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  2. It seems as though this would take up semi-valuable toolbar space. I think a possibility would be to have two different toolbars on the Office "ribbon": one for speech prep/in-debate work, and one for out-of-debate prep work (i.e. cutting cards, organizing files, creating expandos, etc.). The formatting macros can be on one, and the digital tub/expando system/timer/send-to-speech functions on the other. I haven't found any difficulty with the current suggestion Alex makes, which is adding a prefix to every expando in your expando folder, such as AFF LSC 2AC Disads AFF LSC 2AC Counterplans K Cap K Spanos CP XO DISAD Health Care etc. Just my two cents.
  3. I did have a question. When I copy parts of my flow to my speech, the colors don't go with it. It looked like it did in the tutorial videos you posted on Vimeo, I'm wondering if the updated version does it or something?
  4. Kosmach

    Green Valley EM

    Zalmay Khalilzad, RAND, Washington Quarterly, "Losing the Moment?" Spring, 1995
  5. "Seriously, why does Switzerland hate 13-year-olds so much?" -Seth Green
  6. Kosmach

    So I proposed

    I c wut u did thar
  7. ATTN: Word that the Golden Desert tournament in January was cancelled should be clarified: schools were not reserved in time for the tournament to be held at CCSD high schools. The tournament will now be hosted on the campus of UNLV by the UNLV debate squad and Ted Belch. It will likely be held the same weekend as originally anticipated - your coaches will likely recieve final details very soon. Just a heads up. Best of luck to Nevada teams this season! Kosmach
  8. Is there a thread with a running list of WHEN these tournaments are happening? I can't find one, so I'm assuming there isn't one.
  9. Oh, I didn't go anywhere. camp16 is the person who drew the dick on my windshield at state. Eventually I'll find out who they are. But for all intents and purposes, the person pulling these random Cross-X usernames with some form of "penis" in them is Mike. Also, just adorable when enemies steal my jokes.
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