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  1. Is Wake Forest on there or can I just not access it?
  2. actually, i used to debate on the (relatively) national circuit before moving to UIL. so i'm embracing this judging thing (5a judging 4a teams).
  3. how many are going to nats? all 4?
  4. apparently my question was misconstrued. i was wondering if anyone on cross-x.com was attending in 4A
  5. really? dang, i didn't know they could do that.
  6. blikebecks23


    congratulations to both neal and drew, awesome job
  7. good advice, but i was asking so i could edit my aff case in advance to eliminate impact scenarios that would seem dubious to certain judges.
  8. Alright, thanks everyone for the help so far. I have two more questions - 1. How would more conservative judges evaluate nuclear war impacts or impacts of similar magnitude? 2. Could you elaborate on how to guide judges to a decision? I mean, in addition to what you've already said, what are some other things I could do?
  9. blikebecks23

    UIL vs. TFA

    Alright, another thread about UIL vs. TFA by me. As the title says, are there any major differences (e.g. stylistic or otherwise) between UIL and TFA besides the obvious (no spreading, no critiques, no throwing expandos at opponents, etc)? A few specific questions - How are judges going to evaluate counterplans/theory? Is it legit? I heard somewhere that I need to do a mini-overview before every constructive speech? Is this true? Anything else would be helpful. I'm going to the Princeton HS tourney, if it helps.
  10. There's a chance I might have to go maverick at a tournament this weekend. Does anyone know if the decision to allow mavericks is up to the tournament director or is it outlined in the TFA rules? If the former, what are some reasons for a tournament director to prohibit maverick competitors?
  11. yeah, i'm pretty sure.
  12. haha sweet i got a speaker award.
  13. who got speaker awards?
  14. I need some from the Ocean's Topic. or anything dealing with the spratley's actually, haha. I'll trade heavily. email me at sidsingh23(at)gmail thanks
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