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  1. This kid is only a sophomore... and a novice. Crazy success this year including the NIETOC national HI champion. MO is producing some very talented individuals!
  2. Seems like I'm the one that always starts these for kc..eh. 3/20-21 Who is going? This is for the sourthen most district in KC. Pretty much the Show me NFL district with the additions of Truman, Chrisman, and Fort. Truman will be sending Berner/Heitz and Plott/Greenberg; however, we are unaware at this moment who the A and B team will be. We will update when we do know, though.
  3. alex- This is not ok. I wouldnt call it a riot. It was just some minor yelling. Geez lol Jazz- what you consider "minor yelling" is much much different than everyone else's interpretation of "minor yelling"..just sayin'. But, fortunately, I still love you.
  4. This is mostly just going to include the KCMO kids I've seen/see most frequently.. Best 1A- Mike Selck Best 2A- Alex Scott Best 1N- Jazz or Matt Greenberg Best 2N- Daniel Plizzzott Best Team- I’ve heard good things about Pembroke, just haven’t hit them yet this year. Selck/Dollar also impresses me as a team. Best LDer- Holley Lewis Best Negative Position- Free market Worst Negative Postion- T on NP or the hack K Case of the Year- Nuclear Energy Worst Case of the Year- Cap n Trade Ultimate Kritik- heidegger Counterplan of the Year- Free market Best DA- Winner picking bubble Worst DA- Oil Best Card- MEAD 09 Worst Card- MEAD 92 Fastest Debater- Brad or Thomas Best Word Economy- hmm I’m gonna go with Josh Miller on this one Best Spreaders- Mike and Lauren Best Speakers- Zach and Nathan Most improved team- Zach and Nathan Team that will likely become great- Plott/Greenberg will be ballin next year Best adapters- Scott/Miller Most likely to run Irony- idk..not gonna lie, I can see chicken doing it though Most likely to amaze you with a cool position- pembroke Most likely to take off shirt- Mike Selck Judge of the Year – Liz Creamer Panel of the year – Either round 6 or 7 at districts probably Ballot of the year (text) – I can’t really recall any super funny ones off the top of my head.. Best Run Tourney- NFL Districts or Marquette Worst Run Tourney- Lee’s Summit Most qualified Judging pool Tourney- Marquette or NFLs Worst qualified Judging pool Tourney – Lee’s Summit Most interesting tourny moment – Probably conference..round 2..”look girl, can I ax you a question yet?!” Most Admired coach (NOT your own)- hmmm this is hard. Maybe Connors Squad of the Year (NOT your own)- Blue Springs Person who has contributed the most to the program- Chris Adams
  5. I would also agree with what daniel said, it took awhile, but we definately had some of the best rounds of our season as well. Congrats to matt and daniel and zach and nathan for also qualifying. Good rep. will be sent to nats this year. Also, I'd also like to extend extra props to fort, phs, and of course matt and daniel for all giving us incrediby good and competitive rounds.
  6. Who is thing 1 and thing 2? All three truman teams are still in.
  7. Best of luck to all competitors this weekend. It's going to be a very interesting weekend, I have a feeling.
  8. It's the second high school in Independence.
  9. Berner

    Lee's Summit

    Edited, my apologies.
  10. NFL districts for HOA start on Thursday, March 5th (CX only) and run to Saturday, Marth 7th. It's still two weeks away; however, I know that a lot of the district isn't going out next weekend and instead are planning on prepping, so now would be a good time for the thread and for a representative to post what teams their school is sending. TRUMAN will be sending: Plott/Greenberg Brandi Berner/Heitz Bailie Berner/Jones Ruddy/Mill Additionally, if anyone is interested in judging and hasn't been contacted or doesn't know who to contact, I know that Chris Adams from Truman is the district chair, I'm not sure who the judges chair is; however, she could point you in that direction.
  11. Berner

    Lee's Summit

    As Brad noted, they skipped the 5th round which would have included hidden quarters in order to catch up on time. However, they did still place the top 8 teams, and did so based off of what seed they would have been in quarters had the round been able to occur. 8th- Can't remember..anyone know? 7th- THS A (Brandi Berner/Heitz) 6th- PHS A (Schmitz/Werner) 5th- Fort O. A (Gillette/Belmore) Semi-Finals: Neosha A (?/?) def. Raytown South A (?/?) on a 2-1 BSS A (Gilmore/Hobbs) def. Neosho C (?/?) on a 3-0 Finals: Neosha A def. BSS (Gilmore/Hobbs) on a 3-0
  12. Berner

    Lee's Summit

    Who is going? Truman: Brandi Berner/Heitz Bailie Berner/Jones
  13. Truman is sending Plott/Greenberg Berner/Heitz Berner/Jones
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