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    Frank Sinatra - Cake So Long to the Headstrong - Fleet Foxes Kick, Push - Lupe Fiasco Myriad Harbor - the New Pornographers Hotel - Broken Social Scene Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa - Vampire Weekend Young Folks - Peter Bjorn and John Can't Tell me Nothing - Kanye West Pressed in a Book - the Shins No Cars Go - Arcade Fire
  2. what's that supposed to mean? and congratulations to the qualifiers. love you all, it's been a good few years... sorry for not being around so much this season <3
  3. Steve is right... And I am hairy. Creek is sending 4 teams.
  4. WackyIraqi


    I never log-off My butt is so damn hairy They call me Badmeir.
  5. What do you mean "we"? Edit: I know what he means by "we" I also love staring at myself after showers.
  6. WackyIraqi


    This is for Haikus Please make your own in this thread All posts must be one.
  7. I did all of the faux accounts. I'm sorry. It was me. I shame my family also, confession. I am not arab, i am actually polish. born in krako to a butcher and a baker who combined to form the ultimate delicatessen. pigs in a blanket, baby! (my impersonation of shayan) Deep down it's because of my innate desire to be well-liked, a lot like Richard Nixon in that one movie with Tom Hanks (I think it's called Top Gun?). I should probably clarify a few things: Patrick is dating Mayu Mayu is also dating Andy, Nick Lind, Tyler Rackley, and Patrick Patrick is bi? but you know that saying about bi--bi now, gay later. by transiitivve property, patty is also dating all of those men. que escandalo! he is more don juan than don quixote who salvador dali? how about salvatore raleigh? pause for a quick haiku be careful patrick there is some fire in your pants Ouch! fire crotch hurts! also, nick lind broke his wrist by masturbating too hard. yes or no question should i whip it out right now maybe maybe not to wrap up: ,,, ps. do not allow this to reflect on my personal interactions with you this is actually lisa li and nick lind who eloped last week (no one was surprise)
  8. Sometimes I leave my account up on debate room computers extra long. Sometimes I "get off" to documentaries about agriculture. Sometimes I hand out pickles to my polish compatriots. Sometimes I dress up in baby clothing and eat exclusively baby food...for a whole month. Sometimes I pretend I am the king of the the turkeys.
  9. Sometimes my body hair attacks random strangers. Sometimes I cry because of how much I love my teammates. Sometimes I leave my cross-x account up on the computers in the debate room.
  10. WackyIraqi


    I'm pretty sure cameron's the india and you're the plus, toby.
  11. WackyIraqi


    I just don't understand you and wish someone could translate for me!
  12. If by that you mean Jefferson county, then yes. I'm not sure Johnson county even exists in the state of Colorado.
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