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  1. I swear I'm the only person in the world who like COD 3. Like, more that COD 2 even. But then, I liked Big Red 1, so maybe my taste in Call of Duty games is absolute shit.
  2. Posting this: http://historyisaweapon.com/zinnapeopleshistory.html The entirety of his seminal work.
  3. Reminded me of http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/columns/moviebob/7190-Trope-a-Dope
  4. leapofaith97

    Reality Check

    I met my girlfriend because of debate. True story.
  5. Updated 6 wins 15: Oklahoma AD 5-1 14: Baylor CM 13: Trinity BH 4-2 12: Texas CM, WSU BR 11: Baylor LR 10: ESU FL, UTD DR 9: UCO KS 3-3 11: KSU MZ, MoState FG, Texas BS 10: WSU CM 9: UTSA MT, Trinity HM 8: UNT KW 2-4 9: UNT QR 7: KSU FF, UCO LS 5: ESU WW 1-5 5: ULL MW 4: UMKC AJ, UMKC BS
  6. D3 as of this morning (8am). 5-0 13: Oklahoma AD 4-1 12: Baylor CM 11: WSU BR 10: Trinity BH, UTD DR 9: ESU FL 3-2 10: KSU MZ, Texas CM, MoState FG 9: Baylor LR 7: UCO KS, UNT KW 2-3 8: Texas BS 7: Trinity HM, UCO LS, WSU CM 6: KSU FF, UTSA MT 5: ESU WW 1-4 6: UNT RQ 5: La-Lafayette 4: UMKC BS 0-5 1: UMKC AJ Parings for this round were: Aff- Neg- Baylor CM Wichita State BR Baylor LR Missouri State FG Kansas State MZ Central Oklahoma KS Louisiana-Lafayette MW North Texas QR Missouri-Kansas City AJ BYE North Texas KW Texas CM Oklahoma AD Emporia State FL Texas BS Emporia State WW Texas San Antonio MT Central Oklahoma LS Trinity University BH Texas Dallas DR Trinity University HM Kansas State FF Wichita State CM Missouri-Kansas City BS Results for this round should be up shortly
  7. Fuck that noise. But seriously, this.
  8. leapofaith97


    Still wasn't expecting twenty plus against the vikes. Oh well, I've got some monster performances when I shouldn't, so can't really complain, but still. Damn. Anyway, what former member of the KU "Danny Manning and the Miracles" 1988 National Championship team lead his (not current) team to the sweet sixteen in 2006. Bonus points if you can name the team and who they beat and lost to.
  9. leapofaith97


    This same manager also got twenty plus points from Anquan fucking Boldin to win his last game by 6 points, while his opponents starting running back decided to twiddle his thumbs instead of playing against the seahawks.
  10. leapofaith97


    Joe Jackson, Ty Cobb, and Honus Wagner?
  11. Number one versus number two this week.
  12. I already felt like a traitor when I picked the Chiefs to lose. I think they can come through for me and beat Denver. More importantly, congrats on making it this far.
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