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  1. That was quite possibly the most blunt post i've ever seen on this site. typically i like to couch my responses in clever, emotional, or otherwise subtle fashions to show how clever and awesome i am while still making a point. From now on i'm just going to ask people if they want to die

  2. As a debater who has gone for T 90 percent of my rounds this year on topicality and won the vast majority of those rounds, I would like to express my utter disdain for way topicality is being couched by "Shuman." If topicality were "a rule of the game," debate would, frankly, suck. As a debater, i feel that it is my responsibility and oppurtunity to explain to the judge why theoretical issues such as topicality are important in the context of any given debate round. I find it cowardly to hide behind the assertions of authors of textbooks on debate to formulate an advocacy about the debate community.


    Perhaps you would enjoy a primer on debate from 1910, or a rule-book from state tournaments in years past which mandate separate divisions for boys and girls...


    I love topicality, but it hurts me to see it run so poorly, or to hear about coaches encouraging their debaters to run the argument in such a half-assed, useless fashion.



    Topicality is not a voting issue because textbooks/tournament invitations say it is. Topicality is a voting issue only if it is logically articulated throughout the debate that there is something the affirmative is doing that is either specifically harmful to a negative team or if the negative can thoroughly articulate that the action of reading/voting for a non-topical affirmative creates a structure that is detremental to debaters or the debate community.


    I am actually curious as to what debate circuit in this country harbors teams that run 1-off T.



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  3. I read, tread, kick, paddle, thought is the

    horse, your brain is the saddle.

    Have a ball, if you enjoy the dance, stay

    for the call.

    Even this call is ever so distant, hard to



    Please feel free to imbibe.

    All the knowledge, all the wait,

    To contribute is the greatest mate.

    Halt! No, Go!!!


    Treading is the most intriguing show.

    Only Thought can liberate us from this

    mess, to plead to worry to dance in a

    new dress.



    -Jack Jenkins

  4. First, i would like to let anyone know that if they have any concerns about my activity in the debate community, feel free to express them to me.

    Phone: 7405734


    Facebook: Dan Rowe

    AIM SN: eric wright 89.


    Now, I've received some severely disappointing news. Its come to my attention that a coach on the austin circuit approached one of our staff in order to talk shit about my partner and my decision to make the claim that patriarchy is key to space exploration in a debate round this past weekend at westlake. They further went on to make the claim that this somehow should disqualify me from recieving the Jack Jenkins Memorial award.


    First, i don't think by any stretch making such arguments makes me a bad person. I believe debate is a forum that allows us to make claims that interact with the other team's claims. The affirmative made the claim that funding the water for the poor act is a step in breaking down patriarchy. at this point, what does the coach in question expect me to do? I figure i have a few options.


    First, i could concede the round because i fully agree that breaking down patriarchy is a good idea. I think this option would be silly and counteproductive, as it would not challenge the team making the claim to prove that said policy option actually is an acceptable one.


    Second, i could read a disad or kritik that doesnt make the claim that patriarchy is key to space exploration. We did also do this, however, what about running a disad or kritik that i don't personally agree with is any different than running patriarchy key to space? I think that the justifications the authors of our law of the sea treaty disad provide are morally repugnant, as they are rooted in a political system that perpetuates violence towards minorities, other nations, etc. Yet i, and most every other team run these arguments every single round. not because we agree with them, but we find value in mediating between opposing claims, i.e. debate.


    And as to the argument that this isn't in tune with the Jack award. Jack Jenkins was my best friend. You have no idea how deeply it hurts me to hear something like that being said and i would appreciate an apology but would settle for you never saying anything like that again. The award was not about upholding a certain standard, perspective or legacy. the award was about love for the debate activity and love for the debate community. I love debate. I've sacrificed thousands of dollars over the last four years for it. I love the people i debate with and against. No matter how much bad blood seems to come between me and various people, my goal isn't to piss anyone off and it never was. I show up, i make arguments, i answer questions and i generally try to be nice to people. I know i've had my shortcomings, and i know ive done a lot of things that haven't been the nicest or most tactful, but i've always tried to right anyone i've wronged. If anyone feels thats not true, please for the love of god, let me know. I just can't have this shit. i just can't fucking deal with this unnecessary division in our community. i dont think i did anything wrong in the sense that im being accused of, but maybe i'm wrong about that, and if i am, i would love to have someone explain why.


    If people have a problem with me or anyone else in the community this is my challenge and my pledge--


    Talk about it, admit your wrongs and don't be closed to reconciliation. Lets get on it people.



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  5. Hey everyone. I got two purposes for this post.


    The first is to do the general whos going and whos excited thing.


    Also, I just wanted to let everyone know about The Jack Jenkins Memorial Award. There's info about it on the JOT thing, but I know a lot of people with lives don't check that often, so this is what it says:


    "The Jack Jenkins Memorial Award will be presented at the awards ceremony. This award was established to honor our good friend and teammate, Jack Jenkins. Jack, a cross-examination debater who would have been a senior this year, was known for his long blonde hair, refusal to wear shoes, and passion for the environment and those around him. He wanted to make debate an atmosphere of absolute acceptance and intellectual opportunity. He advocted critical questioning of the very nature of debate and encouraged discussion about its culture.

    We ask that a Senior cross-examination debater with a minimum of 2 years experience write a 200-300 word essay on the following: Analyze cross-examination debate, not only as an activity but as a culture, and address what you would do to improve it.


    Your essay must be received by Thursday, November 15. Send to Mr. Terry Hunt, Director of Debate, Westlake High School, 4100 Westbank Drive, Austin, Texas, 78746."


    I just wanted to let everyone know and to remember to be thoughtful and what not.



  6. hey nathan and/or natalie


    im driving down to SA this weekend and i can meet one of yall on the way to drop off your link file. other than that i dont imagine being able to get it to yall till after glenbrooks


    call me if you want to meet sometime friday



    740 5734

  7. No, eli and i are going to glenbrooks. There will be some people from my school there that can bring it to you. Also ill meet you halfway between real austin and wherever hays is if you want



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  8. as of 2:26


    Kat Grau - Jeff Liu A&M Consolidated High School

    Carl Fitz - Saagar Enjeti A&M Consolidated High School

    Natalie San Luis - Nathan DuPont Jack C. Hays High School

    Lauren Williams - Shane Miller Jack C. Hays High School

    Sarah Hallowell - Taelor Russell Lake Travis High School

    Jacob Nelson - Zac Midboe Lake Travis High School

    Natalie McCauley - Alexandra Pell Lake Travis High School

    Julie Kubelka - Rachel Palacios Liberal Arts and Science Academy - LBJ High School

    Kynan Murtagh - Vivek Mehta McNeil High School

    Kacey Dove - Maika Wu McNeil High School

    Marc Flores - Carlos Cardenas Mercedes High School

    Frank Garza - Joshua GarzaMercedes High School

    PJ Martinez - JT Aguilar Mercedes High School

    Isaac Wu - Blake Dunnahoo Round Rock High School

    Justin Patrick - Paul VanMiddlesworth St. Stephen's Episcopal School

    Alex Risinger - Michael Tahmoressi Westlake High School

    David Mullins - John BakerWestlake High School

    Bhargav Srinivasan - Jonathan Xian Westwood High School

    Sandra Gonzalez - Tejasvi Srivangipuram Westwood High School

    Neeraja Koneru - Anjan Patnaik Westwood High School

    Sneha Dasgupta - Angad Chug Westwood High School

    Steven Murray - Jeffrey Xu Westwood High School

    Jackie Wu - Amy Senders Westwood High School

    Bala Varadhan - Junaid Tayyab Westwood High School

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