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  1. talk about the things I'd do to them if I had the chance on cross-x.com
  2. any word on how sheboygan north is doing? The team that's there has the code PL
  3. congratulations you're a debater
  4. Walter Payton (Peyton?) d. Car wash Sems - Sheb vs. Walter SPC vs. Spash
  5. Both Sheboygan North KM and Sheboygan North LP are 3-1
  6. A potential problem, however, is that this becomes too much a crutch, and you then become hindered when attempting to read non-abriged evidence for the 2nc/1nr/1ar or if you decide at the beginning of the round to add a few new cards to your 1ac.
  7. Laurel Mills will be a senior assistant. Fear for your lives, ye who attend this institution.
  8. Sheboygan North KM received one
  9. You just say that cuz you don't want to compete w/him for DDI kyle :-)
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