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  1. sorry, I'm a little lost. what did who say was nontopical?
  2. yeah you hire these scientist into the armed forces and technically thats increasing. But isn't the point of the resolution that you want to increase and keep these people, then keep increasing? Also, a team of scientist could hardly be considered substantial. So your not really increasing in the long run as they're all gonna die anyway.
  3. Tag was banned in my elementary school my 5th grade year. its ridiculous. Pysical injuries are rare and emotional injuries? bull. Schools are becoming so overprotecive, stupid.
  4. haha, not exactly what I meant, but whatever, to each his own
  5. whats up andew? must you always be so sarcastic? you can't tell me that your NOT addicted. how did you and trevor do in emporia?
  6. lol yes thank you! nothing can cure it! You guys think flowing shows is to much? lol try it sometime, its fun lol. And yes my debate addiction comes out when I'm arguing w/ my parents also. This one time, I completly proved my dad wrong and he got pissed at me for debating him.Then I started yelling at my mom and when I finally finished an she did was blink and say, yeah, uh, go to your room. It was great.
  7. ok, so, I'm guessing that everyone else is just as addicted to debate as I am. It's like a drug. I catch myself referring to debate in everything I do and even flowing all of my favorite shows. So for everyone else there that is just as addicted, speak up. I want to hear your favorite cases, your best stories, and your favorite strategies. Because everyone knows that Kansas kicks ass in debate
  8. what is this secret art that I have no knowledge of?
  9. our team gets pizza all the time, but in Kansas City? The Elephant Grill, Mimi's, Macaroni Grill, and Carabas are awesome
  10. ok it is not one of the stupidest cases. Thats a little harsh. However I am still against it as it would be difficult to convince the judge to die for the Earth. Its not realy topical because your not increasing, your actually decreasing. I think only a brave soul would run this. What does this solve? I mean sure the world would be better, but that won't help us as we would be dead, so theres no advantages for the people. Essentially, the judge is against extintion. It is good to assume that every judge would be unless they were suicidal, which they would have to be to vote for this. I think that its an interesting case that I would not personally run. Cool thought though.
  11. I have no problem w/ Sebelius
  12. interesting theory, to run both Peace and Draft in the 1AC i suppose its not against the rules, but i dont know if its smart, it would give the Neg. more arguments as opposed to having one case where you can reinforce, prove, and win on every argument. Kate Kate_Db8s Kansas Only the educated are free. - Epictetus
  13. wow guys, these are allll really helpful, im taking notes! thanks! Kate Kate_Db8s Only the educated are free. - Epictetus
  14. I think I can help you out on this one, but the state is better than Fed.Gov.? is that what youre looking for or what?
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