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  1. No Greenberg. He did compete in DI this past weekend. Also Ld now Includes Holley Lewis Due to event prefs. Forrest is now attending nationals in Dx
  2. Order for truman based on coin flip A- Berner/Heitz B. Plott/Greenberg
  3. This is mostly just going to include the KCMO kids I've seen/see most frequently.. Best 1A- Mike Selck Best 2A- Alex Scott Best 1N- Zach Schmitz Best 2N- Daniel Plizzzott Best Team-Ca$h Money/ Mike $elck Best LDer- Holley Lewis Best Negative Position- Free market Worst Negative Postion- THE HACK Case of the Year- Nuclear Energy Worst Case of the Year- Anything with military Ultimate Kritik- heidegger Counterplan of the Year- Free market Best DA- Winner picking bubble Worst DA- coal Best Card- Boweman 09 Worst Card- MEAD 92 Fastest Debater- Brad Best Word Economy- hmm I’m gonna go with Josh Miller on this one Best Spreaders- Mike and Lauren Best Speakers- Zach and Nathan Most improved team- Nathan Werner Team that will likely become great- Plott/Greenberg will be ballin next year Best adapters- Scott/Miller Most likely to run Irony- Chicken or Wes Most likely to amaze you with a cool position- pembroke Most likely to take off shirt- Mike Selck duh Judge of the Year – Viv Creamer Panel of the year – Either round 6 or 7 at districts probably Ballot of the year (text) – You really shouldnt try and argue with the other team (lmao this is debate) Best Run Tourney- NFL Districts or Pembroke Worst Run Tourney- Lee’s Summit Most qualified Judging pool Tourney- Marquette or Pembroke Worst qualified Judging pool Tourney – Lee’s Summit Most interesting tourny moment – Probably conference..round 2..”look girl, can I ax you a question yet?!” or i don'ts understand all dis grammer stuff on topicality Most Admired coach (NOT your own)- Connors or Miller Squad of the Year (NOT your own)- Blue Springs Person who has contributed the most to the program- Chris Adams
  4. Truman A Truman B Park Hill South A alts. are Liberty A&B along with fort O. It was a good tournament to say the least.
  5. why do you hope that? I hope you switched from Brownfields
  6. miss_jazzy09

    Lee's Summit

    Also ruddy/mill(i think its mill)
  7. Im so excited for Mostate. And yes it is close to cheek, have you been in there. Blair shannon is close and a lot nicer
  8. Umm read your number 5. You all look the same sorry, but if you wanted a movement you would run the aff no matter what. you dont. Which would show why you didnt advance. Go back to puff
  9. Yea you do get aff choice. You run aspec? really. cx checks abuse. duhh Umm and you screw round by running WOMEN! ANd i dont speak loud. I speak so that way people can hear me. Dont get it twisted. And o you lost to someone who was debating by themselves. Devastating
  10. Lets do the line by line 1. I heard alll of it. I was out of the room for like 2.5 secs and that was after you made that comment. 2.If it was about change you would run it no matter what. That makes more of an impact with lay judges because you merely debate over women Where as you dont have to get into the framework argument. 3. Umm your version of straight up policy is sucky and abusive. 4.You lost to our novice team on it. 5. You run it to screw rounds up
  11. Ha alll of that really makes me laugh. Lolz it all sounds like some babble to justify when and how you run it so you don't lose. Maybe if the other team or in this case just one person is sitting in the ssame room dont say things such as, "I'm so glad chris told us not to run women, we so wouldv'e lost that last round.' I really wanted to start a debate right then but didnt.\ And you didnt see sexism in kc, umm really
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