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  1. some christians oppose gay marriage = all christians are all-around douchebags. i dont think so.
  2. I don't really have too much knowledge of the economy, but won't the sales tax reduce personal spending? (people have to pay more money for goods = buy less goods. They obviously have more money to pay for aforementioned products, but their desire to pay for the woefully unimportant items that are such a mainstay of the economy becomes drastically lower... right?) Isn't that bad for the economy?
  3. haha i guess like 5 years ago falwell made a personal statement that it was ok to discuss abortion as long as it was in debate context only http://www.theamericanview.com/index.php?id=590&AMVIEWUSER=ab2589bf6719b6b7b6fe530956e14959
  4. To be more specific, I would totally love a scenario of some kind. Other than heg and terrorism. Please.
  5. It would be awesome if somebody could send me a sick impact for soft power. But not heg. Just soft power. Thanks My email is conorwww@gmail.com
  6. I need one/many. Please. My email address is conorwww@gmail.com if you have one/many. Thanks
  7. heres the card The Rabid Tiger Project believes that a nuclear war is most likely to start in Africa. Civil wars in the Congo (the country formerly known as Zaire), Rwanda, Somalia and Sierra Leone, and domestic instability in Zimbabwe, Sudan and other countries, as well as occasional brushfire and other wars (thanks in part to "national" borders that cut across tribal ones) turn into a really nasty stew. We've got all too many rabid tigers and potential rabid tigers, who are willing to push the button rather than risk being seen as wishy-washy in the face of a mortal threat and overthrown. Geopolitically speaking, Africa is open range. Very few countries in Africa are beholden to any particular power. South Africa is a major exception in this respect - not to mention in that she also probably already has the Bomb. Thus, outside powers can more easily find client states there than, say, in Europe where the political lines have long since been drawn, or Asia where many of the countries (China, India, Japan) are powers unto themselves and don't need any "help," thank you. Thus, an African war can attract outside involvement very quickly. Of course, a proxy war alone may not induce the Great Powers to fight each other. But an African nuclear strike can ignite a much broader conflagration, if the other powers are interested in a fight. Certainly, such a strike would in the first place have been facilitated by outside help - financial, scientific, engineering, etc. Africa is an ocean of troubled waters, and some people love to go fishing.
  8. yeah. new team. Walsh/Powerz Water Wars. Soft Power. Poverty.
  9. why don't you just give them camp affs to start off with?
  10. Its not porn. Its rooting for the hero that symbolizes every debater at our school/the entire world.
  11. ok. where in those endings do Ginny and Hal hook up? because its not a legit ending unless they hook up.
  12. Its Consult NATO. And maybe some drugs. If Petrini comes to the reunion.
  13. No. How can you honestly root for the hero not to make out with the hot villain? You have no soul.
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