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  1. Found it on google books Obviously, it is of vital importance to the United States that the PRC docs not become the hegemon of Eastern Eurasia. As noted above, however, regardless of what Washington does, China's success in such an endeavor is not as easily attainable as pessimists might assume. The PRC appears to be on track to be a very great power indeed, but geopolitical conditions are not favorable for any Chinese effort to establish sole hegemony; a robust multipolar system should suffice to keep China in check, even with only minimal American intervention in local squabbles. The more worrisome danger is thai Beijing will cooperate with a great power partner, establishing a very muscular axis. Such an entity would present a critical danger to the balance of power, thus both necessitating very active American intervention in Eastern Eurasia and creating the underlying conditions for a massive, and probably nuclear, great power war. Absent such a "super-threat," however, the demands on American leaders will be far more subtle; creating the conditions for Washington's gentle decline from playing the role of unipolar quasi-hegemon to being "merely" the greatest of the world's powers, while aiding in the creation of a healthy multipolar system that is not marked by close great power alliances.
  2. Rowland Hall is aff. They are reading an aff to expand head start by modeling the Abecedarian project. First is an economy advantage. Productivity State budgets/deficits Competitiveness/skilled workers shortage Transition wars impact.
  3. GBN did defeat Damien (putting Damien down 1) Henry Grady is down 1 (lost to Brophy rd 9) La Salle is down 1 (Lost to Henry Grady rd 10) Mountain Brook is down 1 (Lost rd 10).
  4. brainjohn2005

    NFL Nationals

    Grady BC did clear. They are now awaiting pairings for round 11 (after a loss this morning round 9 to Brophy). GO GRADY! Grady is neg against Kent Denver in round 11.
  5. Order is courts then kritik. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1704115/JapanVDebate1AR.doc
  6. One more quick question. 1NC Straits Times ev is tagged as "Extinction" 2NC says nuke war doesn't cause extinction. Why do you get to contradict your 1NC in the block?
  7. I have a couple of questions about the alt. You say, in several places, that it is only a criticism of the economic rationality of the aff. What kind of mode of thinking does that criticism result in? Does the alt also result in removing troops from Okinawa? The framework says that I have to "defend the discursive implications of the affirmative before weighing the political implications of the aff." What the hell does that mean? How do I know when I have defended an argument to the point where I get to evaluate it? Is your argument seriously that economic rationality is the only thing that matters ie I have to somehow jump through your hoops to get to square one?
  8. Finals was La Salle vs Baltimore City College SV. Aff was a reintegration for ex-felons aff with a large rescher contention 2NR was states and politics
  9. Russia gets involved. They would use nuclear conflict termination. That war didn't escalate because Chechnya didn't have access to loose Russian nuclear material. I'll read ev on this in the 1AR if you press it. I didn't read an impact to famine. You made the argument that we need to kill whales to feed people...from the early 90s.
  10. My author is positing that a kind of "organizations, negotiations and diplomatic relationships" existed during the cold war and contributed to peace. Those things do not exist in Asia in the same way as they did during the cold war. Asian countries are much, much closer together than say the US and the Soviet Union, even if Sarah Palin can see it from her backyard.
  11. This is another debate on behalf of the DDC. Speech limits are 2500 for the constructives, 1500 for the negative. I (John Holland) am aff and Scott Brown is neg. Woo Japan throwdown
  12. In finals, Hooch Zhang/Davis (aff) defeated Alpharetta Sethi/Saenz on a 3-0. Johns Creek was 3rd place, going 4-1. Jeff Zhang of Hooch was top speaker.
  13. After 4 years of attending this tournament, despite my limited success, I think one of the absolutely most useful resources is what you get at registration. Something no one has mentioned is that the day before the tournament, in addition to getting the codes of your opponents, you get the judges for each debate and a judge philosophy (for most of the judges) that includes each judge's preference for speed and various styles of arguments. There will be lots of vastly split panels, but some panels will be similar. The goal is 8 ballots, remember, so if you have to shoot for one judge to lock up your 8, you might want to do that. 2 years ago, my junior year, I broke with 8 ballots (5-1 on the aff and 3-3 on the neg, including splitting rd 6 with kaut67 I think). All 3 neg debates were splits- T, impact turns and a funding pic w/ spending net benefit. My senior year, I was 6-0 on the aff, but 1-5 on the neg. There's a perceived aff side bias because if you have judges that don't like conditionality, kritiks, or even counterplans, and if the aff has a small aff that doesn't link to much, the aff should win. By far, the "safest" negative strategy in these debates is a specific disad/case or T. This is kind of a random note, but if you extended a T arg in the block, depending on the judge, you may need to go to it in the 2NR to say, "we're not going for this T arg, but the aff being topical is not a reason to vote for them, blah, blah, blah." The goal of any last rebuttal is to write the RFD for the judge, stopping them from even having to think. The teams there range from every level of competition, top level TOC teams like Colleyville and Glenbrooks North/South attend. It really is true that the team that wins is the team that adapts best. Most common denominator = good case debate, which should help guide your neg prep work for the tournament.
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