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  1. Question for past attendee's: What are the major distinctions between the K lab and scholars program?


    I attended camp at UNT 3 years and have worked there for one year. I've never been in the K lab, but I was in the Scholars lab two years in a row. I do, however know a lot of people who have been in it and worked in it.


    There are some things that you will get no matter what:

    All the information you will need to begin your debate season, including topic lectures, skills work and multiple electives.


    In the K lab though, (from everything i have seen and people i've spoken with) you will not only learn the mechanics of how cut, run, win with, and answer kritiks effectively, but your lab leaders will provide excellent teaching on the various ideas and philosophies that unerpin many common critical arguments.


    In the Scholars lab, you will still learn about kritiks. I know that every year i was in the scholars lab, we produced at least one K. however, there will also be in depth discussion of the non-k aspects of debate and you will most likely talk more about counterplans, disads and such than the K lab.


    Theyre both awesome though.


    Hit me up with any questions about UNT

  2. Any of you who may be discouraged from having me help because of the fight club k i assure you ive gotten a little bit better at making arguments and cutting cards than when i was a sophomore when me and zack wrote that.


    Not that its a bad arg...

  3. Any of you people that are going to the TOC--


    I've debated for 5 years (as of 5 minutes ago). 4 in high school on the Austin Circuit and the national circuit and went to the TOC my senior year.


    I know about debate to some degree so i know how to strategize and what not.


    I cut a lot of cards and most of them are pretty good. I generally favor cutting policy-oriented arguments but i can do K stuff too. I have samples of both if you wanna see them.


    If any of these things interest you in terms of making you more inclined to pay me to help you for the TOC you should email me at rowedan@gmail.com.


    Depending on who emails me or doesnt email me in whatever order, I am available to actually go and coach and cut cards or to cut files and send them to you.

  4. Thanks for doing this Samin. Keep in mind that some of the smaller schools who this project is supposed to include may be unfamiliar to cross-x.com. To remedy this last year, sent emails to some coaches of schools that typically aren't represented in the mainstream cross-x discussions.


    Good luck

  5. Ill be debating at UNT again. You should too!


    UNT is the only school in Texas this year to receive a first round at large bid to the National Debate Tournament. For those unfamiliar with what that means, ask a college debater or one of your coaches--its like the best thing that can happen. This is only possible if you have an awesome coaching staff, which we do. Anyone interested in debating at UNT in college should contact our Assistant director, Louie Petit. His email address is louie.petit@unt.edu.

  6. SFA

    According to JOT


    Natalie San Luis - Nathan DuPont Jack C. Hays High School

    Shane Miller - Michael Ojeda Jack C. Hays High School

    Clara Yoon - Gina Faldetta Lyndon B. Johnson High School

    Kynan Murtagh - Vivek Mehta McNeil High School

    Nick Arcuri - Vamsi Vishnubhotla McNeil High School

    Ridwan Hoq - Blake Henson Round Rock High School

    Sam Brothers - Audrey Wozniak St. Stephen's Episcopal School

    Preston Stolte - Hank Stolte Thorndale High School

    David Mullins - John Baker Westlake High School

    Sankar Sundaresan - Solveij Praxis Westlake High School

    Veena Krishnan - Abe Raina Westwood High School

    Satya Kandipudi - Patrick Wade Westwood High School

    Mark Jbeilly - Bryan Sohn Westwood High School

    Jessie Wang - Eric Cervini Westwood High School

    Kelly Cunningham - Chris Solis Winston Churchill HS

    Daniel Name - Cristina Alvarado Winston Churchill HS

  7. Maybe this is my own opinion about sales and marketing, but I believe that the easier and more simple the better. Therefore, I can't understand why someone who is attempting to sell a product provides (basically) zero description or pitch. Relying on a consumer to search to figure out what exactly it is that you are selling is ridiculous. But then, maybe effective marketing would link to the K??? Is it ironic that this K is being sold ?? :)



    Maybe this is my own opinion about sales and marketing, but i believe that the description provided encompasses the jist of the argument that the file makes. Furthermore, I wasn't really relying on consumers to search anything. If they feel like it they can, or they can just not buy it. It is ironic that its being sold. I also need cigarette money.


    You could consider it one of those cool gifts you get when you donate to pbs or something.

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  8. UNT positions


    Warming AFF

    Oil DA

    Economy DA

    Deep Ecology K


    Deep Ecology K Answers

    Adaptation CP

    Advantage CPs

    Air Force AFF

    Air Pollution / Ozone DA

    Air Power AFF Supp

    Air Power Bad

    Bataille K AFF Answers

    Being and Time

    Brownfields AFF

    Business Confidence DA

    Capitalism K

    Capitalism K Supp 2

    Capitalism K Supp 3

    Climate 1AC

    Climate AFF

    Climate Mech Solvency DA CP

    Climate NEG

    CO2 AG DA

    Coercion K

    Daoism AFF K

    Daoism Case NEG

    Dawn of Baltimore 1AC

    Deep Ecology K

    Dirty Words K

    Eco-Feminism K

    Economy DA

    Elections DA

    Executive Orders CP

    Federal Procurement AFF (Hydrogen Cars)

    Federalism DA


    Green Military AFF / NEG

    Hegemony Good / Bad

    Hemp AFF

    Hemp NEG

    Ice Age

    Japan CP

    Japan DA

    K Impact Turns

    K of DA

    Net Metering AFF

    Net Metering NEG

    No Impact

    Nuclear Power AFF

    Peak Oil Solvency Mechanisms

    Peak Oil Impact File

    Peak Oil NEG


    Power K

    Power K Supp

    Public Transit AFF

    Public Transit AFF-Supp

    Regulations NEG CP

    Rights Malthus

    Russia Warming/Polar Melt DA

    Russian Oil DA

    Scapegoating K

    SO2 Good/Bad

    Solar Powered Satellites AFF

    Solar Powered Satellites NEG

    Space Good-2AC

    SPS Supplement

    States CP

    Tech Panacea K

    The War Machine K


    Virilio K

    Warming / CO2 NEG

  9. The final round was between David Mullens and Natalie Sanluis on the affirmative versus Debbie Oh and Bradley Craig on the negative. Both teams were from the Cholera-Lain-Matheson lab.


    The Affirmative was synthetic fuels for the Air Force with an Air Power/Hegemony advantage and an Economy advantage.


    The 1NC was T-Alternative Energy=renewables, T-Incentives (not barrier removal), Russian Oil Disad, Housing Bill Disad, and a Soft power counterplan, (Dont have my flow, but i think it was to close gitmo cand join the ICC) Air power turns.


    2nr was Russian Oil Disad and Air Power Turns


    2ar was Heg O/W, defense on Russia and China Add-on from the CP flow.




    The decision was a 3-2 for the Affirmative (Aff: Peretz, Searles, Students (48-31) Neg: Rowe, Melendez)

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