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  1. >>===>

    2008: A Year in Music

    Starfucker's self titled is the shit, i think thats my favorite album of the year 2008
  2. do you know who was on aff and neg in semis and finals?
  3. i will dearly miss this topic... but thanks to the cartagena protocol (alot-single digits), i enjoyed my last year debating...
  4. >>===>


    you for sure have to get Madden 05 or 06, by far the best maddens put out for regular xbox. Black also is a good FPS, but sucks because of no online play. for racing games go with Need for Speed Most Wanted; in my book way better than carbon
  5. this album is fucking awesome
  6. SFL unfortunately dropped in round 11 to LaSalle on the negative in a 3-0 decision.. but max and emma fucking rocked in that round and made the decision a tough one for the judges
  7. jfeist! try to be funny next time man
  8. Obama will be speaking in Watertown at 11 am, the doors open at the extension center at 9 am. He will also be speaking at 7 pm in Sioux Falls SD, where the doors open at 5 pm.
  9. I agree with dpron, Brookings will take over next year and be the power house in policy, but watertown will have some teams that will be competitive next year also. Aberdeen will maybe have 1 good team. Vermillion will be running the show in the A division next year with Gutzman/Miller in policy along with a couple of Milbank teams next year also.
  10. that be awesome if you could figure out a way to post that, thanks
  11. Lust a Prima Vista by the Spill Canvas (One Fell Swoop) Sea Legs by The Shins (Wincing) An Attempt to Tip the Scales by Bright Eyes (Fevers and Mirrors) Okay I believe you, But my Tommy Gun Doesn't by Brand New (Deja Entendu) Hindsight by Death Cab for Cutie (You can play these songs with chords)
  12. >>===>

    Best fight scenes

    the fight between Gorgeous George and Mickey O'Neill in Snatch
  13. >>===>

    Favorite TV Shows

    Colbert Report, The Office, Family Guy, Futurama, Modern Marvels, Robot Chicken, Comedy Central Presents..., The Daily Show, Dirty Jobs
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