systems of normalization, regulates the social Whole, etc. Zizek takes a slightly more bold stance. He reduces law completely to a very fantasmic transgession of the very norms it is implimented to uphold. For zizek this is the most perverse and dangerouse form of law, as he feels it assumes the role of the Freudian "superego" So law is not so much sustained by its external transgression, but by its own transgression. When people steal they are charged a fine. Are these acts not essentially the same? This is what defines law for Zizek, the superegotistical authority to transgress the norms you are implimented to sustain.
  15. To qoute Zizek: "The only meaninful sacrafice is the sacrafice of Meaning itself". This sums up the whole post-modern view of defenition of meaning duscussion. For Lacan, language is the barrier that seperates us from the Real, and constructs this system of purely relational structure of meaning. This is to say that a given object is defined by its relation to another object, and this alone. We cannot assign coordinates to the Real, because it is a concept outside the plane of language. However, Lacan explains that event though it cannot be articulated, it can still influence our unconvious, etc.
  16. All the windows is better arguments are illigit, because you can easily install windows on the Mac. I have vista on my MacBook, and can enjoy the benefit of both OS X, and Windows for any programs the OS X side cannot run. Macs are also beautiful, well built, have georgeos screens, and come with built in webcams. There is no reaon to go PC, because Macs get the best of both worlds. In terms of the OS debate, OS X is far superior for debate. My warrants are as follows: Do not crash during round, which would suck No viruses, spyware right before the 2AC Built in PDF support for files, much faster and more robust. Handles large PDFs much better iSight camera can record rounds Much faster, no lag switching between docs during speech time
  17. I have them both in pure word files. However, I cut the majority of cards from an online article by Zizek, which can be found at the following link: http://www.lrb.co.uk/v21/n06/zize01_.html I also used a variety of other online sources, as well as a couple cards from Zizek's Welcome to the Desert of the Real and The Paralax View. However, the substance of the kritiks can be cut from the above link if your feeling ambitious. If you're still interested trading, email me. Thanks.
  18. I've cut two psychoanalysis-related kritiks mainly written by Zizek that apply to national service. Although the year is over, they will be useful for Peace Corps affs next year. Heres a summary of the Ks: Psychopolitics - Claims that national service projects the state as the superego ad can use moral obligations to serve the nation to subordinate the psyche's of the population, justifying masive extermination. Includes overview, perm answers, and some add-on impacts of dehum and biopower. Libidinal Service - Claims that national service is a sadomasochistic fantasy that projects the state as our master and us as our slave. This fantasy sparks libidinal attachment, and ultimately turns us into permissive bitches to the state, justifying nuclear war. It also transforms the law into a superego-like source of libidinal satisfaction and strict servitude becomes transgression. Alt is to shatter fantasy by recognizing it as the norm, not a transgression. Rather long, the shell is 6 pages. Note that these are for the most part just shells with some perm answers and overviews, but its all home cut. I'll trade for almost anyting I don't have, not too picky. Thanks in advance.
  19. OK, I am embarrased to admit that I have had some unpleasant experience with this kritik. My partner and I thought it would be amusing to try out in a practice debate, so we did. We converted our whole aff to the Mayan 13 Moon calendar via the following website: http://www.13moon.com/decoder.htm We tried to claim the date system as an advantage, buth they read the dates on thier cards as "date under dispute". We lost, lol. I don't recommend running it, but I'll send you the aff if you email me at jimp05@gmail.com. (Its Peace Corps)
  20. People need to lighten up. Zizek does not claim to be a philosopher per se, but a Lacanian psychoanalyst. He applies Lacan's theories to various aspects of pop culture, and in doing so makes some interesting conclusions. He actually has pretty firm philosophical framework, drawing on the work of Hegel among others. I'm pretty sure negative opinions of Zizek are rooted in the unfortunate "Zizek!" movie, which portrayed the scantaly clothed obese Slovene in bed, discussing capitalism. For many this may be a blow to his credebility.
  21. Zizek writes about this in his book The Paralax View. However, he specifies that the inherent shortcomings of language can be overcome when language is used poetically, or as a liberating tool of expression.
  22. I agree that the "policy arguments" that so many assholes view as more "real world" are nothing of that nature. Debate is a game. Increasing funding for the Peace Corps does not lead to a collapse in the global market. As long as we debate things that will never happen, we might as well have some interesting kritikal arguments. Oh and the use of the word "need" in your post proliferates discursive violence and expands the notion of inferiority among poor countries, justifying genocide and causing mass dehuminization. Lol, jk
  23. Last time I checked, debate & dating were mutually exclusive. At least we're competitive....
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