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  1. Vbulletin 4? (please say no)
  2. The camp arguments do seem particularly weak this year.
  3. Affs have been too quick to abandon their 1ACs unless they are running something critical. They also seem be unwilling to go for hard disad turns and instead have gone for weak ass uniqueness arguments.
  4. What I have noticed over the past decade or so is that speed is being used mostly to read longer cards, not to make more arguments. Where once there were subpoints, now there is a 30 second buzz of an extremely long card. Now, that card may be full of tasty, warranty goodness, but the warrants are lost in the buzz. *adjusts old man hat* In the ancient days of reading cards--back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and pterodactyls filled the skies--there was a physical limit to how much would fit on an index card. This physical limit on card length forced debaters to break things up into little chunks and resulted in more actual subpoints on the flow. That physical limit no longer exists and the result has been faster reading of longer "cards" with no real increase in the amount of actual arguments in the round. Now get off my lawn!
  5. Work on the block and 1AR. These three speeches are where rounds are won and lost. These three speeches are where partner cooperation is critical.
  6. EagleFiler. I use it for litigation files.
  7. Just because one does not invoke the power of the state to enforce it does not mean the opinion is not bigoted. So go ahead and express your opinion. Readers can judge your character from your expression.
  8. Now you've had two preview of some of the responses you will see. Block out your counterarguments and revise your original presentation of the T argument to counter them. I'm a big fan of the strategy of using "we meet" responses made the by the aff on T as supporting disad links. A 2NR focused on the dilemma of either aff conceding T or conceding nice links to a disad is a good 2NR. As a practical matter, it has been my experience that 1ARs tend to cover T too lightly--especially if T is the argument picked up by 1NR. They expect 2NR to drop whatever 1NR covered. So when 2NR cross-relates T (a traditional 1NR argument) with a disad or two (a traditional 2NR argument), 2AR has to put in a lot of work covering and explaining how Aff gets out of the dilemma. We used this strategy a lot on the college hazardous waste topic. We got a lot of wins with it.
  9. Reading the above posts, I think a debate about "what is military presence?" could be a good debate. I don't think, though, that a good debate is what a negative team usually wants. A negative team usually wants to win rounds on topicality. This T argument might be a way of setting up disad links.
  10. I've debated space and judged space. It isn't as cool as you think it is as a debate topic. India has some serious potential as fresh ground for a foreign policy topic.
  11. As a matter of constitutional law, you are overlooking Section 5 of the Fourteenth Amendment and the Commerce Clause. Those grant Congress the power to deal with such things. As does, at least arguably, the enforcement clause of the Thirteenth Amendment. It is difficult to grasp the pervasiveness and the persistence of the evil of chattel racial slavery in America.
  12. Not gonna see much in the way of kritiks coming from Bethel. Post-modernism is of the Devil, doncha know.
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