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  1. David was taking SAT Subject Tests Saturday morning.
  2. Haha, that's pretty funny. I'm bengali, and I say "khodahafez" all the time.
  3. IT'S OVER 9000!! it had to be said
  4. ridwan


    Who's going? Looks like its gonna be sweeeet.
  5. ridwan


    budabudabudabudabudabudabudabudabudabudabudabuda who's going?
  6. ridwan


    breaks and related shenanigans?
  7. ridwan


    The UTNIF has put out a bicycles affirmative. It is pretty sweet.
  8. Ridwan Hoq- Experienced 1 EDIT: I'm a 2N/1A
  9. I finally know what my major is.
  10. As far as I know, only Sarah and Stacey are going from SFA. Sooo, yeah. Round Rock is bringing us, Nick and Perry, and our novices, Michael and Sarah.
  11. ridwan

    Stony Point

    He's going on vacation to Colorado during the first weekend of our spring break. Which is when state is.
  12. ridwan

    Stony Point

    We have not achieved qualification status yet. But it doesn't matter. Blake can't go to state anyways. We're still trying to qual.
  13. Has anyone one found a feasible way to run this aff? I can't manage to find or make inherency, specific solvency for Africa, and a topical plan text.
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