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    Table of Contents The basic argument is that people in poverty lack legal services in a wide array of areas. This perpetuates racism, poverty, injustice, and (you guessed it) hurts American Hegemony. The solvency mechanism is the Americorps pro bono legal corps. I cut this for the national service topic, but all the cards are still applicable. I only ran it once at UIL State and I think some team that was a lot better than be ran a different version at a tournament or two, but all of the evidence in this version is original work. (except for khalizad 95 and nye 02).


  2. It was alright, not worth the ten bucks i spent on it. However, i do not think it was the worst movie of the 4. Rise of the Machines was a shitfest, and salvation is much better
  3. I attended camp at UNT 3 years and have worked there for one year. I've never been in the K lab, but I was in the Scholars lab two years in a row. I do, however know a lot of people who have been in it and worked in it. There are some things that you will get no matter what: All the information you will need to begin your debate season, including topic lectures, skills work and multiple electives. In the K lab though, (from everything i have seen and people i've spoken with) you will not only learn the mechanics of how cut, run, win with, and answer kritiks effectively, but your lab leaders will provide excellent teaching on the various ideas and philosophies that unerpin many common critical arguments. In the Scholars lab, you will still learn about kritiks. I know that every year i was in the scholars lab, we produced at least one K. however, there will also be in depth discussion of the non-k aspects of debate and you will most likely talk more about counterplans, disads and such than the K lab. Theyre both awesome though. Hit me up with any questions about UNT
  4. I'm definitely interested. I will be a second year college debater at UNT. I have coaching and lots of card cutting experience. Emal me at rowedan@gmail.com for more questions.
  5. Any of you who may be discouraged from having me help because of the fight club k i assure you ive gotten a little bit better at making arguments and cutting cards than when i was a sophomore when me and zack wrote that. Not that its a bad arg...
  6. Any of you people that are going to the TOC-- I've debated for 5 years (as of 5 minutes ago). 4 in high school on the Austin Circuit and the national circuit and went to the TOC my senior year. I know about debate to some degree so i know how to strategize and what not. I cut a lot of cards and most of them are pretty good. I generally favor cutting policy-oriented arguments but i can do K stuff too. I have samples of both if you wanna see them. If any of these things interest you in terms of making you more inclined to pay me to help you for the TOC you should email me at rowedan@gmail.com. Depending on who emails me or doesnt email me in whatever order, I am available to actually go and coach and cut cards or to cut files and send them to you.
  7. Thanks for doing this Samin. Keep in mind that some of the smaller schools who this project is supposed to include may be unfamiliar to cross-x.com. To remedy this last year, sent emails to some coaches of schools that typically aren't represented in the mainstream cross-x discussions. Good luck
  8. Ill be debating at UNT again. You should too! UNT is the only school in Texas this year to receive a first round at large bid to the National Debate Tournament. For those unfamiliar with what that means, ask a college debater or one of your coaches--its like the best thing that can happen. This is only possible if you have an awesome coaching staff, which we do. Anyone interested in debating at UNT in college should contact our Assistant director, Louie Petit. His email address is louie.petit@unt.edu.
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    congrats westwood and hays
  10. Rowedan

    UT Longhorn Classic

    You must me this short to win the longhorn classic.
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    Hmm... Someone neg repped me for this... probably someone who breaks a lot of promises.
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    According to JOT Natalie San Luis - Nathan DuPont Jack C. Hays High School Shane Miller - Michael Ojeda Jack C. Hays High School Clara Yoon - Gina Faldetta Lyndon B. Johnson High School Kynan Murtagh - Vivek Mehta McNeil High School Nick Arcuri - Vamsi Vishnubhotla McNeil High School Ridwan Hoq - Blake Henson Round Rock High School Sam Brothers - Audrey Wozniak St. Stephen's Episcopal School Preston Stolte - Hank Stolte Thorndale High School David Mullins - John Baker Westlake High School Sankar Sundaresan - Solveij Praxis Westlake High School Veena Krishnan - Abe Raina Westwood High School Satya Kandipudi - Patrick Wade Westwood High School Mark Jbeilly - Bryan Sohn Westwood High School Jessie Wang - Eric Cervini Westwood High School Kelly Cunningham - Chris Solis Winston Churchill HS Daniel Name - Cristina Alvarado Winston Churchill HS
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    I will not be there. John Mast is full of broken promises
  14. Look at the college caselist. opencaselist.wikispaces.com Search for CAFOS or Concentrated Animal Feeding operations.
  15. Rowedan


    Hey could one of the people in charge of hiring judges email me? rowedan@gmail.com
  16. Rowedan


    SFA BR went 0-5, william troung adjudicating every round.
  17. Brian, there are better things to do than be on cross-x at 4:09 am
  18. yes. I forgot to mention you might want to wait till finals to run this arg.
  19. If there is anyone who is thinking about/planning on being involved in the debate team at UNT who has not contacted someone on the team should contact me at 512-740-5734 immediately. Important time-sensitive information. Dan
  20. Steven Murray is a unique and special snowflake.
  21. Maybe this is my own opinion about sales and marketing, but i believe that the description provided encompasses the jist of the argument that the file makes. Furthermore, I wasn't really relying on consumers to search anything. If they feel like it they can, or they can just not buy it. It is ironic that its being sold. I also need cigarette money. You could consider it one of those cool gifts you get when you donate to pbs or something.
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    Round one, your neg strat is T, FX, RMA, Offsets and case. The introduction of competing policy option diminished the market value of the aff, and the judge was forced to invest elsewhere. You pick up.You’re Aff round two. The 1AC is an 8 minute infomercial for 1NC is a smear ad against your product, your 1AC. According to the Negative, your plan isn’t as smart, or as new, or as innovative and unique as you thought it would be. The 2ac is damage control. Your product’s gotten a bad name. luckily, your product hits the market with great success—A WIN.But soon, your 2AC, your big, 8 minute ad, disappears. The judge votes for you, it doesn’t matter why, and by the time round 5 is over, you’re 4-1.You flip neg in octos; quarters, semis and finals are all the same. Different arguments, same round. You watch yourself watch the judges, the corporate executives of debate. The judge signs the ballot--- pay to the order of_____________. You watch yourself nod and smile and absorb the applause when they announce that it’s a 3-0 for you. You’re going to state. You try so hard to care.You wake up in Houston and drop in semis. They weren’t in a buying mood.You wake up in San Antonio and win the tournament on a 2-1.You wake up in Chicago and miss breaking on speaks.You wake up in Atlanta, waiting for a decision…You’re not sure how the presentation was received.You wake up in Dallas, and watch yourself not care about the tournament you spent the year qualifying for.You wake up in Dallas, Texas and watch yourself go through the motions that you were taught from day one. You plug your arguments into the formula that every judge will vote on. You’re lost.Every weekend you debate as a single serving policy maker, a single serving activist, a single serving revolutionary, a single serving whatever-the-hell you say you are. Each time the round is irrelevant before it even ends. Each time you have nothing to show but a win-loss record and a story you tell yourself about education, fun, preparation for your career or whatever.Then, it’s practice, or it’s camp. It’s late nights, early mornings. It’s pizza and Subway, It’s practice debates. It’s rebuttal speeches. Your redoes. Your redoes become redoes of redoes, everything you say, everything you practice, everything you lost sleep for, Its just a redo of a redo of redo of a redo. Until nothing you say does or means anything anymore.This is your life and it’s ending one speech at a time.............


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