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  1. Fuck the white sox.... they'll get owned by the rays.... rays and brewers in world series, white sox, not that clutch, they no that clutch
  2. Denver @ Kansas City - Kansas City is just awful, I feel bad for Herm Edwards, he's a really good coach and the Chiefs are shit. Atlanta @ Carolina - The panthers have something to prove after their loss to the vikings last week. Steve Smith will be too much for the Falcon secondary and expect Matt Ryan to get hit in the mouth by the tough Carolina D Arizona @ New York Jets - Brett Favre, enough said Houston @ Jacksonville - Matt Schaub will get absolutely pummeled by the Jacksonville defense, and look for that speedy little bastard Maurice Jones-Drew to have a huge game, along with the always dynamic Fred Taylor. Minnesota @ Tenessee - All day AP. There is no stopping Adrian Peterson, no matter how tough your defense is, AP is tougher. Look for him to have a big game running behind Steve Hutchinson and Matt Birk. Look for Kerry Collins to get sacked multiple times, Jared Allen and Pat/Kevin Williams are arguably the best D-line in the league. Don't forget the fact that the vikings have a competent quarterback... finally. San Fransisco @ New Orleans - The saints are just a better team than 49ers. The saints should have beat the Broncos (a much better team than the 9ers) if it wasn't for two missed field goals and a missed offside call that could have potentially led to the game winning score. They will overcome their injuries, look for them to edge out the 49ers. Cleveland @ Cincinatti - Neither of these teams are good, but the Browns don't have a proven quarterback. Hopefully it's another shoot-out that these two teams are known to provide. I just think Carson Palmer and Chad "Ocho Cinco" will be too much for the shit stain browns to handle. Green Bay @ Tampa Bay - I don't quite believe in Aaron Rodgers, and I think that TB has a very underrated defense. Look for the veteran quarterback to tear apart the packer D, which by the way is Al Harris-less. I see a close one, 24-19 TB. Buffalo @ St. Louis - The Rams are just terrible. My early prediction, Rams acquire first pick in the 2009 NFL draft, I look for them to go 3-13, they just can't get it together. San Diego @ Oakland - Say good bye to Lane Kiffin. The chargers are far too good. The San Diego D has been a little shaky, but when your offense has scored over 70 points during the last two games, it isn't that tough to win. Philip Rivers is having an excellent season, 3 TD passes in each of his first 3 games, dynomite. Don't forget about LT. I expect Chromartie to get 2 picks, one of which will be a pick 6. Bolts win. Washington @ Dallas - Cowboys are so talented, that Washington will look like an Arena football team, or worse, a canadian team compared to the cowboys. Without defensive pressure (Jason Taylor) look for Romo to have a big game and get your popcorn ready to see TO run all over the Skins. Don't forget about Marion "the Beast" Barber and the speedy Felix Jones. I see cowboys winning by at least 17 points. Philadelphia @ Chicago - Philadelphia is definitely not overrated. Their only loss has come against the best team in the NFC, the Cowboys. The bears aren't overrated because I think everyone expected them to suck. They got lucky against a rusty Peyton Manning behind a beat up offensive line, and without Dallas Clark. And last time I checked, the eagles did just fine without Brian Westbrook, when the beat the steelers, a team that has a much better defense than Chicago. The eagles D are going to hold the bears to a single digit or low double digit score because, well face it, Kyle Orton is their starting quarterback. Donovan McNabb is one of the top 3 quarterbacks in the NFC, look for him to hook up with Deshaun Jackson for a couple of TD's. Baltimore @ Pittsburgh - This is definitely my upset for the week. Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Chris Mcallister. The Ravens defense will be the deciding factor in this game. Without Willie Parker and with a less than 100% Ben Rothlesberger, look for a lot of passes. Ed Reed destroys anyone who tries to make a catch in the middle of the field, and look for some big turnovers. I also like Joe Flacco and Willis Mcgahee, look for a big game from Mcgahee, and expect Flacco to be effecient and prove that he may be the best rookie QB in the league.
  3. mohlinator

    Worst Bands

    They're not even good enough to have their name spelled right, we'll start spelling Nickelbitch right when they start recording good shit, so we will never spell their name right.
  4. There Will Be Blood Daniel Day Lewis kicked some major preacher ass, awesome ending Daniel Plainview - "I drink your milkshake.... I drink it up"
  5. mohlinator

    Worst Bands

    Dude, you're an idiot
  6. mohlinator


    I agree very much. Throw me fits all the criteria for a great cross-x game. It is addicting, and it would be interesting to see the abilities of cross-x players to achieve the high score. I second the motion to implement throw me in the cross-x arcade.
  7. mohlinator

    Worst Bands

    You're an idiot, stop posting as dirose.
  8. Coheed an Cambria - Welcome Home
  9. Are you sure you're talking about Senses Fail in the right forum? I think they should be in the worst bands forum. Senses Fail is musically and lyrically challenged, have you heard their singer?
  10. mohlinator

    Worst Bands

    Don't forget about Relient K and the Click Five. Gay
  11. Nothing beats the crunchy chicken and potato burrito from Taco John's
  12. Our Endless Numbered Days - Iron and Wine
  13. Army of two is a sweet game.
  14. Yep, you're right dirose, I'm super gay and I love south park, but at least I have friends to be gay and watch tv with
  15. Wow, you are the biggest douche of all time. At least when people post as you, they're funny.... and by the way, that is not me posting as you, so stop being so gay. Also, I admit that I'm really good at guitar hero, but at least I don't pretend to know how to play the guitar and waste my dad's money...... so stop posting as bean because nobody cares or knows who I am anyway.
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