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  1. The poverty topic will be hilarious. And Health care will be retarded.
  2. Does anyone have anything cute from The Lucidity Pact or the Intelligence of Evil?
  3. Anyone have it/know where I can find it? Basically a PIC out of using Blackwater in these pesky military affs.
  4. I need some good eco feminism cites. Why does the squo emulate patriarchy?
  5. Ok, because this idea is so bs, you should put in a leap of faith advantage, and an existentialism adv.
  6. this sounds sweet. I just donno where to find the ev. Hopefully debate camp will help.
  7. ITER key to Relations. Relations key to soft. Soft key to heg
  8. and also, the DOE approves, congress just slashed spending. the majority of scientists believe fusion is going to be able to give power commercially. The reason it would take so long for it to work is because of lack of funding. That's why I have a card that says "the reason for funding slowing down is the high cost of the next step."
  9. PLAN: The U.S. should give $5 billion to the ITER program. That's a lot more than 5 million euro
  10. Alright, if anyone wants to help me with this, I already have it laid out. This is an actual case that could be ran. To preempt topicality arguments against incentives, I'll say that U.S. funding is an incentive to the program. It's cash people. PLAN: The UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOULD APPROPRIATE $5 BILLION DOLLARS TO THE ITER PROGRAM. INHERENCY: 1. Progress in the ITER program is slow because of the high cost -ITER 2.Congress axed ITER funding -Fusion power report ADV: 1). ICE CAPS 1. Nuclear fission is key to preventing ice cap melt (need card) 2. Ice caps will melt by end of century, time to act is now (have card) 3. Ice cap melt will flood, kill millions, and lead to new ice age (I can piece this together) 2). U.S. China Relations (or Russia-US, or Japan-US, etc etc) 1. China and U.S. have been working together on ITER, but now the U.S. is pulling out 2. Cooperation on Alt energy K to U.S. China Relations 3. Nuke war SOLVENCY: 1. U.S. Cash key to ITER and much more. Anyone interested in helping me out? or constructive criticism?
  11. I don't know what concon is on T: Women vote for alt energy. Giving women a higher chance at being elected is an incentive, and also, women vote for alt energy incentives FX good. The mindset shift needed for alt en incentives means that men, who are fossil fuel hungry, need to be barred from office.
  12. Kill all men who emit more than a certain amount of co2. that could work too.
  13. And really, the only thing we're really seeking from writing this aff is to be extreme, stupid, and utilize a lot of quotes from Home Improvement
  14. 1. No advantages claimed based on the extra parts of plan. It is really FX, but we just argue FX good, necessary mindset shift for alt energy to work. We'd have that all blocked out. Would a judge buy it? Probably not. Is that the effect we expect to have? yes.
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