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  1. Well Im sorry, my puny little brain forgot that it was impossible for anyone to hop on a plane and go to tournaments on a different side of the country. My deepest apologies.
  2. Why not have the K on a seperate sheet and then in the block have it C/A to case as a turn.....(or the imp. anyways)?
  3. Does anyone have a framework file? Extensive not just like one or two pages...Email me at Waderunner2@aol.com or PM me thanks a bunch.

    [AFF] Prisons

    I concur, but neither does beating them on T.

    [AFF] Prisons

    Ok 1. Mis interpretation: I meant running it Kritikaly and then kritiking T but anyways......... 2. Winning the Kritik of T is not wnning topicality directly, which still means you dont drop directly on T 3. Topicality under X interpretatin proves the link to the K of T its oppressive, its gay, it stops us from talking about real shit 4. If you aff is non-topical but you win on framework that it doesnt matter then you wont lose on T. 5. This case could be considered somewhat "anti-resolutional" seeing as though we both will concede that it violates almost every word in the rez. 6. MY KRITIK OF T IS THE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [AFF] Prisons

    Just for the sake of debate, you could run it critically and argue, framework with a kritik of T, or that your critisism comes before the T. Most teams will probably say T exist in a vaccum.....This case is in N0 WAY topical but that doesn't mean you can't win on it without facing assholes........

    [AFF] Prisons

    They are still problems just easily beat. I.E. 2 + x = 4 is a problem despite how easy it is to solve it..... And it falls victim to T interps saying that public, is the average person living in a certain country, (or atleast something like that) And if those aren't the T problems then what are they?

    [AFF] Prisons

    Three T problems 1. Its=USFG T (although you could win that) 2. Subs. (Easy to) 3. The problem is its are not public and even if it is its affects If you could modify this aff to make it public it would be pretty cool
  9. Are you sure, or is it just unspoken? I.E. Whatever two teams your coach chose to go to Emory would probably be the "A" and "B" teams. At my school its not obviously defined, as in Im the A team and your the B team now suck my balls and clean my dishes. But everyone knows who the "A" team is and the coach shows (at least at times) some type of favoritism.
  10. Sup Ryan, I forgot you were gonna switch to policy, but why does your school thing still say FLHS? Also Ft. Lauderdale is not in Miami its from the Hurricane district..........
  11. Thats not so bad, my novice year at UF I read 3 off none of them with any impact cards...So the 2AC was just like we concede the link, uniqe, and the IL....But who cares because it doesnt equal anything, at the point where they concede all of our advs. and give no imps. to our plan you sign the ballot aff.......................................
  12. Wow that sense of that post hits me right in the head, that has to be the most thought out one I've ever seen.................................
  13. Can you explain how it solves again?
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