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    Legal Services Aff

    Table of Contents
    The basic argument is that people in poverty lack legal services in a wide array of areas. This perpetuates racism, poverty, injustice, and (you guessed it) hurts American Hegemony. The solvency mechanism is the Americorps pro bono legal corps. I cut this for the national service topic, but all the cards are still applicable. I only ran it once at UIL State and I think some team that was a lot better than be ran a different version at a tournament or two, but all of the evidence in this version is original work. (except for khalizad 95 and nye 02).




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    Fight Club Kritik

    Round one, your neg strat is T, FX, RMA, Offsets and case. The introduction of competing policy option diminished the market value of the aff, and the judge was forced to invest elsewhere. You pick up.You’re Aff round two. The 1AC is an 8 minute infomercial for 1NC is a smear ad against your product, your 1AC. According to the Negative, your plan isn’t as smart, or as new, or as innovative and unique as you thought it would be. The 2ac is damage control. Your product’s gotten a bad name. luckily, your product hits the market with great success—A WIN.But soon, your 2AC, your big, 8 minute ad, disappears. The judge votes for you, it doesn’t matter why, and by the time round 5 is over, you’re 4-1.You flip neg in octos; quarters, semis and finals are all the same. Different arguments, same round. You watch yourself watch the judges, the corporate executives of debate. The judge signs the ballot--- pay to the order of_____________. You watch yourself nod and smile and absorb the applause when they announce that it’s a 3-0 for you. You’re going to state. You try so hard to care.You wake up in Houston and drop in semis. They weren’t in a buying mood.You wake up in San Antonio and win the tournament on a 2-1.You wake up in Chicago and miss breaking on speaks.You wake up in Atlanta, waiting for a decision…You’re not sure how the presentation was received.You wake up in Dallas, and watch yourself not care about the tournament you spent the year qualifying for.You wake up in Dallas, Texas and watch yourself go through the motions that you were taught from day one. You plug your arguments into the formula that every judge will vote on. You’re lost.Every weekend you debate as a single serving policy maker, a single serving activist, a single serving revolutionary, a single serving whatever-the-hell you say you are. Each time the round is irrelevant before it even ends. Each time you have nothing to show but a win-loss record and a story you tell yourself about education, fun, preparation for your career or whatever.Then, it’s practice, or it’s camp. It’s late nights, early mornings. It’s pizza and Subway, It’s practice debates. It’s rebuttal speeches. Your redoes. Your redoes become redoes of redoes, everything you say, everything you practice, everything you lost sleep for, Its just a redo of a redo of redo of a redo. Until nothing you say does or means anything anymore.This is your life and it’s ending one speech at a time.............




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