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  1. i am also adding a good reputation point to u sorry i forgot to earse th sign
  2. 1 more thing u have to change ure signature instead of writing 10 min write 27 min
  3. u won the debate round there fore i drop the signture
  4. i went against someone at ure school we got creamed
  5. thank u. u brought the topic back
  6. one more thing u never replyed that u started to go off topic first
  7. if u could actually read it said it helps others
  8. i just have to say one more thing before cross-x starts u went off topic first oh and 1 more thing how am i supposed to give an impact analysis of this
  9. thank u for agreeing with me this page does help others
  10. u said u shouldnt post random why are u posting random about ure partner
  11. please give me positive reputation points
  12. first of all i was jus curiouse 2nd i showed myself this website 3rd dont curse 4th my signature rules 5th tell that afro guy to not copy my signature 6th this forum helps people no what they are up against 7th why would my team care 8th policy debaters cant be reatards or idiots for now thats all dont say the word abuse in youre next post
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