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  1. After consulting with my coach and the TFA constitution, we've decided to take no more action on this issue. We are going to have to agree to disagree on all of it as neither side can prove anything. All we can do is give Clear Lake the benefit on the doubt on this one.


    I understandably sound like a sore loser in bringing this up, and that's fine if you all feel that way. No arguments here, however, do not be under the impression that I felt I should have won that debate round. I conceded a heg flow in the 2nr and they extended offense. The point of my posts on this thread was not to complain about losing the ballot, only to point out an act that I thought was unethical.


    Take that for what its worth.

  2. durka im lawlrus chang durka i dont even know what im talking about durka maybe if you had debate friends you would understand that not being able to hangout with them at tournaments at hotels sucks durka


    This guy isn't on our debate team, So whether he lost is irrelevant.

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  3. Warrant-less assertions. Going on and on about this doesn't justify your loss. I doubt that your suspicion of card-clipping really affected the core of the round, except for your decision to spend 2 minutes on it in the 2NR. After being told by dozens of people on cross-x to not be a sore loser, I see that most people on here are just hypocrites.


    I'll spot you that I made strategic mistakes in conceding offense on heg if you spot me your team cheated and misrepresented evidence.

  4. Hey everyone, Some teams decided not to post what aff they run in the caselist, so start updating new affs and stuff you hear here if they aren't in the casebook.


    I'll go first


    Clearlake MZ "reads" a "Telemedicine" aff. I'm still not sure what it is as they didn't really explain it. The terms E-medicine was used a lot. From what I understand, its some sort of infrastructure that allows doctors and sick people to communicate about health care across sub-saharan africa.


    They have an AIDS advantage



    2ac stuff


    A few "specific" link turns on politics that talk about how congress feels about telemedicine. (The ones they read in our debate were specific to US telemedicine, not providing it to Africa)


    Their US key "warrant" is something about how the US already has military bases with this technology or some crap, but if you read the un-underlined parts it talks about how international groups help just as much. And even if that isn't true, the fact the infrastructure is there now is a reason that any other country would solve, because all the plan does is provide more money and assistance.


    Their other US key warrant is International Fiat bad.


    1AR tricks:


    read lots of new arguments

  5. so what is actually happening with the tournament? I heard they were cutting it down to 4 prelim rounds. Are they? How bad is the snow gonna affect the tourney?


    According to everything I've heard, they're banishing round 2 from all of existence, so their will only be four rounds.

  6. describe


    Card clipping is when you have a card (or more, or all of them in your 1ac) highlighted and then don't actually read all of the highlighted portion. Superbadass card clippers then go on to deny that they did this when asked.

  7. Hey everyone.


    Thanks a lot to all of you that submitted your cites. A few notes:


    Everyone has their own fun way of formatting their cites, so to save time, i didn't mess with that, so some of the page breaks will be awkward and the margins may be messed up a bit and what not, but all of the cites I got are in there, and I indexed it. Sorry about that



    If you sent in your cites and you either are not in the casebook, or you have not recieved a copy in your email in the next half hour, email or call me ASAP and i'll fix the problem.







    Also, this one just includes all the cites that i recieved via email up until today. Next weekend I'm going to send out a Second wave which will include:


    Affs i will pull from the other national caselists for teams that are attending but did not submit


    Any new submissions i get this week.



    And, The negative casebook at this point is not very large. I actually only recieved about 4 emails for it, so you people who sent your neg cites will get those four things later today, but hopefully by the second wave, more people will submit.






  8. "The camp" really isn't as bad as its cracked up to be : )


    In all seriousness, UNT is a great Debate camp. As for the K lab, I wasn't ever in it, but i know for a fact that no matter who you are, you'll learn everything you need to know about running/answering/dreaming up K's and more.


    I did the two week camp before my sophomore year, then the Juniors and Seniors scholars labs after that. Each time, it was great. I would definitely suggest trying to get into one of the Scholars labs (i think there is a sophomores scholars lab now) if you can afford the time/money it requires.


    This year it seems like the scholars labs arent based on grade, but age, skill, experience level. be sure to apply to these!



    The Skills session is definitely where its at though. No matter what, any lab you pick, you'll get plenty of individual attention but in the skills session, you get a very small lab with the best staff members ever. And you debate until your entire body hurts. But its a good kind of hurt.


    i promise.


    So, thats my personal appeal for going to UNT, but you can let the numbers speak for themselves. From my lab, at least ten of the participants have at least one TOC bid. (some have more than 5). From my skills session lab, everyone has at least one bid, and two of them have been in the Top ten ranking thing they just released since September.


    If anyone has any questions about specifics of UNT, send me an IM (ericwright89) email (rowedan@gmail.com) or just PM me or just post here



  9. I'm adding a third section to the casebook, "Random Info." This is for people who have information about what affirmatives teams run if you feel they aren't going to disclose. Please use the subject "Random Info." Please provide as much information as you can--Plan text or a close description, advantages, US key warrants, etc.



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