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  1. Sorry if this is a bit of hijacking. How is the 7 week program? I was contemplating doing marathon + experienced but I'm unsure.
  2. yeah thats the idea but like i need solvency. Because the Cia has backed revolutions beofre and failed like Nicaragua
  3. is this strike just in your area? i seriously interested if its nation wide
  4. it that strategic reading off a bunch of cards that say empiraacly proven? cool but how do i stop the corrupt governments?
  5. hmm thats what i thought theres some good shit in there. thx
  6. thx but im not sure how helpful it is. Like im looking for some card that says the cia is powerful ebough to overhtrow governments Haha or can i fiat that cp text: the african governments substantially increase public health assistance by overthrow themselves
  7. thxs but whos thomas power i googled and wikied him i dindt get anything beyond a dead air force general and does afred mccoy talk about the power of the cia as opposed to just what theyve done? im srry if i wasnt clear could you? thx.
  8. Can anyone help me find something about cia assassinations of revolts? like i need solvency for an overthrow africa governments cp.
  9. dont know why im responding i was looking for this thread to cut something new i ran it terribly really conflicting worlds but they failed to dispute i was bored and it worked. actually im not sure how badly they conflict like considering 2012 malthus is irrelavnt. so just in case they disproved hyperspace. kinda abusive but it was novice so what the hell Edit: actually yeah its ok.. kinda shaky ground but it only conflicts on 2012 if theres a 2012, malthus is moot. If not then hyperspace is stupid cause we can die later. so i was afraid they might make a good arg on why 2012 didnt exist (the file is shaky on 2012) i still has malthus to back it up. Theres no legitimate reason to not die later in the file so we create sustainable generations, just avoid the crunch, and more people to die that get to go to hyperspace. bad arg i know
  10. forget that all the hot ppl get to go naked
  11. im going You cut your own aff in Marathon 2 and one of our varsity says they still do great policy even if everyone says everythings about K
  12. I used my nails and i dunno i opened it up alot to check out problems replace battery etc. and now it opens really easily did i mess up the hooks?
  13. so hijacked the thread haha the original post was dated march 16
  14. does that include hyperspace?
  15. phonicsaddict

    Atheist Debaters

    Yeah i was pissed off i had a had this giant project Whatever and i thought KD was a screen name. Ok so wat? i wanto to know what was wrong Just a few things Ediat wait and compared to wat?
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