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    Fight Club Kritik



    Round one, your neg strat is T, FX, RMA, Offsets and case. The introduction of competing policy option diminished the market value of the aff, and the judge was forced to invest elsewhere. You pick up.You’re Aff round two. The 1AC is an 8 minute infomercial for 1NC is a smear ad against your product, your 1AC. According to the Negative, your plan isn’t as smart, or as new, or as innovative and unique as you thought it would be. The 2ac is damage control. Your product’s gotten a bad name. luckily, your product hits the market with great success—A WIN.But soon, your 2AC, your big, 8 minute ad, disappears. The judge votes for you, it doesn’t matter why, and by the time round 5 is over, you’re 4-1.You flip neg in octos; quarters, semis and finals are all the same. Different arguments, same round. You watch yourself watch the judges, the corporate executives of debate. The judge signs the ballot--- pay to the order of_____________. You watch yourself nod and smile and absorb the applause when they announce that it’s a 3-0 for you. You’re going to state. You try so hard to care.You wake up in Houston and drop in semis. They weren’t in a buying mood.You wake up in San Antonio and win the tournament on a 2-1.You wake up in Chicago and miss breaking on speaks.You wake up in Atlanta, waiting for a decision…You’re not sure how the presentation was received.You wake up in Dallas, and watch yourself not care about the tournament you spent the year qualifying for.You wake up in Dallas, Texas and watch yourself go through the motions that you were taught from day one. You plug your arguments into the formula that every judge will vote on. You’re lost.Every weekend you debate as a single serving policy maker, a single serving activist, a single serving revolutionary, a single serving whatever-the-hell you say you are. Each time the round is irrelevant before it even ends. Each time you have nothing to show but a win-loss record and a story you tell yourself about education, fun, preparation for your career or whatever.Then, it’s practice, or it’s camp. It’s late nights, early mornings. It’s pizza and Subway, It’s practice debates. It’s rebuttal speeches. Your redoes. Your redoes become redoes of redoes, everything you say, everything you practice, everything you lost sleep for, Its just a redo of a redo of redo of a redo. Until nothing you say does or means anything anymore.This is your life and it’s ending one speech at a time.............


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    Jesuit Tournament

    WHOS GONNA WIN??? anyone wanna buy a fight club k
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    Legal Services Aff



    Table of Contents The basic argument is that people in poverty lack legal services in a wide array of areas. This perpetuates racism, poverty, injustice, and (you guessed it) hurts American Hegemony. The solvency mechanism is the Americorps pro bono legal corps. I cut this for the national service topic, but all the cards are still applicable. I only ran it once at UIL State and I think some team that was a lot better than be ran a different version at a tournament or two, but all of the evidence in this version is original work. (except for khalizad 95 and nye 02).


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    Texas Judging Directory

    Hey all, Eric Mears, one of the Flower Mound coaches has generously offered to compile a directory of judges available for tournaments in the DFW region. If you're interested in being included and are regularly available to judge DFW tournaments, email him at mearse@lisd.net with your Name and Email address. Thanks Dan
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    Old Judge Hiring Requests

    Hi, my name is Dan Rowe, I am not as good as Rajesh, but I think I'll do. I went to the TOC and did okay at some locals in high school for Stephen F. Austin High School in Austin, TX. I debate at UNT now as a sophomore. I've broken at some national tournaments and such and have lead labs for two years. I have coaching experience for a few schools should you require references. I'm looking to get hired for the NDCA and/or the TOC. I can do policy or K research, Judging and coaching at the tournament. I'll probably need transportation and lodging and some kind of payment. Any questions or anything, just let me know my email is rowedan@gmail.com
  6. Rowedan

    TFA State

    Hey, I am already judging for someone but have no obligation as of yet for card cutting or coaching at the tournament. If anyone needs these things and is willing to pay me/barter for such services, Let me know. any questions about experience, etc, also just let me know rowedan@gmail.com
  7. Rowedan

    UNT Public Debate

    Hey everyone. The UNT Debate Team is hosting two prominent British Debaters to debate whether the UK should regret its involvement in the War on Terror. Anyone in the DFW area or beyond is encouraged to come watch. Myself and our ambitious young freshmen, Colin Quinn will be debating against the brits. Its at 7pm at the Lyceum in the Student Union. It'll be a great time to come see what kind of awesome shit UNT debate does besides wreck shop at tournaments.
  8. Rowedan

    UNT Public Debate

    We are going AFF. Andrew--you're fucking hilarious. And real good at debate.
  9. Rowedan

    100 point scale

    As you all know, St Mark's is using the 100 pt. scale for speaker points this year. I like it. This is the conversion I am using. There is a BUNCH of debate about this in the college curcuit, so hit up e-debate for opinion's from people who are smarter than me. 27=70 27.5=75 28=80 28.5=85 etc drop the 2, move decimal over to the right. Allows same levels of gradation among speakers with more variance. Instead of giving two speakers 28.5 because they were both pretty close you can give an 85 and an 87. In terms of college debate, this seems to be a bit lower than most judges, but it is what i am going to use for St. Marks. What does everyone think?
  10. Rowedan

    Hire me for St. Mark's

    I am judging the Soph. Round Robin already but am looking to judge on friday of the varsity tourney. Any takers?
  11. Rowedan

    Hire me For Greenhill

    I know it is kind of late... But I am available for hire to cut cards/coach and/or judge for the greenhill tournament. Able to do both policy/kritical work. Reasonable rates. I am a second year debate at UNT and debated all four years of High School. In High School, won many local tournaments and speaker awards. In college made eliminations to several tournaments, including National Junior Division Debate Tournament. 6th speaker there. I have transportation and lodging taken care of. Rowedan@gmail.com Serious Inquiries only please.
  12. Rowedan

    Hire me For Greenhill

    Hey, I'm now hired to judge ghill.
  13. Rowedan

    Is there a way to cut and paste from Google books?

    For PC's your best bet is to print screen and open the document in Paint, crop it down to the card, save as an image file (.jpg, jpeg, tif, etc then OCR it). For MAC, you can press CMD+SHIFT+3 and select just the book portion of the screen and it will automatically save as an image to your desktop. May need to save it as another file format in order to work with OCR programs depending on your default settings. I would suggest compiling all of the Images you collect in this manner into one folder so that you can OCR more efficiently.
  14. Rowedan

    Best Scanner

    Hey, There may be similar threads, so if someone wants to delete this and point me in the right direction, that would be awesome-- I was wondering what the best scanner is for quickly and accurately scanning books/other large documents. I'm considering the HP Scanjet 8300 since that is what our library has and it works pretty well. Any suggestions would be helpful
  15. Rowedan

    Old Judge Hiring Requests

    I know it is kind of late... But I am available for hire to cut cards/coach and/or judge for the greenhill tournament. Able to do both policy/kritical work. Reasonable rates. I am a second year debate at UNT and debated all four years of High School. In High School, won many local tournaments and speaker awards. In college made eliminations to several tournaments, including National Junior Division Debate Tournament. 6th speaker there. I have transportation and lodging taken care of. Rowedan@gmail.com
  16. Rowedan

    Debate and Health?

    well, searles, if you start now, that means you only have 60 more posts to say anything resembling an argument.
  17. Lost Outweighs And Turns The Case-- A. Magnitude--nuclear War With China Draws In Russia, Unleashing Thousands Of Nukes On Strategic Targets Throughout The World--their Bearden Mead Nuke War Cards Are Old, Imperically Denied And Economic Conflicts Are Also Isolated. B. Timeframe--stimulus Bill Proves Multiple Intervening Actors Slow The Impact Of Economic Meltdown--territory And Strategic Disputes Escalate Immediately--the Economy Fluctuates But Our Evidence Indicates Tensions Are Already High And Lost Is Key To Preventing War In The Next Few Months. C. Turns Case--war With China Causes Diversion Of Resources That Would Be Used For Social Services And Otherwise Improving The Economy. D. Post On Cross-x.com During Lab Again And You Have To Cut Time Cube, Ashtar And Give A Five Minute Lecture About How Hot Your Cousin Is In Front Of The Lab.
  18. Rowedan

    Hey NonTexans

    Huts Hamburgers is hands down the best burger in austin. I'll put one up against P terry's any day.
  19. Rowedan

    Texas Seniors: College Plans

    Where is everyone planning on going to school and who's planning on debating? I'm going to UNT and I am planning to debate there.
  20. Rowedan

    Federalism Good

    I would SERIOUSLY consider buying the federalism good file. Debate people tend to like lists, so here you go. Reasons 1) Written by Top Speaker of the NDT. 2)The most embarrassing thing ever would be losing a Federalism Impact turn debate. This means for all you norms, you can avoid being embarrassed. For you people that love embarrassing people, this is a sure fire way to do it. GUT CHECK--do you think you have EVERY possible impact turn covered? It only takes one to lose a debate. Just sayin... 3) There are ONLY good cards in this file. Most backfiles like this you'll find are either too old, a compilation of a bunch of other shitty files or haven't been updated in years. This file is new, good and comprehensive. 4) Struggling with the opposite sex? Not anymore. This file increases your stamina and sex appeal. Don't ask me how.
  21. Still wrong. Aramaic was the predominately spoken language among first century Jews in Palestine. You will notice if you read original texts(or greek translations at least) that many accounts of people talking are translitterated Aramaic, but the rest of the text is in greek. They spoke aramaic, but the written laguage was Greek since Alexandrian Times in the area.
  22. Rowedan

    NFL practice rounds

    Hey, I noticed in the Missouri forum that they have some kind of workshop thing with practice debates before NFL. Not sure if anyone around here is doing anything like that, but Im not judging or coaching for anyone at NFL so i just thought I would offer to judge/give advice for any practice rounds anyone might want to organize, be it inter-squad or intra-squad. I live in the dallas area so this offers limited to there.
  23. Rowedan

    PICing out of multiple words?

    This is probably the best way to go if you feel strongly that your best strategy is to test whether or not using either of the words in question is good or bad. It allows for the easy concession of offense (if they have it) against one of the words to allow you to go for another. This does not avoid the issue of their generic "words don't matter" kind of arguments answering both, but you should have specific enough evidence to where you aren't reading generic impact cards so generic D wouldn't be responsive. However, to answer your actual question, no, I don't see any reason why it would be illegitimate to run a PIC out of two words instead of one. The only caveat i have in terms of theory if you do chose to do this is to watch out for "Our interp is you can PIC out of one word" theory arguments. I'm not really sure why this interpretation would be good but there seems to be an increasing number of people who evaluate theory debates in terms of very narrow questions of competing interpretations.
  24. Cheney wants gay marriage...are we in a post-partisan world after all? http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2009/6/1/737718/-Dick-Cheney-supports-gay-marriage,-Obama-dithers