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  1. email justin for cites---Cleavlandsteamer@justinPooping.com
  2. Any chance i could get the cites to your kleptocrat counterplan? Maybe even your corruption Net benefits. I just hear that yall run the WILDEST counterplans.
  3. Steven, Murrell forgot to post the last ammendment they passed. Ammendment 3 No team shall be allowed to run Effects topicality, especially Steven Murray. Furthermore, that guy is banned from debate. forever.
  4. Rowedan


    Who's going? And what affs are ya'll runing. So far, we're just taking Dan Rowe and Eli Bacon and we are runing Biotech Agriculture with Deforestation and Starvation Advantages. oh and a space aff
  5. Rowedan

    ATTN Bellaire

    We hit them at memorial. The plan does something like provide sufficient funds to enforce IAEA regulations on uraninium mining in sub-saharan africa. They have two advantages Mutagenesis-- basically the argument here is that the radiation people are exposed to messes with DNA to the extent that human populations are no longer able to reproduce in any normal way. This leads to a massive human die-off Terrorism-- They make the argument that terrorists can come and take uranium and use it to make nuclear weapons and they'll use them on the united states, which guarantees a nuclear strrike either against or from Iran, i can't remember which. They do not disclose their affirmative unless you disclose your negative strategy for uknown reasons.
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    I Checked JOT and it didn't seem like there were awards up yet. I'd like to make an appeal for someone in the debate community to steal Steven Murray's FX T thing and throw it in a lake. Two years in a row. Just Kidding. Good job Westwood MX (?) Also, I left after my epic octos round with eric and julian, so i'm not sure quite what happened when i left. 1. Did the school burn down? 2. Who won? 3. Did anyone break any new affs/crazzzy neg arguments? (this one can apply to the whole tournament) Thanks to everyone who coached, debated, judged, ran the tournament, walked around asking people if they needed help, gave directions and all the other various things that made the tournament fun. Dan
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    i think he's some d-bag that doesn't write any 2ac blocks
  8. UNT, focuses highly on quality evidence as opposed to putting out shittons of huge files, so if you're looking to just have something to say, then perhaps one of the larger camps would be helpful but if you are looking for quality cards, unt is the place to look
  9. Hey, I'm dan. I'm gonna be in the Seniors Lab plus skills this year. UNT is really an amazing camp. There are a few reasons. The Lab leaders are incredible. They aren't all up in your grill about producing shit-tons of evidence all the time but they are always available to answer questions and guide you when cutting arguments. The intense amount of experience of the lab leaders also means that every day, i promise you will learn something that will change the way you debate for the better. From my experience, the lab leaders aren't there to tell you how you should debate. They try to guide you to be the best debater that YOU can be. Aside from th awesome lab leaders, the people who actually run things also make UNT a great place to spend your summer. Jason Sykes puts a lot of time and effort into making sure things run smoothly from the beginning, and if there's ever a problem, you can count on him to be on it right away. dan
  10. Hey, i'll be judging and what not, so if there's anyone else, like your varsity debaters or what not that are judging too that wants to make a wikithing for judging paradigms, i'd be down.
  11. UIL debate is a complete joke.
  12. Unfortunately, Austin SFA LR ( Dan Rowe and Travis Long ) will be attending in 5A. yay for closed cx, and no prompting
  13. Yeah... Just IM me at Eric Wright 89 or email me rowedan@gmail.com and ill send you my file and we can chat about it.... anyone who has read the file/run it please let me know any feedback you have about aand what can be done with it dan
  14. Hm... If this is an ironic statement based on the legacy of fight club run in mental health debates, then i commend you for your wit. If not, Please elaborate. I spent a good few days hashing out this argument with my friend my sophomore year. I'd love to hear any input you have about the argument. If it's "retarted" i would like to know what your issues are with it and how you would answer it in a round. I'll be looking out for your next post.
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    everyone concedes to [edit] Bankey. he gets everyone's trophies and speaker awards. even the LDers. I understand that bankey didnt attend, and definitely didnt win Churchill (This year). But you try saying it to his face and see what happens.
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    I'm excited about going, but i am NOT exicted about seeing kelcey. i can only take so many broken hearts....
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    ATTN: Austin SFA LR

    Yeah, no problem--- The 1NC is entirely carded from the book-- a move that may or may not be a good call Here's the 1NC tags and page numbers... Round one, your neg strat is T, FX, RMA, Offsets and case. The introduction of competing policy option diminished the market value of the aff, and the judge was forced to invest elsewhere. You pick up. You’re Aff round two. The 1AC is an 8 minute infomercial for 1NC is a smear ad against your product, your 1AC. According to the Negative, your plan isn’t as smart, or as new, or as innovative and unique as you thought it would be. The 2ac is damage control. Your product’s gotten a bad name. luckily, your product hits the market with great success—A WIN. But soon, your 2AC, your big, 8 minute ad, disappears. The judge votes for you, it doesn’t matter why, and by the time round 5 is over, you’re 4-1. You flip neg in octos; quarters, semis and finals are all the same. Different arguments, same round. You watch yourself watch the judges, the corporate executives of debate. The judge signs the ballot--- pay to the order of_____________. You watch yourself nod and smile and absorb the applause when they announce that it’s a 3-0 for you. You’re going to state. You try so hard to care. You wake up in Houston and drop in semis. They weren’t in a buying mood. You wake up in San Antonio and win the tournament on a 2-1. You wake up in Chicago and miss breaking on speaks. You wake up in Atlanta, waiting for a decision…You’re not sure how the presentation was received. You wake up in Dallas, and watch yourself not care about the tournament you spent the year qualifying for. You wake up in Dallas, Texas and watch yourself go through the motions that you were taught from day one. You plug your arguments into the formula that every judge will vote on. You’re lost. Every weekend you debate as a single serving policy maker, a single serving activist, a single serving revolutionary, a single serving whatever-the-hell you say you are. Each time the round is irrelevant before it even ends. Each time you have nothing to show but a win-loss record and a story you tell yourself about education, fun, preparation for your career or whatever. Then, it’s practice, or it’s camp. It’s late nights, early mornings. It’s pizza and Subway, It’s practice debates. It’s rebuttal speeches. Your redoes. Your redoes become redoes of redoes, everything you say, everything you practice, everything you lost sleep for, Its just a redo of a redo of redo of a redo. Until nothing you say does or means anything anymore. This is your life and it’s ending one speech at a time. Shell In Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club, Our Insomniac hero realizes that the only place he can find any solace is in the weekly support groups for cancer patients, the living dead. But as with any drug, this soon loses it’s effect. The Insomnia’s back. Along comes Tyler Durden, the most interesting Single Serving Friend that our hero will ever meet. Instead of pornography, our hero’s world consisted of the monthly IKEA furniture catalog and all he had to worry about is the next worthless piece of German shit that will furnish his apartment. In the blink of an eye, it’s all gone. Everything he has worked for, his apartment, his endless struggle for perfection has now been blown into the night sky, into the windshields of the cars below. This is when Tyler asks him to hit him as hard as he can. Fight Club becomes a cultish gathering of men from all walks of life. What once was a drunken attempt at self-destruction has become a nation-wide organization. Project Mayhem. The end goal of Project Mayhem is to destroy the major credit card companies. You mix x an y and you get enough dynamite to blow up the world. But if you have too much of x, it goes wrong. Fight Club ends with a promise to continue project mayhem. Front row seats to the beginning of the cultural Ice Age. <Pg 41-46> "Home was.... As hard as you can" The affirmative is one small part in an infinite drive for perfection. There is a perfect world out there, they say, a world without war and famine and pain, and we can at least get closer if you buy the plan. Just sign your ballot, made out to ______________, then all the problems, all the extinction, everything, just go away. This is the logic of consumerism. Arguments, ballots, wins and losses are all capital. They want to be smarter, stronger, faster…better roleplayers, policy makers, activists, Americans, revolutionaries or whatever. We debate arguments we know are dumb so we can learn things we don’t care about. To do this, they advertise the plan as well as they can, the one must have item that will bring us closer to perfection. We tell ourselves lies to ward off this undeniable truth, but it’s always in the back of our minds: these arguments are meaningless and vacuous, preserved only because our lives are so permeated by cultural images that we literally know not what we do. <Pg 149> "you have... we have" Debate is our piece of the great depression of the spirit. We’re so caught up in the plan and the draft and rma, and the bomb and what Hu Jintau thinks about it, that we’ve lost touch with authentic human interaction. When the value of our time here becomes defined by how recent our evidence is, and all interaction between me and you is just a play, an image, what are our lives but spectacular dramas played out against the green screen of culture? We are moving images on a TV screen. Culture and Truth are frozen out there somewhere, embedded in a historical context that it seems impossible to affect. All we know is alienation. Alienation from each other, alienation from our-selves, alienation from our desires, alienation from life itself. We are history’s middle children. <122-125> "When Tyler invented...destruction of civilization" We’d be foolish to believe we can escape this endless drive for perfection by simply re-adjusting our path. The alternative isn’t to buy a new type of sofa, but to blow up the condo and move to the toxic waste part of town and make soap with our schizophrenic alter-ego. We have to disappear from culture. We have to hit rock bottom. We have to kiss our hand, pour lye on it and know that one day we will die. It’s only when you lose everything that you are free to do anything. Our alternative is a lens for viewing this round. A round should not receive it’s value because it feeds into some larger standard or goal, but should mean something in and of itself. Harms and solvency are cultural images used to keep us chasing images of what we SHOULD be. We have to form a new relationship with life, we have to realize that we are NOT our advocacies, we are NOT our win-loss records, we are NOT our state points and we are NOT how many tubs we roll into round with. Our redemption will come the moment we have nothing, in that moment of perfect self-destruction where we give up the world as we know it and find out just what it’s like to hit rock bottom. When we find out just how much blood we can swallow before we get sick. All the page numbers are from the book Fight Club by Chuck Palaniuk... There's different covers but no new editions with different page numbers i think. I hope that's what you were looking for... Feel free to IM me EricWright89 (AIM) or email me at rowedan@gmail.com and I'll send you the whole file and talk about it if you want.
  18. Drowe and Tlong from sfa austin think it'd be cool to attend but we need some more specifics.. come you you guys cant we all just get along
  19. [edit] Yeah, you can judge as far as payment goes, i'll personally set you up with a private room with zack malitz and friedrick nietzsche and some cocoa butter. you get whatever's in hospitality [maybe]
  20. 1) Who's going? 2) We need judges-- rowedan@gmail.com, austindebate@hotmail.com
  21. Aight, first things first, From SFA, Dan Rowe and Sarah Mullens will be attending the tournament. Travis Long is opting out for some very good reason. Now, on a more serious note, I've spent the last few days crying because i was omitted from THE list of those who are going to be in semis at reagan. I mean, at first, i thought that whoever posted that list wasn't thinking through the intense phsycological effects not being part of that list might have on such fragile minds as my own, so i dismissed it. Then, i started thinking, well maybe that is THE list, maybe i shouldnt even go to reagan. Maybe i should quit debate. I mean, sure, then i wouldnt be able to pay for college, my parents could never pay for a nursing home, my sister would start peddling crack from our downstairs bathroom, but whats the point if im nevr going to amount to anything. Then, in the pits of my despair, my deep phsycological suffering, i gazed upon the 13 foot golden image of zack malitz and Friedrich Nietzche in a sensual embrace. "AFFIRM YOUR SUFFERING!" I thought. Well, If I'm going to be affirming my miserable loss at Reagan, i might as well make it a good loss. There's no point in winning any rounds if i'm not going to get to sems anyway. So, despite much bitching and violent threats from Mr. Mast, I promptly burned every piece of evidence in our tub, stole the debate team check book, zeroed out the account, and sent an email to every registered judge at Reagan as to how attracted i am to her/his mother. That way there is no way in hell i could win a round. Boy, there's no such thing as too much suffering to affirm. When i got home, i finally settled down with a nice half caf drip from starbucks and created a Cross-x.com account so i could post in this thread. Well, that said, See all yall at reagan.
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