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  1. FIshkiller, post on edebate and ask for a backchannel from someone at texasaustin
  2. CafeAlaStef

    NDT 2008

    Wow. More results please as they come. anyone know what happened in that round? (emory round)
  3. CafeAlaStef

    NDT 2008

    anyone know the ballot count for this? I bet it was a close round
  4. CafeAlaStef

    NDT 2008

    I called it - The Copeland is a curse
  5. CafeAlaStef

    NDT 2008

    (1) Emory HW v (16) Cal BP this round should be epic.
  6. CafeAlaStef

    NDT 2008

    Where did you hear this from? And by dropped, do you literally mean did not breath a word on it, or they just didn't do a good job answering?
  7. CafeAlaStef

    NDT 2008

    anyone have some rnd 4 pairings
  8. CafeAlaStef

    NDT 2008

    True, but statistically the odds still aren't in the copeland winners favor.
  9. CafeAlaStef

    NDT 2008

    Congrats to Cal BP for winning copeland award - unfortunately the curse of the copeland award will strike as it always does, meaning cal BP can no longer win the NDT.
  10. Why don't you just clear up whatever misconceptions are going on with this thread. I agree, a lot of people are trivializing/misinterpreting your args in rounds.. just set us straight I'm not trying to be clever/sarcastic. I've debated you before and I think your arguments are really interesting and worth discussing in forums like this in an accurate manner.
  11. How would Towson know what judges Ft Hays struck?
  12. Most definitely, I think they only broke at one tourny the entire year (Richmond). Huge accomplishment, gives a lot of people hope!
  13. I'm a varsity debater for Liberty University, and our season has wound down. I'm available for cutting files that you might need for upcoming HS tournaments (I have access to all the standards, Lexis, ebsco, etc) . Payment is negotiable, feel free to contact me for more info. sjdillard@liberty.edu
  14. I agree with Ross - we've both debated Towson, and no, Towson doesn't do a perfect line-by-line in your face kind of style, nor do they try to. Part of their charm to judges is that they can take a wholistic view of rounds and explain things very well without the need to "answer" every single argument on the flow. And like Ross said, part of what they critique is our style of debate. If you just try and do traditional debate against them and say "they dropped this, they didn't answer my number 3 subpoint a" you're going to lose. Much much much congratulations to Towson, obviously a HUGE victory for them, and I'm sure they worked incredibly hard to get there. So were they still running the black aesthetic at CEDA?
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