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  1. Regionals in 07 during the Increase Service in the following areas topic. We ran Women in Combat Affirmative and this is how the other team starts CX: Them: "Have you or your partner ever been a woman?" (This is a question to my brother and I) Us (In our minds): Are you fucking serioius? Us (Real life): *feels chest* *looks down* "Um. No" They wanted to run a k saying men spoke for women, thank goodness they had the CX to gather evidence. Too bad one of the partners was a woman who got to make 2 speeches. And I thought we silenced her. Damn.
  2. Personally for cases involving spending and improving infrastucture, the Affirmative can perm the China or EU CP. Simply because there is no mutual exclusivity unless it were coupled with a China D/A. On face, there is no reason why both countries cannot work together to improve infrastructure. In fact I think the CP would be great for an AFF case because the perm now has the advantages of global unity and improved relations plus you can achieve solvency quicker. Now the Neg has a problem as to why their CP should be soley prefered against the permutation by the affirmative. Very hard to combat and still have a solid neg strat. On the issue of IMF restrictions, plans that remove such restrictions can solve. Brain Drain cases I believe do that.
  3. Awesome, maybe just as a fun practice round for senior year for me.
  4. When the idea of the Pre-Draft or Mock Draft was announced a few weeks ago I never saw what you claim, rather all I see is people nodding their heads and saying, "See where we are now?" While the draft may be unpopular I believe there are many cards that say while something may be unpopular people recognize it as necessary for preservation of security ect. Just because something might not be popular does not lead to massive impacts, especially when people believe it may be necessary given our current position.
  5. My only qualm is finding the time to do so because more often than not, in addition to the CP that I want to run I have a couple inherency, solvency, and T cards I want to run against them plus whatever time I need for explaining the arguements I make. If you have the time, then go for it.
  6. Go for it, I probably would just leave the CP as is and use some other sort of DA, but w/e.
  7. This assumes the AFF plan is not gender specific. Adv's are not overstreching the military, preventing unnecessary deaths ect. 1. Draft slots to be filled are that of direct ground combat slots. 2. The only real need for the draft is for filling these combat slots. 3. Women cannot serve in these slots as ruled by the Combat Exclusion Law, therefore they are useless in a draft. 4. Draft only men into the army so we dont waste troops we dont need and prevent more deaths than necessary.
  8. Thank you very much. You are a Saint, a true saint.
  9. Can you link this so that I can get on it, otherwise I am not sure how to. Thanks
  10. Huh? Dude, if it increases the number of volunteer women, it stands to reason that it would increase the number. Plus, increase composition is good too. To the orignial poster, I am running this case now and that card does not (to my knowledge) exist
  11. I am interested to hear why you think DADT was the hardest....because really it doesnt seem like an extremely difficult case to me. I have gone up against all pretty easy so I'll wait to tell about the tournament on Friday.
  12. I dont think the wording is clear. When I read expansion of human rights, I thought you meant adding more rights to the ones we already value. If you are typing in "expansion" of human rights in your searches, I wonder if a word change would be apropriate. Why not say the "spread" of human rights. And I think that there are some cards out there that say they spread "peace corp values". Why not just find something that says the peace corps values human rights and talk about spreading the peace corps? That my be more beneficial to you.
  13. Assuming judges are reasonable I wonder why...
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